We’ll Get Through It, It’s Just a Matter of Time

Sundays just don’t seem the same anymore. The hype has disappeared. Football season seems so short, just as it starts to get interesting, its over. Now we have to wait for spring and summer to pass before we get to enjoy our favorite pastime again.

But think about it…My niece Kinzie, she enjoys cheering on the Cowboys!

Preseason is in August… Training Camp is in July… then there’s mini camps that start as early as May and the NFL Draft in April. So, really we just have to get through the rest of February and March. February is half over now, free agency starts at the end of the month. Hell, by the time you get back from your Spring Break vacation it will be time to start studying the players again! See, nothing to worry about – football will be back in no time at all!

I know, I know… its not the same, but its always been this way. Maybe when you have such a good team you just can’t wait to see them out there playing again. Or just maybe when you have a great team that loses in the end when it counts the most, you just want to see them get another shot. Either way, I miss those Cowboys. I can honestly say I don’t miss the insane drama the media created for them, or that ‘one’ girl who presumably jinxed the team with a dream. But I miss the action.

I miss the escape moves pulled off by MB3 & Romo and the nearly impossible bombs that reached the end zone just in the "Nick" of time. I miss Terrell Owens’ big smile and his confidence that no one could tarnish. I miss the Helmetless Warrior and the "Ware" wolf and the Sack Monster. I miss hearing old Cowboy stars like Moose, Deion, Emmitt and Troy talk about the Cowboys before a big game, usually defending them when others would express only negative thoughts.

2007 was definitely a memorable year for Cowboys fans. Whether you choose to remember it for the good, the bad or the ugly is up to you. I, for one, will remember the great moments. I’ll remember when I first learned Tony Romo got his contract. And when he broke records, left and right. What about when Terrell Owens was named "NFC Player of the Month" last November. Yeah, I know, I’m an optimist. I always have been, and I don’t think its a bad thing really. It gets my heart broken every once in a while, but it also keeps a smile on my face and hope in my heart.


  1. Rich Isaacs
    Rich Isaacs says:

    When 2006 was over, it was a long offseason because I kept thinking..”you know, we just might be good enough to go all the way.” This year, the offseason already seems much longer because I KNOW we are good enough. There’s no maybe or possibly about it. I know we can go to the Superbowl and win it. I think we all know it, and that’s why this offseason stinks. We all can’t wait for the Boys to take the field again and show everyone how great they really are. Good grief, I really do miss football. Now I have gotten myself all depressed. lol.

  2. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    Oh Kelly…you took the thoughts from my head and put them into beautiful words.
    I am an all-around-sports-fan and a lifetime Cowboys Fan.
    But these last couple of years have been the peak of my love for This Dallas Cowboys team and the adjustment into off-season is so difficult.
    Thank goodness that you created this site and that we have our great myspace Cowboy fans to get us through the off-season.
    Great blog hunnie. 100 kudos.

  3. Barb aka *Romo2Owens*
    Barb aka *Romo2Owens* says:

    Such a great blog Kelly!
    No offense to your other writers, who are all awesome by the way, but I sooo LOVE when *you write a blog because it feels straight from your heart.
    I thought I was the only person who broke down the off-season by months like that…LOL.
    In my mind, I start getting really excited in June because I know Training Camp is July and who can forget all the *awesome videos by Sweet Shango who makes me feel like I’m actually there!
    What gets me through to June tho—is YOU.
    Your beautiful site is the best on Myspace.
    Your writers are *the best* and for me personally, it just never really ends.
    I want to Thank you again for all the hard, selfless work you do for all of us Cowboy Fans.
    Without you, I would surely be on the p.r.o.Z.a.c. ~LOL.
    I love you.
    81billion kudos for this blog!
    Plus, 24billion more for including the prettiest babygirl on the planet…*AngelFace KinZie*

  4. debi
    debi says:

    had popcorn ready today, but no football! that hurts! i miss seeing the Boys doing their stuff. i miss those wins in the last few seconds. i just plain miss The Boys! Kelly, thanks for all your words & keeping us in the know.it helps during this break.

  5. Byron
    Byron says:

    Awesome Kelly, You are on target We had so many more positives to look forward to than negatives yeah We left the playoffs way to early but we will learn a very important lesson from it and I think We will mature and grow into a dynasty again, 2007 showed us We have very firm foundation in place for a solid future, and knowing we are championship team right now makes the wait seem long but it will be here very soon and Our Boys will dominate in 2008!
    CAN’T WAIT!!!