Dallas signs Zach Thomas to One Year Deal

The Dallas Cowboys have signed veteran Pro Bowl linebacker Zach Thomas to a one year deal worth approximately 3 million dollars. It is expected that Thomas will compete with Akin Ayodele for the starting job come training camp. AKin Ayodele’s performance in the latter half of the season came into question as both his presense and tackles diminished as the season wore on. It is also no secret that Dallas coach Wade Phillips loves Zach Thomas and strongly believes he is still capable of playing at a Pro Bowl level. Thomas was offered a contract by both the Patriots and Saints before deciding to sign with Dallas this morning. Texas native Thomas also grew up a Cowboys fan. 

  1. rufus
    rufus says:

    the cowboys need a cb thomas is 34 years old and the cowboys have good young linebackers dont like sighning

  2. Jason aka Big.J.74
    Jason aka Big.J.74 says:

    I hate the idea! We need secondary help. We have really good LBs! Im sorry but I said it before. I HATE the way things are looking this off season. I dont like the coaching choices, and now Zach Thomas? 34, Past his prime and I dont care that he has played the 3-4 D now and then with the Dolphins. If he was the right guy for the system then Bill would have kept him in Miami. WASTE OF MONEY!!

  3. romo2owens aka barb
    romo2owens aka barb says:

    Zach Thomas is going to prove to all of you with the negative comments, wrong.
    The mistake that was made was Parcells letting him go.
    You’ll see…

  4. LizzyFreek
    LizzyFreek says:

    Huge waste of money….I like Zach Thomas…but it don’t make sense at all. He’s 34, and missed half last season injured. We need secondary help, we need Flozell Adams resigned, we need Marion Barber resigned, and we need to find another RB like Michael TurnerSD, or Aaron SteckerNO, somebody possibly in the draft. Why this???? Now i suppose we’ll hear about Romo’s contract reconstruction to free up some money. Borrowing from Tom to pay Paul. We are headed for a CAP CRASH if we don’t watch it people. This wasn’t necessary at this particular time.

  5. Jason aka Big.J.74
    Jason aka Big.J.74 says:

    AMEN!! LizzyFreek same here, I have liked Zach as a player..But with that said “Why would the Cowboys make a move like this”?? No reason for it! No reason at all! Im not a hater…I just dont care for the move.

  6. Cowboy
    Cowboy says:

    What in the World were the Dallas Cowboys thinking when they signed Zach Thomas after all there are other areas that require immediate attention such as the secondary that definitely needs upgrading? Jerry Jones the last time I looked the Cowboys already had numerous “young” linebacker, some that have been played sparingly and have yet to demonstrate what they can really do, i.e., Bobby Carpenter. The Cowboys haven’t had a stable secondary since the departure of Darren Wooden, so wouldn’t you think that in order to get to the big dance upgrading the secondary would be justifiable? Jerry you’re a smart businessman but signing Thomas to sit on the bench along side Carpenter was as bad as resigning Roy Williams to a long term contract and then not being able to get rid of him, to handing Jackie (Patrick Crayton) Smith an extension. You should be focusing on the real issues at hand like resigning Flozell Adams, Marion Barber III and possibly upgrading the secondary?
    The signing of Leonard Davis last season made a lot of sense to me and I didn’t question it, the signing of Thomas is certainly the opposite to the point that I’ve compared it to the Junior Seau acquisition by the New England Patriots, my intelligence however tells me that the Patriots didn’t have the depth the Cowboys have at the linebacker position…..no I’m not a hater either, just trying to put everything into perspective.