T.O. is a GO

It’s been a long interesting week. The question of Terrell Owens status has been lingering since December 22nd when he left the game with an ankle sprain. Owens has been an essential element in the Cowboys success this year, and losing him would be devasting. But not to worry my friends, he’s playing.

In an exclusive interview with Deion Sanders yesterday, Owens said confidently that he will play and not only that but he will play at a "high level".

"I’m going to play," the Cowboys receiver told the NFL Network’s Deion Sanders, who asked what level Owens will play at.

"At a high level. I’m not worried about nothing," Owens responded before adding his trademark line, "Get your popcorn ready."

I really don’t think anything was going to keep him from this game. Owens eats, sleeps, breathes football, it’s his life. He is constantly training and working out, getting prepared for the next game.

The Cowboys have worked hard this year to be where they are. You could easily argue that no one wants to win this game more than Terrell Owens. Don’t underestimate him, he will prove you wrong almost everytime.


  1. Angel
    Angel says:

    I never had any doubt that he would do whatever it took to play this game. Football is in his blood!
    I got my popcorn ready!!