I think all fans have certain things that they do before a game. One of my friends decorate their living room with Chief memorabilia they have collected over the years. They wear their jerseys, pants and caps. They do that every game.

I did the same thing in the 80’s and 90’s. I was admitted to the hospital a week before the first 90’s Super bowl. When I found out I had to stay there during the Super bowl I was frantic. I had a pair of lucky socks that I had worn all season. I just knew we would lose without the help of my socks. So I ask my husband to please bring them to the hospital and he did so that made me feel better. Later that evening my friends show up with a lot of my memorabilia to decorate my hospital room. It looked great. I had other patients, nurses and doctors come in to see the room. And my lucky socks worked we won. I wore those darn socks every game for the next 5 years until they were completely worn out but I couldn’t throw them away so I hid them in the back of my sock drawer.

So Saturday night before the Giants game I was looking for something and ala there were my lucky socks, full of holes but, wearable.  So I figure a little more luck can’t hurt right so I put them on, walk into the living room and my husband responds, "OMG! I can’t believe you are going to wear those!" laughing. I know it had to look a little silly but, we needed the luck I thought. In the first half I told everybody see they are working! At the end of the game I jerked the damn things off and I think somehow over the years the luck vanished.

What I want to know is if I am the only fan that has something they consider to be lucky for game day. Do you do the same thing every game? Come on I admitted it so you can too!

Contributed by Raina Middleton


  1. Fredooch
    Fredooch says:

    I tend to cross my legs towards which side of the field the Cowboys are facing, strange but true. This season I also had to make an animated gif against whatever team we were playing as some of you all saw on my myspace page. Damn I need to get a girlfriend! LOL

  2. Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis says:

    i watch the superbowl champions collectors series … i only watch the story of michael irvin.. and when i was young me and my father would make all of the women leave the room..(kind of a jessica simpson theory) lol good artical

  3. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Well mine my not be that weird, but I’ll share anyway. I have to be wearing a Cowboys jersey or tshirt as does my son, and i have to have my “notebook” and a pen to jot down game notes.
    Maybe I need a new weird tradition lol 🙂

  4. Angel
    Angel says:

    I have a Cowboys squishy ball that I hold on to during every game and no one else is allowed to touch it ;o) Even if I have to go to a sports bar to watch a game, my ball comes with me. It’s more like a stress reliever really, but I don’t watch a game without it.

  5. Jaime Martinez
    Jaime Martinez says:

    I used to never wear Cowboys Gear during the game. I wouldn’t let anyone in the room if they had anything to do with Cowboys on. I always thought if I or anyone around me would sport the Gear it was bad luck….It happen plenty of times. When I would wear a jersey or shirt, we lost…When I didn’t we won….Since than I now have to be wearing Cowboys from head to toe…..I feel if you are all repin’ the Team it only makes them play harder, So at times, I lent out my gear to others so we could win, but I always make them give it back!

  6. amanda
    amanda says:

    whatever i wear first game of the season i have to wear every game for the rest of the season.and before the game i play toby keith “should have been a cowboy”.my brother was a HUGE cowboy fan but he pasted away 5 yeasr ago so know i take on all his traditions.

  7. Marty
    Marty says:

    I have lots of traditions. First one, I dont watch the games with certain people. They’re just bad luck to me! I only watch the games at home. I wear my T.O. jersey. I have to have my lucky football in hand at all times during game. And if I’m playing Fantasy football, I never put in the team playing the Cowboys! Id rather the Cowboys win then I win my league.

  8. blue-eyed-mama
    blue-eyed-mama says:

    My Day starts Saturday, Home game, Is white sweater and N/B dallas t-shirt…Away game is N/V sweater and white dallas t-shirt…On last sundays game we were to wear white t-shirt…Dumb-Dumb me I wore N/B…I am still kicking my self…

  9. Judy
    Judy says:

    wow well my tradicion before watching the game is get my coffe mug out i work on sunday so during football season i get my cowboy mug and check on the game over the computer
    or if is on tv i sit there and watch it i love the cowboys no matter what

  10. Roger Arreola
    Roger Arreola says:

    Me and my family also have traditions that must be done for every game. 1. We put on our jerseys which we do not wash for the whole season cuz it brings bad luck. 2. We live in Avondale, Arizona so we place our Cowboys flag which faces a major street so that everyone can see that no matter where you turn there are Cowboys fans. 3. This ones embarrasing but every time the boys score we play “whoop there it is” by tag team. This is an old tradition as you can tell. 4. Finally whenever the game is done win or lose we go outside to my porch and wave the flag proudly.

  11. Carolyn
    Carolyn says:

    My tradition is that I must have four cups of 7-11 coffee and four doughnuts. One for each quarter of the game. Also, I have to watch every single game. If its not on TV, I watch the play drive on the computer. I love my Cowboys and I will always be a fan!

  12. Lissy Priss
    Lissy Priss says:

    Wellllll…I start out drinking a pot of coffee. I finish the entire thing before the game. When the offense has the ball, on 3rd down….here it is…I have to go to the bathroom! When I hear my husband say Yeah, we’re in!!!! I go back to see the extra point. When the boys are having a hard time moving the ball, I go out on my front porch and whisper to myself..”Go-fight-win-cowboys!” until I hear him yell “That’s what I’m talkin about!! Woohoo!” LOL! I do alot of pacing…heart racing. I turn my cell phone off until halftime, then turn it off again when playing continues. Since my Christmas tree is decked out in all Cowboy’s ornaments, it has to rotate different directions..clockwise first half, counter next half…..I don’t cook meals that have to be eaten with a fork/knife/spoon…finger foods only. Geez guys! I need help!!LMAO!!

  13. CareBear
    CareBear says:

    I have to watch every second of the game. If I’m not watching, they will do bad. My son also has to cheer for them every game- he brings good luck 🙂

  14. Dallas
    Dallas says:

    For years whether I lived in Dallas or back in Jersey I had always worn my #12 or 8 jersey and my leather Dallas hat. As the years had past the jerseys got warn out and the players have changed. I still have them and will never part with them.

  15. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    Honestly I never became obsessive about wearing anything or doing anything special until this pre-season when I bought a Jason Witten t-shirt and wore it the first game. I ended up wearing it every game until I got an authentic Jason Witten jersey. The t-shirt had served me so well I was a little afraid to change.
    There is on story behind the t-shirt that sealed the deal for me. The night we played Buffalo I was at a hotel room and changed into pajamas to be ready for bed when the game was over. The Cowboys started coming back and I ran and put the shirt back on. My dad laughed so hard at me, but I am convinced it worked! I saved that game!
    Great piece Raina, and how fun this was to read everyone else’s replies.

  16. Joe
    Joe says:

    I only like to watch the games at home. Don’t like going to sports bars or anywhere else. Since I don’t have the NFL Network I saw only parts of the two games on my computer through this season. On the day of a game I wear a Cowboys jersey or shirt or sweatshirt. If I don’t have have any clean Cowboys clothes I wear my blue 501’s & white T-shirt.

  17. Josh
    Josh says:

    I have to wear my roy williams jersey and ever since the cowboys lost to the eagles this year me and my family won’t order pizza during a cowboys game anymore

    MELISSA says:

    ok yes i understand. i always wore the same jersey on game day as well as my grandsons, son and daughter. well the game they lost 2 da giants i wore my pink jersey (j simpson jersey)never should of worn it. I was sooooooooo damn mad at myself. The game they lost against the eagles. guess what? i didnt wear my jersey cuz i was n bed sick as hell. i knew i should have put it on even if i was layin in bed. the day we lost 2 damn skins i didnt have my jeersey either n my kids didnt either. so come next season imma wwear my fav jersey no matter what………even if im on my deathbed imma have my jersy on. if im dead and they have to bury me on game day. imma have my jersey on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Shelby K
    Shelby K says:

    At home games, I HAVE to wear my Star Hat, Cowboy socks, Helmet earrings & every Cowboy necklace I own. I have to be in my seat at least 30 minutes before the game starts while eating a Desparado Taco or I get REAL nervous!
    When they are on the road, I drink from the cup my family calls “mom’s hostage”. A friend left it at my house & borrowed a plate to take some leftovers. I keep forgetting to give it back to her & she keeps forgetting my plate. The family says I forget on purpose. That I’m holding it hostage until the plate is returned. HAHA!! Don’t tell them but they are right! I gotta have that cup for luck on the road! 🙂

  20. Joyce
    Joyce says:

    Okay, you got me…, but so glad I am not the only one!,I have,?,don’t know,how many shirts,caps,jerseys,”Stuff”, some tattered and collected over the years.Have 4 shirts that are my lucky ones tho, and during the last game,kept trading them out,adding “lucky” caps, earrings,ANYTHING; by the end of the game, Had them all layered on, and other than amusing my family, did’t work…, so the moral of this story, that game just wasen’t meant to be!(during the off season, will be shopping for the “Real One”)!Thanks for sharing all you’re secrets, and giving me a smile! Boys will Get it Done in 08! Joyce

  21. raina
    raina says:

    Thanks guys for the great comments! This has been a blast! We all are Cowboy Nuts aren’t we? lol Stay tuned I will have something else for ya!

  22. shane
    shane says:

    u r not the only 1 that is that way! i am so superstious its not even funny! i wear my 1 jersey and cap! if i go and buy a new hat and dallas loses i never wear that hat again! i have some real nice hats but i dont wear them cause of the losses! i have 1 lucky hat and everytime i wear it we win!