Keith Davis Signed With Miami

Another Cowboy leaves Dallas for Miami. Safety Keith Davis signed with the Dolphins yesterday in what they are calling a "depth" move by Bill Parcells. Davis agreed to a two-year $3.5 million deal.

At age 29, Keith Davis is excellent on special teams but never developed fully as a starting safety. In addition, Davis experienced a torn pectoral muscle and opted for surgery to repair it after the season ended.

Do you remember "the kiss"?
Well if you didn’t see this move coming I don’t know what to tell ya


  1. VaCowgirl
    VaCowgirl says:

    LOL, I love it! You couldn’t have said it better…the Miami Cowboys. This is ridiculous. I guess there was a lot more loyalty to the Tuna than I even realized. He needs to go pick on somebody else’s team now though, leave our players alone for crying out loud ;o)