So You Say You Wanna Be A Cowboy?

Adam Bernard Jones, more commonly know as "Pacman" Jones has publicly announced he wants to be a Cowboy. I know its not the first time I’ve heard this presumption and until he finds a home I’m sure it won’t be the last. But will Jerry Jones look past all of Pacman’s troubles and give him a shot in Dallas?

I don’t know of any fan that would put it past Jerry. But I know many fans that wouldn’t agree with this move. But since when do the Cowboys judge players by their off-field behavior? Let me remind you of a Hall of Famer by the name of Michael Irvin. Do you remember Leon Lett’s drug problems in the 90’s? It’s not a thing of the past either, how about the 2007 acquisition of Tank Johnson while he was still under suspension.

I have heard some compare Pacman Jones coming to Dallas to Terrell Owens moving to Dallas in 2006. Have you lost your mind? That’s not even a comparison. Owens has never had legal problems – distractions and teammate problems, yes. But how do you compare the two? I guess the fact that everyone thought T.O. would be a cancer on the team may be an argument, Owens certainly proved everyone wrong.

Jerry Jones may have a heart for troubled players with a great amount of talent, but it may not be worth the risk. Its not even a certainty that Pacman will be reinstated by the NFL. Dallas is in a big need for a cornerback. Its a tough call and I’m glad I don’t have to make that risky decision.

Personally, I think NFL needs a no tolerance policy. This is ridiculous that we are even contemplating acquiring a man who has been involved in a shooting, assault, vandalism, public intoxication and illegal drugs to name a few. Why do they allow criminals to become famous and make millions? And why do people born with such amazing God-given talent decide to throw it away?



  1. D
    D says:

    I can’t agree more… People with a God given talent just throwing it away. Pacman has shown irresponsibilty again and again. While on suspension from the league, he continually went to strip clubs and still got into trouble with the law. Then he wishes to speak to Commissioner Goodell about reducing the suspension. He has proven to me that he is nothing but TROUBLE. Don’t get me wrong everyone deserves a second chance, but not two, three and or four chances…time for Mr. Adams Jones and Mr. Jerry Jones to grow up and realize, it’s been one chance too many.

  2. TD
    TD says:

    I say, bring it! We need more secondary help. I don’t know every fact about every incident, but when you are a celebrity you have to be very careful about who you hang around. I just want to win a playoff game, and then worry about all the other stuff.

  3. Jason aka Big.J.74
    Jason aka Big.J.74 says:

    A WASTE OF TALENT! I do remember Lett and Irving’s Problems. And after that I didnt look at them the same. Who’s a better player? A player that just wants to live “getto fab” Show off to his wanna be friends? Or a player that gives true thanks to god for the talent and the chance to play in the NFL. I belive in giving a second chance. But thats it! If you cant learn from your mistakes then your an dummy! And have no right to get a third. That goes for ALL of us. I dont want this wanna be pimp to play for OUR Cowboys. Pacman should have his plug pulled. Game Over.

  4. Riggs
    Riggs says:

    Im sort of mixed on this subject. Like said we do need a cb. BUT hes a bad bad boy. You actually think Dallas can turn this guy around? Im with if any team has that chance I say Dallas would be that team. But like said..why ruin such good talent and ruin money and a AWSOME career for drugs and senseless gangbanger type shit. It seems dumb. I say if he gets his crap together he has a chance at being great..but taking a chance regardless is risky. But like I said..Im mixed so I dont really know what to think right now. First things first..see if hell be allowed back and go from there. id sign a NO TOLERANCE whatsoever policy. Even a traffic ticket..;) j/p. COWBOYS RULE!

  5. Jon Jon aka Bo
    Jon Jon aka Bo says:

    that is the biggest crock of ish I ever heard come on you got to be kidding me. The Cowboys need a great guy PacMan bring Punt Return Kick Return a ball Hawk him and New Man lets make the move Henry roll to Safety Williams will start then Henry comes in on pass plays we would upgrade huge, but who I’m I but an average Joe just saying guy made mistakes in the past but he didn’t kill anyone he says he is past all the off the field stuff what do we got to lose but a 6 or 5 rounder well worth it for top 5 corner in the league

  6. Rich Isaacs
    Rich Isaacs says:

    Yes, I think we need help at corner. I would just like to find it somewhere other than Pacman. I agree he is talented and could bring a lot to a team if he can get himself straightened out. Right now, my confidence in his ability to get his life together is low. Our Boys are so close to putting the Championship puzzle together, that I think you have to be concerned about any move that could bring distractions off the field. Any season brings enough distractions on the field without unbridled stupidity off the field being part of the equation. I am not saying that Pacman will definitely continue to act stupid, but he has in the past, and I just don’t see any evidence of repentance. Like I said, I just think there are other options besides Pacman. However, I will say this….If, in the end, he does wear the Star, I will totally support him like I do any other Cowboy, until or if that time comes when his actions on or off the field begin to damage our team. If your actions damage the team or hinder it in some way, it’s time to go.

  7. Jason aka Big.J.74
    Jason aka Big.J.74 says:

    Hey Rich. Well you say that you would support him if he ends up wearing OUR star. I just dont get it….Let me put it this way. Lets say you have a son/daughter and they play for a team that is really good. Now lets say you find out that the coach got busted for guns,drugs,hanging out with wanna be thugs. How much does winning mean to you? Keep him?Or toss him? How you are as a person means more than how you play the game. Im PROUD to be a cowboys fan. If we need to lower our standerds just to win a game. What’s that say about us? What’s that say about our team? To ANY football player out there, Your young,have lots of money,and plenty of snach. All of which can mess with your head. So if you mess up once and it’s not a HUGE mistake then you may get another chance. But after that….SEEEYAAA! Good luck in the real world. Say no to wanna be pimps and thugs. Be PROUD of (our) Star, (our) Team, (our) COWBOYS!!

  8. Rich Isaacs
    Rich Isaacs says:

    Hey Jason,
    What I am saying about Pacman is this. He says he has changed. I really don’t believe him and I’m not for getting him on the team because of his past actions (crimes). However, if the powers that be do bring him to Dallas, I will support him as long as he keeps his nose clean and contributes positively to the team. If he comes to Dallas, he must PROVE to me by his actions that he has turned over a new leaf. As long as he can do that, I will support him. I don’t believe he can and so I wouldn’t add him to the team right now if I had the power to do so. I am saying no, but if he comes anyway, then I will support him AS LONG as he STAYS CLEAN. Once he gets out of line, send Pacman packing. And by the way, in case anyone is wondering, Jason and I are buds here. We may disagree, but we can do it civilly, and still be friends. I know Jason knows that. Just want to make sure other readers do too. LOL. Love ya man.

  9. Jon
    Jon says:

    Im for it but to an extent. On the first hand he has a lot of baggage but on the other hand so did Tank. If he keeps his nose clean, then I can handle the media witch hunt but if were to infect our team then im totally against it. The one problem with that is you won’t know until you sign him and at that point it’s too late. I have much respect for his “on-field” actions and play but as for his “off the field” actions I have no respect whatsoever. Don’t get me wrong if he comes to Dallas and wears the “Star”, ill be behind him and 100%. I just won’t hold my breath. HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!

  10. Jason aka Big.J.74
    Jason aka Big.J.74 says:

    LOL! I feel the love! Hey Rich, Hows it going? You know I see your point. If for some reason he wakes up and looks himself and says “What the hell am I doin?” And then turns his life around,GREAT! I just dont see it happening. It may not be him? It may be his so called friends. I live here in chicago area and the problem with Tank was not him as a person. It was his choice in so called friends. His gun charge was because he didnt have a F.O.I.D card. I dont have a F.O.I.D card. Thats why my guns stay back on the family farm up in Minnesota. I hate the gun laws here in IL. The drugs they found in his home belonged to his now dead friend. Tanks a good guy that got caught up with a bad guy. Now thats all over and he has a new life in Big D. He will be just fine. Now with all of this said, By all of us fans, For him or against him. The fact remains,That if your set on being a thug and having problems with the cops instead of being a star football player scoring TD’s and INT’s then leave the game behind. Or the game will leave you behind. He needs to make this choice.
    Take it easy Rich. Have a good one. I’ll stop by Myspace later.