Trade Rumors Swirling Around Valley Ranch

From Dallas Morning News: 

Rumor has it that the Cowboys are shopping former first-round picks DE Marcus Spears and LB Bobby Carpenter at the Senior Bowl.

Carpenter simply isn’t a fit in a 3-4 defense, which makes Bill Parcells’ decision to pick him pretty puzzling. Carpenter couldn’t get on the field in any of the Cowboys’ defensive packages this season but was a solid special teams player. He wasn’t considered a reach when the Cowboys drafted him 19th overall two years ago, so some 4-3 teams might be interested.

Spears isn’t a bad player, but he hasn’t lived up to his first-round billing. To use a Tuna term, he’s J.A.G. If the Cowboys get rid of Spears, Jay Ratliff could take his job, with Jason Ferguson and Tank Johnson forming a good NT tandem.

Time to give Jerry some advice: What would you want for Spears or Carpenter? I’m not sure the return for either would be more than a second-day pick, so try to be realistic.

  1. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    I could let those 2 go, I wouldnt be surprised if Parcells didnt go after Carpenter. You know how he loves to take his players with him lol.
    Last summer they tried to hype up Spears but I didnt see anything that was that impressive honestly.
    Can’t wait to see what the offseason brings us!

  2. Fredooch
    Fredooch says:

    As I look back at the season now in retrospect, I honestly believe that this defense GREATLY underachived and at so many levels. Under Achievers by Rank:
    1. Roy Williams: Absolutely dissapointing, this guy gets paid how much to just stand there and watch a football game at field level?
    2. Brady James: Although he did lead the team in tackles, I saw Brady take too many bad angles and become more of a spectator instead of a leader, which a middle linebacker should be, aka Ray Lewis.
    3. Marcus Spears: This guy looks like a 1st round draft pick but plays like a 5th rounder.
    4. Akin Ayodele: Akin seemed to be non-existent on the defense. I wish they would of at least let Carpenter play some, couldnt of hurt.
    5. Jacque Reeves: Started I believe 11 games for injured Newman and Henry but played most of the time like the 5th corner on the team instead of the 3rd.
    I believe that the weakness on this team was the defense even though a few players played to their potential and some obviously didnt. This team had the talent to be the #1 defense in the league and never played up to that potential on a consistent basis. Ware, Ellis, Newman, Henry, Ratlif and Hamlin all played to thier potential.

  3. Derek S.
    Derek S. says:

    I think Spears’ lack of playmaking is because 3-4 d-ends dont always have eye-opening stats. I totally agree with Roy Williams, he was burnt the very first play of the year against the Giants when Burress ran right by him. And Reeves, well…they better draft a corner. I love Spears and Carpenter, and I think Carpenter could have a major role on the team if he got the chance.

  4. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    I agree with all of those Fred, except Bradie James. I think he played great this year. How can you say he led the team in tackles but… lol. Anyways, I may be biased because he’s my favorite defensive player but I really think hes earned alot of respect.

  5. Joe D - The Cowboys Nation
    Joe D - The Cowboys Nation says:

    It’s very difficult to assess a middle linebacker sometimes because they are not free to roam like the outside linebackers. Middle linebackers are big guys and they rely on that one big burst once the play is initiated. If they burst towards the wrong direction they often do end up being spectators. Most of the plays are by design so it’s not always the middle linebackers choice as to who to go after as much as it is the alignment and the defensive playcalling. Outside linebackers get to react as the play develops and are not bottled in. They can adjust based on the actual offensive play being developed and follow the ball or the ball carrier. Bradie James is actually an exceptional MLB and even has the speed and burst to play OLB if the team ever needed him to.

  6. Carl Davis aka Mr Cowboy74
    Carl Davis aka Mr Cowboy74 says:

    With Carpenter, I would like to see the trade happen with Miami. Carpenter came into a semi-tough situation. With him being the 2nd of 3 linebackers in as many years of picks, he never was going to stand an over-whelming chance to start. Not with the likes of Ware on one side, Ellis on the other and the Cowboys signing both Akin Ayodele and Bradie James to 5 year deals.
    Honestly, I like Carpenter, but I think it was more of a “I liked your dad, he was a great player for me, so I’ll take a chance on you.” kind of thing. Had Parcells not been here, no way do they make that pick. Here’s what I would like to see happen though. Make the trade to Miami, Miami’s first overall for Carpenter, this years first and throw in a sixth round pick to make it more attractive and get the player that will help this team the most, Darren McFadden. Now for those who are saying, “wait a minute, what about Julius Jones, I thought the Cowboys were going to make an effort to keep him?” Forget it, you have seen the last game for JJ in a Cowboys uniform, unless he pulls a Hershel Walker and comes back at the end of his career. Jones claims that Parcells had him “running like a robot”, but that is so, then ol’ Bill must have been working the remote from the studios of ESPN this year, because nothing about Jones style of running changed.
    This trade may or may not happen, but it certainly needs to for the offensive future of this team. Don’t get me wrong, I love the way Barber plays, but doesn’t have that open field speed that this team needs. McFadden with bring a 1-2 punch simular to the running game of Minnesota’s Chester Taylor and Adrian Peterson. That won’t take anything away form Romo, Owens, or anyone else involved with the passing game, if anything, it will help open it up. I think trading DE Marcus Spears at this time would be a bad thing. Spears is only going into his 3rd year. He has shown he has what it takes to earn the starting job. If not Spears, then who, Stephen Bowen, maybe move Jeremiah Ratliff back to DE. Question, “What happens when Jason Ferguson gets hurt again? Bring back Remi Ayodele? No.” Sure we still have Tank Johnson, but Ratliff has shown that a smaller, faster guy can play well at the NT spot, why mess with that, have Ratliff play in relief of the starters and not miss a beat.
    Everything I have learned watching this game for the last 38 years tells me that Spears will show his true worth this year. Expect him to have career numbers this season, but don’t condemn him until the end of next year. I think you will be glad if the Cowboys hold on to him.