After watching a repeat of the Super bowl on the NFL Network it showed the Patriots fans after the loss. I am not a Patriot fan by any means but  the pain on the fans faces made me feel for them.  It reminded me of one of the games that tore my heart out. Every loss hurts, but there are certain losses that you will never forget! 

In 1983, we played the Washington Redskins in the NFC Championship game. This game bothered me more than any other and  it  wasn’t  even a close game. Danny White was knocked out of the game by Dexter Manly. After "the catch" game the year before I wanted them to go to the Super Bowl so bad. This team had been to the playoffs every year. They deserved it. And everyone knew if Danny White didn’t get to the Super Bowl he wouldn’t be remembered as a top quarterback. I wanted that for him but, everyone was right. When you talk about Dallas Cowboy Quarterbacks  you think of Stauback and Aikman. A Super Bowl win defines a Hall of Fame player. So after that blow out loss it broke my heart I cried and cried. It took awhile for me to get over it. Everyone says "Why that game?"  I don’t know it wasn’t a great game. It wasn’t close and we didn’t lose in the final seconds. But that is my heartbreaker!

The great snow game on Thanksgiving against Miami was the second game that tore me up. It was a great game, the snow made it even more dramatic. But, we all know what happened in the final seconds on special teams don’t we? I think the reason it was so painful was seeing poor Leon Lett on the sidelines after he made that costly mistake. He was crying and wanted to be anywhere but there.  I just knew Jimmy Johnson was going to lay into him but, he was actually kind in the following interviews. I was at a friend’s house who are Chief fans but cheer for the Cowboys. I was standing and cheering thinking we had it won and I missed the Lett play. I saw the look on my friend’s face, and knew something really bad happened. I am thinking what could happen as I turn and see the replay. I couldn’t speak, all I could do was cuddle up in my husband’s arms and cry.   Thank goodness my friends are football fanatics also so they understood the tears. I will always have a special place for Leon Lett after that game.

So I am wondering what game/games are your Heartbreaker! I know you have one let’s hear it!

  1. Fredooch
    Fredooch says:

    I for one, dont have any pity for Patriot fans. They got exactley what they deserved. Throughout the year, the Patriots kept hitting teams when they were down and out. Patriot fans embelished it. So Karma came around and hit them straight in the face. For me personally, The 1996 Divisional playoff game against Carolina was hard to watch and swallow.

  2. Jason aka Big.J.74
    Jason aka Big.J.74 says:

    No pity for the panzy pats and there fans either! Over the years I have had plenty of “AHHHHHHHHHHHH” moments. My earliest memory of “GOD THAT HURTS” moment would have to be “THE CATCH” then The Loss to the Redskins.Then For me it was a game in 85 vs the Bears. They KILLED us!! The worst part is living here in IL. And dealing with all the crap after the game. Then there was the Thanksgiving game we lost to the Vikings in a overtime run for a TD by??Dont care! For that fact..ANYTIME we lost on Thanksgiving sucked! AHHH!! The Ice Game!! Man O man I could go on and on. And Im sure we all could. Now the last two years have been REALLY tough on me! First time my wife saw me cry over a football game was when Romo dropped that snap. Then she saw just pure anger after the loss last year to the giants. She has seen it all with me! The ONLY time I even root or really chear is when a Cowboys game is on. I love football,But more than that,I LOVE MY COWBOYS!!

  3. Justin
    Justin says:

    I’m too young to remember anything past like ’95 but… and HC dave campo days didn’t have many heartbreaks for me. But Romo going on that tear and making the Pro Bowl… only to lose the ball that would have won the game… that’s my heartbreaker… also could have been a liver breaker that was omg i can’t drink enough to forget what just happen kinda play.
    January 6th 2007 is my heartbreaker.

  4. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    Ummmm I gotta go with this season’s playoff game against the Giants. I was tailgating and taunting Giants fans in the parking lot as they were going in to the game. I told several of them they better take their kleenex with them because we were going to make them cry.
    I was the one crying at the end and I got the hell out of there before those fans headed back to their cars and kicked my arss.

  5. Jon
    Jon says:

    The one game that sticks in my memory was when Jackie dropped the potential game winning t.d. catch against the Steelers in the Super Bowl. I was just a kid and I cried like one that day! The second game is the last one we played when I thought we should have won. I felt crushed just as I did as a kid almost 30 years ago. Good job for the Giants though…way to go for beating the Pats. No love loss there!!!

  6. Terry Smith
    Terry Smith says:

    I felt NO pity for the Pats nor their fans this past season. As last season wore on, I felt the Pats copped an ego attitude that definately rubbed ME the wrong way. I must say, though, that the Pats and their fans got a good taste last year of what we Cowboys fans deal with year after year. They found out what it felt like to be actively hated by the other 31 teams and their fans. It seemed by the end of the season, every non-Pats football fan (including me..heh, heh, heh!) was praying to see the Pats go down in flames. Now, please don’t crucify me for this, but I actually rooted for that other team that won this year’s Super Bowl. My reasons were three-fold…first, because I do not want a team to go totally undefeated until we do it. Secondly, I just wanted the Pats to lose…I didn’t like their season attitude (and don’t even get me started on Spygate!). And thirdly, with that other team winning, it brought a Super Bowl win home to the NFC East. In the first half of that game I thought Eli and company were gonna give the Pats their undefeated season on a silver platter…I was disgusted. Well, we all know how the game panned out, and I have to admit that when Eli hit what’s-his-name on that fade pass with 35 seconds left on the clock, I came up out of my seat almost as if it was T.R. hitting T.O. for that touchdown (as it should’ve been…)! “18 and 1!! 18 and 1!”, I yelled at the tv and a fellow Cowboys fan that was watching the game with me. AND THEN, Brady and Moss, showed extremely poor sportsmanship by being no-shows at the Pro Bowl, and don’t anybody give me that Brady’s ankle was hurt B.S. If the Pats would’ve won the Super Bowl, you can bet they would’ve been in Hawai’i soaking up all of their “due glory”.
    I have been an extreme hard-core “displaced” (I live in Southeast Missouri, about 100 miles south of St. Louis on the Mississippi River) Cowboys fan ever since I knew the game of professional football existed at age 9, and have bled blue and silver ever since. I am presently 47 years old (yes, I too was Est. in 1960…serendepity…), and EVERY ‘Boys loss has been a heartbreaker for me…even the most “insignificant” loss. I clearly remember watching Super Bowl V on a 13″ tv when we lost to the Colts…I vividly remember seeing Bob Lily toss his helmet about 40 yds. downfield after that loss…that was my FIRST heartbreaker. Thinking back to what I consider my worst heartbreaker, I guess it was the 1994 Conference Championship against the wretched 49ers at their slop pit of a field (it rained in S.F. for a whole week before the game…standing water on the field and everything…). Within the first 5 minutes of that game, we found ourselves behind 21-0. Even though we flat out-played them (Troy’s stats in that game were fantastic!) the other 55 minutes of the game, we couldn’t overcome that 21 point defecit, and prevented us from winning 4 Super Bowls in a row. That one was a REAL bummer!