Cowboy Bill’s Draft Rant

I’m sure this blog will be frowned on by some but I have to be honest. I was disappointed with this years draft class. I’m not saying these players aren’t talented by any means. I just feel Jerry Jones squandered the two picks he had in the first round.

This what I was hoping Jones would’ve done:

1. Trade up in order to be in position to draft Leodis McKelvin from Troy. He’s the best CB coming out this year. Plus he’s a good kick returner. Plus, he’s from Troy!

How would they manage to trade up you ask? Give up 22nd or 28th pick and maybe the 3rd round pick in order to get high enough to grab McKelvin. Simple. I’m also not putting down Michael Jenkins. Everyone had him ranked in the top 3 if not the top 2 corners coming out.

2. With the 22nd overall pick you’re still in position to grab Felix Jones IF you want him. Nothing against Jones but I think Chris Johnson from ECU would be a better fit. I know he played at Conference USA and is a bit small but he’s blazing fast and is another option as a kick returner.

Now of the first 2 picks that we got I think anyone would agree they’re both solid, "safe" picks. I’m of the belief that safe doesn’t always bring home the bacon. Think about it. Wouldn’t we all be a little more excited if the first 2 picks were McKelvin and Johnson? I know I would.

The 2nd round pick of a tight end that nobody outside the state of Texas has even heard of is beyond me. I read it was a move to replace Fasano. Well, Fasano should have never been traded to begin with. He was a solid backup tight end and was worth a 4th round pick all by himself. Adding Akin Ayodele to the trade made it ludicrous. Back to Martellus Bennett. Who knows. He has good size and is apparently athletic considering he played basketball. I have a theory though. Bare with me here. What if this kid is some kind of project? He played defensive end on a few occasions. Maybe he could be molded into a Julius Peppers kind of player? Maybe my theory is a bit of a stretch plus who gives up a 2nd round pick for a project? Anyway, I don’t honestly know enough about the guy to give an honest opinion.

I would say we should’ve gone after a receiver in the 2nd but by the time our pick came up, all the obvious options at receiver were gone.

Tashard Choice is one to keep an eye on in my opinion. He could be a sleeper at 4th round. He sure looks pretty good on film anyway. It does add depth at RB which is never a bad thing.

The rest of the draft is a crap shoot and I won’t pretend to know anything about these guys. I think what soured me the most was the week leading to the draft. I didn’t like the Pacman deal and I was furious over the trade with Miami. That being said, I didn’t go into draft day in the best of spirits anyway.

Fortunately the Cowboys didn’t really need that much going into the draft and I personally think this team could win the Super Bowl this year even without a single pick.

My grade for this year’s draft.

  1. pappoose
    pappoose says:

    dude i think you right man i got the same feeling dallas made bad choices but we will see if they dont put out then jerry going to be shut out

  2. jsub
    jsub says:

    all drafts are a crap shoot, from the highest rated player to the unknowns…so that’s moot. I give them a B simply for addressing needs in an efficient manner and picking up future maneuverability in 09. No one knows how it will come out until 2-3 years down the road…and if they’re lucky, sooner (whether good OR bad). We’ll see….

  3. tbowles411
    tbowles411 says:

    Honestly, I think we did just fine. We addressed almost every need we had. Even Jerry and crew said they didn’t have a single wideout ranked in the first two rounds. It takes too long to develop a receiver in the NFL. When this team is literally one or two guys away from going all the way, I don’t want to trust a rookie WR to get us there. Better to go in house with what you have and let a guy have a chance that’s already here to make an impact for you. We’re all betting that TG will be back and productive. If he’s not, then we’ll have to see if those 3rd year guys can stand and deliver.

  4. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    Well I know JJ is all fired up about Isaiah Stanback. Maybe he could contribute. I don’t hate the picks by any means. I was just disappointed is all. We’ll be fine.

  5. Marvin
    Marvin says:

    I think the draft was fine! My grade for the draft is a B. I don’t know if I would’ve traded up to draft McKelvin cuz I’m not so sure that he’s that much better than Mike Jenkins. That being said, I think the ‘Boys could’ve used the 1st round picks better. As much as I love Felix’s big play ability, I think Mendenahll should have been the selection. But since Felix was their man, and I don’t think anyone else felt as strongly about him, They could’ve used the 22nd pick on Jenkins and still have had a great shot to land Felix at 28 without having to give up picks to move up to 25. I love the Martellus Bennett selection but I question why they traded out of the pick they had in the 90s bypassing Manningham only to see the Giants select him a couple picks later.

  6. Cowboy
    Cowboy says:

    I truly believe the Cowboys drafted well addressing their immediate needs instead of stockpiling on linebackers. As for a grade, we’ll have to wait a couple of year before one can be established. The million-dollar question of the day has been why didn’t the Cowboys draft Rashard Mendenhall? Well according to Jerry Jones a lot had to do with Mendenhall work ethics and the evaluations he received from his teammates and coaches. Jerry has also stated that an acquisition of a veteran receiver would be a possibility depending on Terry Glenn’s availability.