Player News: Marion’s Got Protection, Flozell Signs

Restricted free agent Marion Barber has been tendered for $2.562 million. Any team looking to propose an offer to Barber would also have to give up a first and third round draft pick if the Cowboys failed to match the offer. I think that pretty much ensures Barber will be a Cowboy next season. The Cowboys will probably offer the Pro Bowl running back a long-term contract after free agency.

Chris Canty was also tendered for $2.017 million, any team going after Canty would have to give up a first round draft pick in the deal. Canty is a 3-year veteran who had an impressive year in ’07. I would like to see him remain in Dallas.

Guard Joe Berger received the $927,000 tender.

Irving native Tyson Thompson was not offered a tender and therefore will probably no longer be in Dallas.

Fullback Oliver Hoyte was waived today. He spent alot of time injured and never really brought anything to the table. His football career may come to an end.

Unrestricted free agents include Julius Jones, Keith Davis, Flozell Adams, Nate Jones and Jacques Reeves. The Cowboys may go up until the 11pm deadline negotiating with Flozell Adams. I wouldn’t be surprised if Keith Davis ends up in Miami. As for Julius, Nate and Jacques, good luck out there guys!

***UPDATE: The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Flozell Adams has agreed to a multi-year contract, terms to be announced tomorrow.***

  1. Danny
    Danny says:

    I can’t say how happy I was to hear Adams will be back. It’s just great. I don’t think Barber is going anywhere and I’m sure Canty will get a mutil-year contract over the course of the season as will Barber. Now it’s time to address the aging WR position!

  2. Barb aka Romo2Owens
    Barb aka Romo2Owens says:

    Can we PLEASE get a deal worked out with MB3 already!!
    Damn, I cant take it.
    They’re gonna end up putting me in a room soon at that hospital i work for.
    …and i dont have a laptop…LOL
    Seriously, enough, SIGN HIM to a long term contract.
    No one deserves it more than Barber.
    No one!!
    Thanks for listening…LOL
    ps~i love u star*struck!