Taking A Look at Wide Receivers

A lot of Cowboys fans were very disappointed that the Cowboys didn’t pick up a wide receiver in this year’s draft. According to the media, Jerry Jones looked but didn’t find anything worth pursuing. When you compare the wide receivers available to those already on the Cowboys roster, there wasn’t much to gain.

"I didn’t see anything that should be of interest," Jerry Jones said following the draft. "Relative to what we would need to make a trade. Did not see a serious one. it might have been serious in their mind but it was BS in mine."

I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. We have a solid corps of receivers. We have a few veterans and some young up and coming players who could prove themselves if given the chance. It is a little scary to think about what an injury could do to the team, but haven’t we "been there, done that" last season? 

Terrell Owens

T.O., Dallas’ star receiver, is now 34 years old. If you look at his stats, age means nothing. Every year he continues to improve. Last year he had a few injuries but still managed to play 15 games and the playoff game. He ended the season with 15 touchdowns, 81 receptions and 1355 yards. If you know Terrell, he eats, sleeps, breathes football. He has been known to play injured on numerous occasions. I expect Terrell Owens to shine brighter than ever and be on top of his game in his last year under contract. If he makes it through the season and is still going strong, I imagine he will sign a short term deal and retire a Cowboy.

Patrick Crayton

Patrick Crayton just signed a 4-year contract extension worth $14 million. The 29-year old started nearly every game in 2007 in place of the injured Terry Glenn and finished with career-best numbers. He recorded 7 touchdowns, 50 receptions and 697 yards. However, after signing his new extension, Crayton went on to drop 2 key passes in the Cowboys playoff game. I still see big things from Patrick, he will likely get the starting job when he goes up against the fragile Terry Glenn in training camp. Either way, he has an important role in the Dallas offense. I expect to see increasing stats and productivity from Crayton in ’08.

Terry Glenn

Terry Glenn continues to fight to get back to work after having arthroscopic knee surgery last preseason. Glenn turns 34 in July, but if he can get healthy he may still have some game left in him. It’s going to be a tough battle but Glenn is a veteran with years of success under his belt. I believe if his body will allow him he could come back strong and be a force in the already powerful Dallas offense. Glenn is signed through 2010. I would have bet money if Glenn was healthy, Bill Parcells would have already tried to get his boy to Miami. Jerry Jones believes Glenn has a 50-50 shot at starting this year and has confidence in him. I have to think that Jones not pursuing someone to take over for Glenn, must mean he has faith that T.G. will be ready to play come game time.

Sam Hurd

At the young age of 23, Sam Hurd has already won the hearts of many Cowboys fans. Hurd acquired as an undrafted free agent in 2006. He hasn’t really gotten much playing time, but when you are T.O. backup you don’t see much light. Sam Hurd has the potential to be a great wide receiver, he just needs the chance to show he can handle it. In 2007, Hurd had 19 receptions, 1 touchdown and 314 yards. He becomes a free agent in 2009, but if he keeps up the hard work he may get signed beyond that. He works with some of the best the league has known, so maybe with their guidance and leadership he can become a future star, only time will tell.  

Miles Austin

Another 23-year old receiver, Miles Austin hasn’t seen much playing time. He is most known for his kickoff return for a touchdown in 2006 in which he ran smiling 93 yards into the endzone. It was Dallas’ first ever kickoff return for a touchdown in their 55 playoff game history. But to be completely honest, unless this kid learns some new tricks, I don’t see a very long career with the Cowboys in his future. He will be competing with Sam Hurd and Isaiah Stanback, other than special teams he won’t see much field time. Austin will be a free agent after this year, and will probably move on and try his luck with another team.

Isaiah Stanback

Drafted in the 4th round of the 2007 draft, Isaiah Stanback was a steal for the Dallas Cowboys. But as our luck goes, he was injured and sat out the majority of his rookie season. Stanback played quarterback and wide receiver in college and in 2007 was also drafted by the Baltimore Orioles to play baseball. He is an all American athlete, who is projected to be a future starter. I see great things in Stanback’s future with the Dallas Cowboys. When he returns healthy, expect to see him on special teams and possibly getting some playing time at WR. Keep an eye on this guy, I bet we see alot of him in preseason, and that will just be a preview of what he can do. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Stanback career develop, he has what it takes to be a star.


Not bad, not bad at all. The Cowboys also continue to look at undrafted free agents, and have picked up a few wide receivers to examine. However, for those of you still not sure, there is still plenty of time to sign a veteran, a dependable guy who isn’t happy with his current residence or needing a change of scenery. A Chad Johnson or a Roy Williams could be pushing it, but Jerry has been known to make some outrageous deals in his time. Have confidence my Cowboy friends, we have a powerful offense and any addition to it will only make this force even more unstoppable.


DeMarcus Ware: Beware of DWare

If I ask you which Dallas Cowboy linebacker is popular with the fans, had 14 sacks last season and will be receiving a large contract in the near future, who would that be? The answer is DeMarcus Ware #94!

DeMarcus was born July 31, 1982 in Auburn, Alabama. He attended Auburn High School, which produced other NFL greats like Marcus Washington of the Redskins and New York Giants’ Osi Umenyiora. Washington started a celebrity basketball game at the school. All three attend making it quite an event.

DeMarcus’s senior year, he won “Most Valuable Wide Receiver”, “Most Valuable Linebacker” and “Most Valuable Leadership” awards. His senior season alone, he had 7 sacks!

Be-Ware didn’t just excel in football. He was a letterman in football, basketball, baseball and track! I still can’t get over him playing wide receiver. I would love to see that!

DeMarcus attended Troy University where he majored in Business Information Systems. Where he really excelled, of course, was on the football field.  Ware’s senior year he was the League’s Defensive Player of the Year, and he was a finalist for the Hendricks Award. He made his mark in Troy history books with 57 tackles for losses.  He finished his college career with amazing stats: 27.5 sacks, 195 tackles, 74 quarterback hurries, 10 forced fumbles, 4 fumble recoveries and 1 interception.

Ware began his NFL career when the Cowboys drafted him in the first round with their 11th pick. He proved to all Cowboy fans that Bill Parcells and Jerry Jones had made the right choice when he went up against the Carolina Panthers offense recording 3 sacks and 3 forced fumbles in one game! Not bad for a Rookie! I think that is the game that fans realized this guy is something special.

In 2006 and 2007, Ware went to the Pro-Bowl, and he also was selected to the All-Pro team. He is the first Cowboy Linebacker named to the All-Pro team since Chuck Howley in 1970. In 2007, Ware also was Co-All Iron Award winner.

DeMarcus had a fantastic year in the 2007 season. Ware became only the second Cowboy to record 14 or more sacks in a season. His stats have improved each year. Staying healthy has certainly helped his total stats, but the rest is talent… and talent alone. In 48 games, he has a total of 215 tackles, 33.5 sacks, 12 forced fumbles, and he has scored 2 touchdowns.

DeMarcus Ware is definitely one of the most popular Cowboys on the team. The fans have respect for him, and he returns the respect by taking the time to spend with his fans anytime he can. He has a myspace page in which he reads his comments. He recently put up his own website and fan club to be more in touch with fans. If you haven’t yet, you should check out his website at www.demarcusware94.com. 

I am going to end this with a quote from DeMarcus’s website. “When I was young, I was told that I was not big enough and too slow. I worked hard, practiced harder and strived to be the best. Always believe in yourself and you can achieve your dreams.” I think he is definitely achieving his dreams so far with the Dallas Cowboys!

Lawsuit Filed Against T.O., Eagles Want Their Bonus Money

A lawsuit was filed Monday against Cowboys all-star wide receiver Terrell Owens. The Eagles claim that Owens has failed to compensate them for $770,000 owed in bonus money. Owens lost in arbitration earlier this year, when a judge ruled he had to repay $1.7 million to the team.

As you know, Owens was suspended by the team in 2005 and lost nearly $965,000 in salary from the 7 games missed.

In 2006, He signed a $25 million/3 year contract with the Cowboys.


The Eagles must be hurting for some money. He was only in Philadelphia for 2 years and helped them go to the Super Bowl. Damn, what more do they want from the guy!


Cowboy Bill’s Draft Rant

I’m sure this blog will be frowned on by some but I have to be honest. I was disappointed with this years draft class. I’m not saying these players aren’t talented by any means. I just feel Jerry Jones squandered the two picks he had in the first round.

This what I was hoping Jones would’ve done:

1. Trade up in order to be in position to draft Leodis McKelvin from Troy. He’s the best CB coming out this year. Plus he’s a good kick returner. Plus, he’s from Troy!

How would they manage to trade up you ask? Give up 22nd or 28th pick and maybe the 3rd round pick in order to get high enough to grab McKelvin. Simple. I’m also not putting down Michael Jenkins. Everyone had him ranked in the top 3 if not the top 2 corners coming out.

2. With the 22nd overall pick you’re still in position to grab Felix Jones IF you want him. Nothing against Jones but I think Chris Johnson from ECU would be a better fit. I know he played at Conference USA and is a bit small but he’s blazing fast and is another option as a kick returner.

Now of the first 2 picks that we got I think anyone would agree they’re both solid, "safe" picks. I’m of the belief that safe doesn’t always bring home the bacon. Think about it. Wouldn’t we all be a little more excited if the first 2 picks were McKelvin and Johnson? I know I would.

The 2nd round pick of a tight end that nobody outside the state of Texas has even heard of is beyond me. I read it was a move to replace Fasano. Well, Fasano should have never been traded to begin with. He was a solid backup tight end and was worth a 4th round pick all by himself. Adding Akin Ayodele to the trade made it ludicrous. Back to Martellus Bennett. Who knows. He has good size and is apparently athletic considering he played basketball. I have a theory though. Bare with me here. What if this kid is some kind of project? He played defensive end on a few occasions. Maybe he could be molded into a Julius Peppers kind of player? Maybe my theory is a bit of a stretch plus who gives up a 2nd round pick for a project? Anyway, I don’t honestly know enough about the guy to give an honest opinion.

I would say we should’ve gone after a receiver in the 2nd but by the time our pick came up, all the obvious options at receiver were gone.

Tashard Choice is one to keep an eye on in my opinion. He could be a sleeper at 4th round. He sure looks pretty good on film anyway. It does add depth at RB which is never a bad thing.

The rest of the draft is a crap shoot and I won’t pretend to know anything about these guys. I think what soured me the most was the week leading to the draft. I didn’t like the Pacman deal and I was furious over the trade with Miami. That being said, I didn’t go into draft day in the best of spirits anyway.

Fortunately the Cowboys didn’t really need that much going into the draft and I personally think this team could win the Super Bowl this year even without a single pick.

My grade for this year’s draft.

Draft Day Wrap-up: Cowboys Address RB, TE and CB Concerns

All good things must come to and end, and the Cowboys finally ended the day after accomplishing some goals and raising a couple of questions. Overall, the Cowboys had a great draft and walk away with a boatload of talent highlighted by first round picks Felix Jones – RB and Mike Jenkins – CB. Here is a recap of the weekend’s haul with ESPN analisys and mine as well…

2008 Draft Selections 

1. Felix Jones (RB) – Jerry Jones may not have gotten Darren McFadden, but he did get an Arkansas running back. Felix Jones is not a power back who is going to consistently push the pile in short-yardage situations, and the fact that he shared carries with McFadden in college and lacks elite size raise concerns about his ability to carry a heavy workload. However, he is a big play waiting to happen; he’s quick around the corner, shifty enough to make the first defender miss and turns on the jets in the open field.

2. Mike Jenkins (CB) – Jenkins doesn’t have a great deal of upper-body strength and struggles to reroute receivers at the line of scrimmage. You’d also like to see him capitalize on more opportunities to make big plays. That said, he has the potential to develop excellent man-to-man cover skills because he opens his hips well and is a quick, fast athlete. There’s also a lot to like about his versatility; he can line up at safety and can make an impact as a kick returner.

3. Martellus Bennett (TE) – Bennett isn’t an elite run-blocker and doesn’t have great top-end speed. However, he’s a great value. Watching him on film and knowing that he played college basketball for two seasons, it’s hard not to compare him to San Diego tight end Antonio Gates. Much like Gates, Bennett knows how to use his size to box defenders out and he can make tough catches in traffic. Taking the comparison even further, Bennett is versatile enough to flex out wide as Gates does in the Chargers’ offense.

4. Tashard Choice (RB) – Choice doesn’t have breakaway speed and will put the ball on the ground, but he reads his blocks well and is a north-south runner who falls forward. He is the second running back the Cowboys have drafted and will provide depth. Also, there may be concern about getting Marion Barber signed long term.

5. Orlando Scandrick (CB) – Scandrick probably would’ve been better off returning for his senior year to work on his footwork and add some weight to his frame. On the other hand, he’s fast enough to run with receivers downfield and he opens his hips quickly. He also has shown a knack for blocking kicks and he can make an impact in the return game.

6. Erik Walden (DE) – Walden excels at getting to the quarterback and has experience lining up at linebacker and end. This is the second pick in a row on which we feel Dallas has reached; Walden isn’t big enough to hold his ground at defensive end position and his speed will make it difficult for him to be effective in coverage as a 3-4 outside linebacker.

My Analysis

Let me begin by saying I love Felix Jones and that was the running back I thought the Cowboys would get, but that was assuming Rashard Mendenhall was off the table. I can’t believe we didn’t draft Mendenhall. Given the choice between the powerful and speedy Mendenhall and Felix Jones, you HAVE to take Mendenhall. He is faster and a more powerful and skilled runner than Jones. While Jones has to utilize his speed to evade defenders, Mendenhall can do the same thing and also take a hit, break tackles, and keep running. Felix Jones will compliment Marion Barber well, but since when do you draft complimentary players with your first round pick? And one more thing, Mendenhall would have given the team great leverage in contract negotiations with Marion Barber who is now in the drivers seat.

My little tirade aside, I thought the Cowboys rebounded well from the first pick blunder. We picked up an excellent coverage cornerback in Mike Jenkins which is something we sorely lacked all season on the other side of Terrence Newman. Jenkin’s speed will definitely upgrade the secondary this season. The Cowboy’s football lines for those who are into football betting, will surely be in our favor.

Martellus Bennett has an outside shot at becoming a future star. He is an explosive tight-end with great hands and excellent blocking ability. In two tight end sets, the Cowboys now have yet another offensive weapon who can shine.

Tashard Choice will add some depth if he even makes the team out of training camp. He is a marginal runner with a skills set that makes a great NFL career highly unlikely. I could not believe the Cowboys didn’t draft a wide receiver with this pick. I was hoping for Mario Mannington to be quite honest and was disappointed to see him go next to the Giants. If we don’t add some depth to the pair of 34-year old starting receivers we have now… then when?

Scandrick and Walden were the final selections and the next few months will tell us if they fit in. Consider them secondary options to make the team at this point, but most late draft picks are. As far as I’m concerned, anything after the fourth round is usually a crap shoot and more akin to online football betting.

Overall I would grade this draft a solid B-. Mendenhall would have made it an A- and adding a wide receiver would have further raised the grade to an A+. 

The Sunday Spot by Fredooch

Hey guys, whats up? I am going to go on a little rant here so please bear with me.

First thing I want to talk about is the whole two sided argument of why taking Felix Jones at 22 and not Rashard Mendenhall is the better fit and why it isn’t. First, let me say that I would of taken Mendenhall without even blinking an eye. Many draft boards had this guy in the top 10. No one had this guy falling all the way to Dallas at 22. You should of seen Pittsburgh’s War room reaction once Roger Goodell announced the Cowboys had selected Felix Jones. Its as if the Steelers had won the Superbowl in that war room, and guess what, they might of just did.

In any case, Felix Jones will be a great fit "complimenting" Marion Barber. The thing is, you dont draft complimentary players in the 1st round. You draft starters. The 22nd pick had Jerry Jones written all over it. Arkansas guy picks Arkansas guy. Some teams had Mendenhall higher on their draft boards than McFadden. So this question goes out to Jerry, If McFadden had fallen all the way to 22nd, would you still have drafted Felix Jones because he is still the better "Complimentary" player? Many people will argue that Felix Jones was the guy the Cowboys wanted all along as many mock drafts, including mine, had the Cowboys selecting Felix Jones, so why all the whinning?

Well, like I stated before, no one had Mendenhall falling all the way to 22. The guy is a stud. He is faster and stronger than Felix Jones and can take a hit. I just hope that this pick doesn’t haunt Dallas for years to come just like Randy Moss haunted Dallas for not taking him in the 1998 draft. I will give Dallas a C on this pick. Would of been a A++++ if they would of gotten Mendenhall. Anyways, enough about that. It’s done and over with. Blah!

Next is Mike Jenkins at 27. I cant really say much on this pick but if there is something we need, its DB’s. I was hoping for the Cromartie kid but Jenkins was next on my list. The film on this kid looks great and I believe he will immediately become the nickel DB. He is a 1st round pick, I wouldnt have it any other way. I give the boys a B on this one.

I am not gonna go into detail on everyother player the Boys drafted so I will just give them an overall grade of C+ on this draft. The second day became very painful to watch as the Cowboys kept trading down and down and down and down and down. I almost threw my cell phone at the TV after the 4rth trade in a row hoping Dallas would just trade anyone.

It all worked out in the end and we got two extra picks for next years draft, an extra 3rd and 4rth. I would of given the Cowboys an A in this draft if the would of selected Mendenhall and selected WR James Hardy in the 2nd round. It would of been an A- if we would of gotten just Mendenhall. Anyways, its done and over with. No use of crying over spilled milk.

So I will leave it at that and now can’t wait for July to come around until training camp starts. So see ya next time kiddies! Same Cowboys Time! Same Cowboys Place! Same Cowboys Channel!   

2008 NFL Live Draft Updates

Hi everyone and welcome to our live draft coverage. We will be updating this thread all day long and invite you to comment throughout the day on this live thread.

As my colleagues Fred and Marvin already did… let me go out on a limb and add my own predictions for today’s Cowboys draft.

I believe the Cowboys will definitely take a couple of offensive players in the first round barring any last minute trade. I, like Fred, love McFadden, but let’s be real. I’m hoping we select Rashard Mendenhall out of Illinois. Sure he’s projected to be a high draft pick, but so was Brady Quinn a year ago. I know the inside track is that we land Arkansas RB Felix Jones, and I would be fine with that, but there’s nothing wrong with aiming higher.

With the second pick in the first round, let’s pray and hope we land either Michigan State’s Devin Thomas or Oklahoma’s WR Malcom Kelly. Michigan has produced great receivers like Mushin Muhammad, Andre Rison, Derick Mason, Charles Rogers and Plaxico Burress. There’s something special about those players from Michigan and Oklahoma. By the way… what do they feed those Sooners anyway? – Joe D

UPDATE 2:20 – I was glad to see the Falcons take Ryan and I hope the kid helps get that proud franchise back up on it’s feet. By the way I think Parcells goofed by not taking Chris Long with the first pick.

UPDATE 2:30 – McFadden goes to the Raiders, erghhh I wanted him to stick around a few more picks so that Jonathan Stewart or Felix Jones would come to the ‘Boys.

UPDATE 2:45 – Jets as usual take the second best player at a position instead of the best. They draft DE Vernon Gholston and leave Derrick Harvey on the table. The Pats are up next and I absolutely hate their guts!

UPDATE 3:25 – Wow, I thought RB Rashard Mendenhall would go before Jonathan Stewart. I thought Stewart might be there for the Cowboys. No way Mendenhall will fall to us, he may even get drafted next by the Bears. Felix Jones is looking like a strong possibility.

UPDATE 4:06 – Only three more picks to go and Mendenhall and Jones are still on the table!

UPDATE 4:25 – I have a funny feeling that the Redskins are gonna take you know who…


UPDATE 4:40 – WELCOME TO THE DALLAS COWBOYS FELIX JONES! Well as I stated in my opening dialogue, we had the inside track on Felix Jones and that’s exactly who we landed. In fact even Mendenhall was still there. The Cowboys wanted the speedster rather than the punisher but either guy is a solid choice. Jones will be a great compliment to Marion Barber and should get about 10-15 carries per game. His outside speed will match well with Barber’s inside game. The two-headed monster is back!

UPDATE 5:20 – Great move by Jerry Jones who traded up to pick 25 in the first round to select CB Mike Jenkins from South Florida. Jenkins was considered the 4th best cornerback in the draft and the first three had already been drafted. His speed and great hands will be just what the doctor ordered for the Cowboys secondary. Along side Terrence Newman, Jenkins will prove to be an exceptional counterpart. Jerry Jones said that the Pacman signing would not keep him from focusing on cornerback and he stood true to his word.

Day 2

UPDATE 11:25 – Dallas has traded down 5 times so far, twice to Cleveland. Looking forward to see what players or future draft picks we have gotten.

UPDATE 2:15 – Anyone wondering why the Cowboys drafted a second running back only has to look at the team’s depth chart to see why… Alonzo Coleman is the only running back on the team besides Marion Barber who still is unsigned. With Felix Jones the Cowboys have some security, with Tashard Choice they add another quality RB and improve their depth.

Round 1, Pick 22 (22) (From Browns) FELIX JONES – RB, ARKANSAS

Round 1, Pick 25 (25) (From Seahawks) MIKE JENKINS – CB, SOUTH FLORIDA

Round 2, Pick 30 (61) MARTELLUS BENNETT – TE, TEXAS A&M

Round 4, Pick 23 (122) TASHARD CHOICE – RB, GEORGIA TECH


Round 6, Pick 1 (167) ERIK WALDEN – DE, TENNESEE STATE

T-Minus 24 hours til Draft Day…….

Hey guys, whats up? Yes I am alive and I did not join the peace corps or the convent and become a priest or anything like that. Sorry I havent been keeping up with lonestarstruck as of lately, but I just started a new job a few weeks ago and being in retail management is hectic if you dont know. Anyways, back to the reason Im here.

 The 2008 NFL Draft is a day away! WOOHOO! I dont know about you guys but I have been looking forward to this day since that ugly day back in January. I can’t help but think that Jerry is gonna pull a fast one on us and hopefully shock us in a good way. I keep getting the feeling that Jerry has already pulled off a draft day trade with someone (Detroit or Arizona) just by the vibe he has been expelling lately. Jerry keeps stating he is still looking for that WOW factor on offense and I dont think he means Pacman Jones.

Speaking of Pacman, I for one am happy he is a Cowboy. if he gets on the field this year, I think he will contribute immediatley. He might be a little rusty at first but the guy is only 24 or 25 I think so he will pick it up. Ofcourse, as of this article, the Cowboys and Pacman’s agent are still hammering out the details of the trade and contract but it is all essentially done. For all you Pacman haters, it will all go away when he returns a punt or INT for a TD.

Back to the draft, I am really hoping that Dallas picks up a WR and RB in the 1st round if they dont make a trade. I really like Darren McFadden but we wont get him unless he falls to 7th or lower. Imagine McFadden and Barber as a one two punch? Being the realist that I am, I am gonna go out on a limb here and venture to say that if the Cowboys dont trade any of their two 1st round picks they will draft, Felix Jones and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Those are my two picks. I will interchange Limas Sweed in there depending on several factors. So there you go guys. Tune it in at 2 PM tomorrow and watch the Draft. I know I will. See you next time kiddies! Same Cowboys Time! Same Cowboys Place! Same Cowboys Channel! 

Ready or Not, Here He Comes…

The Dallas Cowboys and Pacman Jones have agreed on a 4-year contract that will now ensure his spot on the team as soon as he is reinstated. The contract will have annual bonuses and also includes a clause that will give Pacman an advance of his salary as soon as his reinstatement becomes official. This is not a signing bonus as that would have certainly raised some eyebrows, so instead they came up with a good scheme of advancing him millions as soon as he becomes eligible to play.

Like it or not Pacman will be wearing the proud uniform of the Dallas Cowboys. NFL Commissioner Robert Goodell emphatically denied and rumors that he and Jerry Jones have any agreement in place that will reinstate him. Goodell made the following statement today.

“I don’t have any expectations what I might do. I’ve said I will decide before training camp based on how he conducts himself and how seriously I think he understands his responsibilities as an NFL player. ”

Jones has been suspended since April 10, 2007, and has had numerous violations of the NFL’s personal conduct rules. His off the field conduct includes 10 different incidents that required police intervention while he was with the Titans. Six of those times ended in his arrest including his incarceration during the 2007 NBA All-Star weekend. During that incident three people were shot in a seedy strip club.  One of those shot is now paralyzed from the waist down.  He copped a plea in return for identifying the shooter.

This past Friday, the person who Pacman identified as the shooter provided the court with documents that Pacman paid him $30,000 in hush money. This new allegation of extortion is still breaking news and it may overturn his plea agreement.

I find it amazing that in light of these new allegations, Jerry Jones was still motivated to get a deal done with Pacman.

As part of the trade, the Cowboys will send the Titans a fourth-round pick in this weekend’s draft. If he is reinstated and on the roster in 2008, The Cowboys will also send the Titans a sixth round pick in 2009. If Jones isn’t reinstated the Cowboys will get their fourth round pick back in 2009.

Well, for better or for worse it looks like Pacman is now our problem and not the Titans.  

Breaking News: PACMAN IS A COWBOY!

A source has informed me that it has been reported on the Randy Galloway Show, Dallas ESPN Radio that Pacman Jones is a Dallas Cowboy. Dallas paid a 4th round draft pick in this year’s draft for Pacman. If he is not reinstated by the commissioner we get their 4th round next year.

This is all I have for now, more to follow as soon as we get it.

Let’s talk Chad Johnson

Talk of getting Chad Johnson (from Cincinnati) in Dallas is increasing by the hour.

It’s all I heard about on the radio during my morning commute.

I’m all for it. But should I be?

Let’s hear what Lonestarstruck readers have to say. 

Talk to me! 


Added by Lone Star Struck:

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Johnson here are some stats from his entry on wikipedia.com

Chad Johnson holds the following records in the Bengals organization:

  • Most receiving yards in a season (1,440)
  • Most receiving yards all-time
  • Most receptions
  • Most receiving yards in a game (260)
  • Most seasons with over 1,000 receiving yards (6)
  • Most touchdown receptions in a game (3, tied with several other players) 

On March 20, 2008 Johnson discussed his desire to play for the Dallas Cowboys on Fox’s The Best Damn Sports Show Period, stating "If I end up in Dallas, I would just look at which finger I’m gonna put it on. That’s it. Ain’t no ifs, ands or buts about it," referring to winning a Super Bowl ring.

Chad Johnson is also the cousin of former Cowboy Keyshawn Johnson. (Drama must run deep in their family lol).


Odds Are the Cowboys Will Go All the Way

With the NFL draft quickly approaching, I can’t wait to finally find out who the Cowboys will select. All the wild speculation has worn me out and I’m glad we will finaly have some clarity and closure on the issue. The way I see it the Cowboys are in a great position and I’m sure when all is said and done, Cowboys fans will embrace our new young stars and look ahead to whats bound to be a great season.

If any of you are wondering about football lines and the Las Vegas NFL Lines at this point in the season, the big money says that the Dallas Cowboys could go all the way. The Dallas Cowboys are the number one ranked team and are a 2-1 favorite to win the NFC. Better than that, the odds are 9-2 that they will win the Super Bowl. They are the most heavily favored team in the NFC and the New England Patriots are the only team favored higher than them for the Super Bowl.

Now, those are the kind of odds I love!