Pursuit of Perfection Fails to Finish

In the end 18-0 was just not enough.  18-1 doesn’t earn you a Championship when the loss comes in the last game.  You have to be able to finish to claim the title of Superbowl Champions.  I think it was Fox announcer Curt Menefee that I heard say, “The Patriots came in undefeated while the Giants came in undaunted.” That just about sums it up. As many of you know, I was rooting for the Giants in this game while many of my other Cowboy friends wanted the Pats to finish their season undefeated and go down in history (while many Cowboy fans also couldn’t have cared less).  I really didn’t think the Giants would accomplish this, but my hat is off to the G-Men.  They had a job to do and did what no other team has been able to do this season.

The Giants defense was definitely the key in this game.  The defense was able to put so much pressure on Tom Brady that the Pats were never able to get in rhythm and stay there.  Brady was sacked 5 times and hit 9 other times while throwing the ball.

As Cowboy fans, why should we care?  Well, here are my thoughts for what they’re worth:  The Giants defense pressured Brady just like it did Romo in our last game against the Giants.  While many people have wanted to play the blame game and not give the Giants credit for the win over the Cowboys, I for one, will do so. Our loss to the Giants had nothing to do with Jessica Simpson, or Mexico, or assistant coaches being distracted. Jessica didn’t play in the game.  The game took place in Dallas, not Mexico.  The coaches didn’t drop the balls, botch the plays, or fail to protect Romo.  Like T.O. said in his interview after the game: “We lost as a team.”

Protection was something Brady would have loved to have had yesterday. The Giants defense just kept getting into the backfield and I’m sure that Brady was hearing footsteps coming up behind him on every play by the end of the game. I don’t blame Brady for this loss and I don’t blame Romo for ours.  A quarterback is one man, while a win/loss is a team effort. The Giants outplayed the Patriots, and, much as it pains me to say it, they outplayed the Boys.

I do take some consolation in the fact that the Patriots will not be considered “The Greatest Team of All Time” now. They are just one of the other 31 teams who failed to finish.

One final thought for what it’s worth: Our Cowboys played the Giants three times this season, winning two, but losing the one that counted. The Patriots played the Giants twice this season, winning one, but losing the one that counted.  If you add up the score of the Giants v. Patriots games you come up with 8 quarters of football and a final cumulative score of 52-52.  The Cowboys, on the other hand, played 12 quarters of football against the Giants and finished with a final cumulative score of Cowboys 93-Superbowl Champions 76. Now, I know that’s not much consolation to my Cowboy friends out there but I find some satisfaction in it (not much, but some….).  Should we have beaten the Giants at home and advanced further in the playoffs? Yes, we should have, but we didn’t.  Could we have beaten the Patriots in the Superbowl?  Yes, I think we could have, but that question will have to remain unanswered.

To the Patriots, I say, we Cowboys know how you feel.  It’s tough to have so much promise and potential and fall short at the end.  We know…..

To the Giants, who have not, and probably will not, get the respect they deserve from most, I tip my hat to you on a good season and the ability to finish well. Wear your crown proudly. You are Champions and I freely admit it. 

However, keep your ears to the ground during the offseason. Down in Texas, horses are getting re-shoed and saddles are being polished. If you listen closely, you will begin to hear the thunder of distant hoof beats and the crack of whips.  All too soon, you will see Stars on the horizon.  It’s not your fan club coming to pay homage.  It’s a cattle drive decked out in Silver and Blue coming to trample you and take your crown.  So, enjoy this one Giants. We’re thinking of you here in Texas.  Can’t wait to see you.

Contributed by Rich Isaacs


  1. Cowboy
    Cowboy says:

    Rich love your last paragraph even though it’s fictional I closed my eye and visually can see it happening in Cowboyland (I’m a western movie buff). As for the New York Giants, I too hate them just as much as any Cowboys fan on this website, however as a sports fan, I tip my hat to them on their victory. I didn’t have a problem rooting for them yesterday because I made numerous bets that they would win the Super Bowl, it appears that in my area I was the only one that was giving the Giants any chance of winning the dance and it paid off. The only regret that I have is that it should have been the Dallas Cowboys holding up the trophy in the front page of today’s morning paper.
    At the break of dawn the sounds of spurs jingling and the rustle of horses could be heard leaving Valley Ranch, at the edge of the street a lone hawk stood calmly feasting happily on a large lizard that apparently had not been quite as fast today.
    “Damn this wind,” the dreadlock rider known as the Barbarian huffed. “How can anyone ride in this?” His partner, known as Gunslinger just squinted and plodded ahead; such an obvious outburst didn’t warrant a reply. “Where in the heck are we going?” asked the stranger known as the Player. In a Texas draw the lead rider of the band of desperadoes replied, “To the Meadowlands to face some Giants.” Those that knew JJ knew that he wasn’t a native Texan but had spent most of his adulthood living therefore and therefore the good folks of Texas had more or less adopted him as one of their own. By now the sun was settling in and at a distance the desperadoes looked like mere dots on the horizon as they headed east.

  2. JC
    JC says:

    Totally agree!! Luv the article it’s great. I gotta tell you I was beyond happy to see the Patriots loose. I didn’t want them to take the title of the greatest team ever! I don’t mind Giants so I was happy to see them win. However like you said at the end, Cowboys are getting ready & we will make it happen next season!!!

  3. Frank The Tank
    Frank The Tank says:

    I’m a DIE HARD COWBOY FAN since I was born. I’m 39 and stuck with them with 1-15 records to Super Bowls. I will ALWAYS bleed silver and blue, no matter what. You couldn’t have said it any better than that, especially in the last paragraph. Go Cowboys!

  4. Danny
    Danny says:

    I couldn’t find it in myself to cheer for the Giants. I felt like they didn’t deserve to be there. Eli doesn’t deserve the credit he’s getting. His WR’s do. They make him look good. The defense should be MVP of Super Bowl. All 11 men on the field for defense. I couldn’t help but watch that game as if the Cowboys were playing the Patriots and I couldn’t help but determine that we would have destroyed the Patriots. But that’s all a fantasy. Looking forward to next season. Reigning NFC East Champs!

  5. John
    John says:

    Next year will be our turn too raise the Lombardi trophy. And If I’m not mistaking the last time the giants won the Superbowl the Cowboys won it the next 2 years. I can’t wait for the new season.
    Too the Giants and everybody else look out The Boys are back.
    Cowboys 4-life!!!