Sunday Spot by Fredooch

Hey guys whats up? Sorry I didnt write on my Spot last week but I was busy attending to some personal things but I am back. I got many emails asking me what happened! Geez! I miss one Sunday and you guys freak! Chill out guys! I’m Back! So lets get started with some Tidbits & Notes.

The NFL Combine is going on as we speak. I really dont put too much into this aspect of Pre-NFL Draft workouts. There have been several high profile collegiate athletes who perform at the NFL Combine to stellar reviews only to become NFL Busts. I prefer to look at game situational film and overall performance from the 1st to 4rth quarter if Im in an NFL War room. I just dont get it but anything to parade these future Hall of Famers around is great by NFL standards I guess. Thats my 2 cents on that.

The Dallas Cowboys signed Zach Thomas to a 1 year 3 million dollar deal. Now I know many of you are groping and griping about this signing stating that we have more pressing needs than a has been, concussion prone linebacker. Personally, I think it’s a great signing for 3 reasons. First, It’s CHEAP! Thomas will make 1 million in base, got a 1 million dollar signing bonus and the other million is incentive laden. So that means, Thomas would have to beat out Ayodele for starting positon during training camp, start 16 NFL regular season games, have over 100 tackles, make the Pro Bowl, and be voted an All-Pro probably to make the other million count in his favor. So all this deal is costing us is 2 million dollars up front. Not bad for a 7 time Pro Bowler. Second, Thomas passed a medical evaluation by the Cowboys medical staff. He is at 100 % people. Dallas would not of signed him considering how severe the concussion he suffered last year was and if there were still any lingering effects. Thomas is a tackling machine. If he is anywhere near what he is capable of and performs at that level, we just might of signed the STEAL of free-agency this year. And Third, He is and grew up a HUGE COWBOY FAN. Thomas compared yesterday’s signing to that of how he felt on Draft Day. His family was so ecstatic by the signing as well. Thomas stated he felt so re-energized and ready to go. So you see folks, chill out on this signing. It might be a blessing in disguise.That my 2 cents on that!

I have a HUGE GRIPE to pick with the city of San Antonio. Due to scheduling problems at the Alamodome, the Dallas Cowboys will not hold training camp in San Antonio, Texas this year. I am PISSED people! If the Dallas Cowboys signed a 5 year contract to hold training camp in San Antonio last year wouldn’t that make the city of San Antonio in breach of contract? Or the Alamodome? What puzzles me is that someone with a college degree in the scheduling department at the Alamodome would schedule a Church convention during the time the Cowboys would be in San Antonio during training camp. I just don’t get it. I am sure that the city of San Antonio is going to lose millions of dollars in revenue and tourism because of this fiasco. It’s a shame, really a shame. I have tried repeatedly to get in contact with someone who makes decisions at the Alamodome to no avail. I have tried both emailing and calling them. Can never get a straight answer. Oh well, theres always next year right? That my 2 cents on that! 

Finally, I will be conducting the 1st ever LoneStarStruck NFL Mock Draft next week. Be sure to look out for that one. I will be creative as well folks. I will throw in some draft day trades in there. It’s really not going to be anything like any of the other NFL Mock Drafts the other guys have, so be sure to check it out. Also if any of you guys want to hit me up on myspace, here is the link! Send me a friend invite! Cowboys Alliance . Thats my 2 cents on that! So thats all for now kiddies! See ya next time! Same Cowboys Time! Same Cowboys Place! Same Cowboys Channel! 

  1. Jason aka Big.J.74
    Jason aka Big.J.74 says:

    First of all, I like all the writers on this site and so all do a great job. Now about your two cents.”he’s cheap” Yeah! He’s Cheap” Past his prime,and concussion prone. And do we need a old Lb? No! If that’s the case we should go get Trent Green out of retirement. Do we need another Qb? No! He was a good Qb in his prime. He’s concussion prone. And best of all…He would be cheap. Right? You have a great point about the fact that he most likely wont get the 3 mill. The fact is Zach wont be a starter and most likely will get hurt again. So we are going to waste 2 mill. on a player we really dont need? And of course he wants to go to a “winning Team” All losers want to go to a better team! But if you are a winning team and take in coaches,and players from a losing team what do you get? A “Losing Team” I really dont like the moves we have made this off season so far. Yes, We will be a good team next year…I want us to be GREAT next year!
    With that said. You have a great week and keep up the great work! All of you!

  2. Cowboy
    Cowboy says:

    Fredooch regarding your writings on the Zack Thomas there was just one too many “ifs!” Yeah he comes at a cheap price, but you know the saying, “you get what you paid for.” Besides the Cowboys have linebackers on their roster that have not demonstrated what they can do I’m talking about Bobby Carpenter and while other teams have worked their number one drafted player into their lineups the Cowboys have Carpenter playing special teams and the bench? As for Thomas being 100 percent healthy, I doubt that very seriously, no I’m not in the medical field but do know enough to realize that half of America suffers from high blood pressure and other illnesses, football players are not excluded. As for the Pro-Bowl I personally believe it’s a joke, some of those players don’t deserve to be there, take the Cowboys Roy Williams who used to be a tackling machine too, did I say “used to?” I too grew up a HUGE COWBOY FAN as a matter of fact after their loss to the New York Giants in the playoffs I didn’t leave the house for more than a week, some of you fans can relate. I will need more than a bunny pounding a bass drum to re-energize me…….maybe a couple of honeys, a case of beer and the twins?
    PS: In my opinion the acquisition of Thomas was a bad move, the Cowboys already have too many linebackers sitting on the bench plus two million could’ve easily been used to help acquire a decent secondary.