They’re Gathering For A Good Old-Fashioned Pig Roast

Even though the Cowboys’ body is still warm from last weekends loss to the Giants that killed any hopes for a sixth Super Bowl ring, local writers are already lining up with their pitchforks and getting ready to poke and prod at the Cowboys every chance they get.

I don’t think I was able to find one article in todays papers that had anything positive to say about our beloved franchise, a franchise that puts food on most of those writers tables.

Newy Scrugs was perhaps the most critical and maybe even the most volatile as well. It seems the whole point of his article in the Star-Telegram was to drive a wedge in between head coach Wade Phillips and newly promoted assistant coach Jason Garrett. Here is what he said…

Who else runs their pro football club like this? Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones is off his rocker to make Jason Garrett the highest paid assistant coach in NFL history. It’s like letting your mistress stay in the guest room. Jerry is in love with Jason Garrett, even though he’s married to Wade Phillips.

Wade walked into this with his eyes wide open because Garrett was hired by the Cowboys before he was. It’s Super Bowl or bust for the head coach. Win big or lose your job after ’08. We all see what this looks like. Wade is just keeping the seat warm for the golden red-headed child.

You don’t see any championship club in the NFL that is operating like this. Look no further to why Jones’ team hasn’t won a playoff game in 11 seasons.

Some brutal criticism of the Cowboys overall, and a very cheap shot at Jerry Jones! I guess we should all be prepared for a long off season loaded with plenty of criticism and no shortage of haters. The funny part is while they are good at pointing out problems, they offer no solutions of their own.

I guess I should get used to it by now, as it happens every single year. Luckily, I’ve never been one to put much stock in what these writers have to say. They write about the Cowboys for the money, I write about the Cowboys because I love the team.

I still believe!
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  1. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    I hope Jerry Jones never runs his ball club like anyone else. He never has, so there is no concern there really. There is no team like The Cowboys and as long as Jones owns them, there never will be. Let us not forget that The Dallas Cowboys are worth more than any other ball team in the world. I’ll stick with Jones thank you!

  2. Skipper 11
    Skipper 11 says:

    I really dont know what they want. To be honest, if Garrett would have went to the Ravens or Falcons, there would have been even more criticism towards Jones for letting him go. Garrett will be a very good head coach in this league for a very long time. I think he knows he is not quite ready yet. As far as Wade goes, I do believe it will be Superbowl or bust next year. This team is probably the most talented team in the league right now. We dont have the experience of the Pats or the Colts, but on paper our talent level is right there. With a few tweaks, it will be party time in Big D a year from now. That brings up the question though what happens to Garrett or Wade after next season0- if we win the Superbowl.

  3. raina
    raina says:

    Why is it the people that get paid to write don’t know what they are talking about? They should hire all of us! We could straighten them out!!! lol

  4. Fredooch
    Fredooch says:

    You gotta understand that from a journalist who gets paid to write and be biased you would expect this from the local media. Look at how Tim Colinshaw repeatedly rips the Boys. I even heard him say the other day that the only reason the Packers lost to the Cowboys back in November was because Charles Woodson didnt play for Green Bay on that ESPN show. Ridiculous!

  5. Patrick D
    Patrick D says:

    Negative, negative, negative!!!!!! I agree so much. That is all they can write or talk about. No cowboy fan expected to loose to the Giants, but we still love the boys. They act like we were 3-13 instead of 13-3.