Cowboys Fine With What They Got

It appears as if the Dallas Cowboys are content with the current roster. Jerry Jones must know something the rest of the Dallas Cowboys Nation doesn’t. Dallas has not brought in any big name free agents or any free agents for that matter to Valley Ranch for even a visit with the exception of Zach Thomas. With those of you content with the current roster let me say this, this roster hasn’t changed much since the divisional round playoff loss against the Giants in January. All the starters that started on both sides of the ball are still there. There have been no major upgrades so far this off-season. All we have really done is signed our own free agents. Flozell “2 full starts per game” Adams got a 6 yr deal done before the start of free agency and Ken Hamlin got the franchise tag. Marion Barber and Chris Canty both got tendered. So, any of you excited so far? Personally, the loss against the Giants left a real sour taste in my mouth. It proved that we were weak in some areas and needed upgrades in others. So far, nothing has happened and I am worried guys. I can’t believe I am saying this but I am not excited so far about going into next season with basically the same team as last year. I’m not. If Terrell Owens or Terry Glenn are injured in 2008 we become an average team. If Marion Barber goes down we have an average team. Heaven forbid, if Tony Romo goes down we have a descent team. So LoneStarStruckers, are you guys fine with basically going into 2008 with the same team as last year? Let me know?     

  1. Tommy
    Tommy says:

    I think the cowboys need to make a big move.Our major needs are WR and CB.We need to make a deal for both position’s. Jerry hasn’t filled in what he said he wanted to do, have we seen a big move by the cowboys on getting someone new? NO. Jerry needs to make a move fast. Eagles are getting stronger while we’re staying average.If jerry wants a championship, he needs to make a move.

  2. Greg a.k.a Mojado
    Greg a.k.a Mojado says:

    I hope Jerry Jones comes up with some good Cb and wr cause if not The boys are gonna get eaten up in the pass.

  3. steve
    steve says:

    I thought we’d make a play on Drayton Florence for sure. Image him with TNew and Henry. I know we’re tight up against the cap but Jerry is the Zen master when it comes to manipulating it. I agree, we have to do something soon.

  4. James Joyner
    James Joyner says:

    The Cowboys signed the biggest free agent left tackle available to a long term deal and kept the best running back and safety free agents off the market. It just so happened that they were already on the roster.
    It’s a salary cap league and the team had 13 Pro Bowlers in 2007. Just keep ing the roster intact is a pretty big deal.
    And don’t forget we’ve still got two picks in the first round in a draft that’s deep in RBs and CBs.

  5. Jason aka Big.J.74
    Jason aka Big.J.74 says:

    Am I happy about this off season? You have heard me say it over and over..No. I dont like the coaches they brought in. Bringing in Zach “dont care how cheap” I am glad we took care of (OUR) players. Im happy Reeves is gone. But again that puts us really thin at CB. T-New goes down again then what? And your right Fred, “WHAT IF” Owens gets hurt? Or Glenn. Im optimistic about Glenn anyways this year. I dont think we will see the speed of old.Crayton has done an ok job. I would like to see what more Hurd and Austin have to offer. And god forbid Romo gets hurt. Then What? I would like to see just about what everyone else would like to see. A CB,WR,FB,and a RB to help out Barber. I “LOVE” Barber. But with that said he’s no 20-25 touches a game guy. At least not for an entire season. He needs help. A good change up guy. I wish we would have looked into Turner? But then again he wanted to be a number one back. So no luck there. Dunn is free.
    He would be a good change up guy. Got some miles on him, but still I think he would be a good fit.
    Well I got-ta go. You take it easy Fred.
    And to all COWBOY fans out there………HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

  6. Cat
    Cat says:

    I agree we need a CB and help for MB3. I’m not as in love with McFad as others are. He has weak legs, and 23 fumbles in 3 yrs. I have faith that Jerry will make things happen. It’s early. Lets just see how this plays out. I was watching the 93 S.B. on NFL Net last nite. The Dallas D was absolutely fierce. Dominating. Brutal. Relentless. I think we need to focus on the D right now. I’m not worried about the O.

  7. Cowboy
    Cowboy says:

    OK, so at the present time personal wise the Cowboys are practically the same team as last season minus the revamping of the coaching staff, should I be happy? Damn straight I’m happy, no I’m ecstatic!! The record indicates that the Cowboys went 13 – 3 something this team has only done once before in their glorious history and the last time I checked Las Vegas odds had them at 5 to 1 (Super Bowl). I truly can’t wait for the upcoming season to start I believe Dave Campo will work his magic in the secondary and who knows with a number change Roy Williams might just come out of hibernation. With a second season under his belt Jason Garrett should be more innovative and creative with this offense, especially on how to implement Marion Barber III as the featured back.
    Facts: We all know the Cowboys did not resign a couple of their free agent players and that these players will have to be replaced. I personally don’t foresee too much movement by the Cowboys during free agency (unless it’s a steal) however in the draft I see them selecting a running back to compliment Barber and addressing the secondary, this issue has plagued the Boys since the departure of Darren Woodson. I sincerely believe that we’re only a couple of key players away from being a great team; we already have some of them onboard who have seen action sparingly and individually they’ll need to step up I’m talking about Pat Watkins, Bobby Carpenter, Sam Hurd, Isaiah Stanback and Mile Austin just to name a few. Leadership in any organization is a must, so some of the veteran players need to step up too, i.e., Tony Romo, Greg Ellis, Roy Williams and a few others. Terrell Owens demonstrated a lot of maturity to me last season by electing himself team captain, I say if he wants to assume that leadership role then make him a captain. Contingency in any organization is of the utmost importance and considering that the nucleolus of the Dallas Cowboys is intact makes them instant contenders, that alone should make you smile………Go Cowboys!!

  8. Redd
    Redd says:

    I’m also ok with the Cowboys doing nothing. Yeah, there are holes, but not many. The only problem I saw with the squad was that there is a serious need for a #3 corner and playmaker at wide receiver. I feel you can address that in the draft or a trade.

  9. Byron
    Byron says:

    With Jerry Jones saying He wanted to add some WOW to the Offence and not signing anyone in free agency I believe the Writing is on the Wall,
    can you Say D-MAC!
    Which is fine as long as Barber doesn’t go any where!
    Barber and McFadden or Thunder and Lighting !

  10. Byron
    Byron says:

    With Jerry Jones saying He wanted to add some WOW to the Offence and not signing anyone in free agency I believe the Writing is on the Wall,
    can you Say D-MAC!
    Which is fine as long as Barber doesn’t go any where!
    Barber and McFadden or Thunder and Lighting !

  11. Cowboy
    Cowboy says:

    Byron – The New York Giants Tiki Barber has long retired and the sage of Thunder & Lighting no longer exists. The Dallas Cowboys do have Marion the Barbarian whose last name happens to be Barber too, however I don’t foresee them drafting McFadden to compliment Barber and the two becoming some type of dynamic duo.

  12. Byron
    Byron says:

    Cowboy,I’m sorry I didnt know the New York Giants had inveted the Phrase Thunder and Lighting there fore nobody else could ever use it , and as far as You not believing they Could have Barber and McFadden there sure are a lot of experts that Disagree !

  13. Cowboy
    Cowboy says:

    Byron – Same principle would apply for all other teams whose fans have tried to proclaim their team as “America’s Team.” Bob Ryan coined the phrase in 1979 and the moniker has always been associated to the Dallas Cowboys. It doesn’t mean it couldn’t be used, but would anyone call the Cowboys defense the Steel Curtain? You probably could but in people’s minds you’d be talking about the Pittsburgh Steelers because that moniker is associated to them, i.e., when one talks about the Doomsday Defense. That’s my point.
    Experts have been known to be wrong too and though they have all the facts and numbers, much like this forum it’s based on opinion as mine was. This logic would apply to the numerous “so called” experts who predicted the Cowboys and the New England Patriots would meet in this year’s Super Bowl with the Patriots winning the contest (one of two teams isn’t bad…I guess?). Based on my expertise (luck) I called Las Vegas and placed three “C” notes on the New York Giants. Did pretty good, probably because Vegas odd makers (experts) had the Patriots heavily favored…….how’d you flair?

  14. Byron
    Byron says:

    Cowboy -I see Your point with the nicknames I am just not willing to give the Giants that much credit , Because their Running back tandem of Barber and Dayne lasted all of 5 minutes so when I used the phrase Thunder and Lighting they didn’t even come to mind, Sorry they just don’t warrent that much Respect but I see Your point !
    and as far as the experts go, I’m not saying they are always right I’m just saying they see the Writing on the wall kinda like I do Regarding McFadden, Jones has wanted this Guy for 2 years if there is any way for Jones to get Him I believe He will which I think could be Great just as long as Barber is still A Cowboy !
    I’m not intrested in losing Barber no matter Who We could get,it’s been
    good talking with Ya!