Finding That Diamond In The Rough

We’re just over two weeks away from the Big Day. Of course I’m talking about the NFL Draft starting on April 26th. I’ve written about what I think the Cowboys should concentrate on and I’ve voiced about what I consider an underrated secondary. But many Cowboys fans believe the secondary needs serious help.

Unless Dallas can trade up to get either Leodis McKelvin(Troy) or Mike Jenkins(S. Florida) then I personally believe they should concentrate on offense(RB and WR) in the 1st and grab a quality BACKUP CB in the 2nd. Although we obviously have to wonder what quality CB’s will be available by the 61st overall pick.

Let’s take a look:

Brandon Flowers/ VA Tech– It’s probably unrealistic to think he’ll be available late in the 2nd but you never know. Some consider him the hardest hitting CB coming out in this year’s draft. He’s a bit small at 5-10 and 189 and his 40 speed is a concern at 4.55 and plays reckless at times. Has been compared to Ronde Barber. As far as I know he doesn’t have a twin brother who thinks he knows everything about everything.

Reggie Smith/Oklahoma– This guy will be there late in the 2nd and I think he looks promising. At 6-1 and 199 he has size and then some. His 40 time isn’t great at 4.57 but is another explosive hitter that is rarely beat deep. Plus he has good return skills. You listening, Jerry? Wade?Anybody?



Tracy Porter/ Indiana– He has tons of speed and natural ability. He runs a 4.37 40 and has great hands. Would make an awesome return guy but I’m not sure he could be a starter on THIS defense. Not a great tackler and not very strong. He might be weak but he sure is FAST!



Just keep in mind how close this team was to beating the Giants in the playoffs. We all know that the defense stepped it up late in that game and put Romo and the boys in the position to win the game. TWICE. Sure, I agree the defense can use some tweaking. But I say those tweaks are minor.

  1. JC
    JC says:

    Reggie Smith 4.65 and 4.61 today in th 40, this is not a diamond in the rough!
    How about a player who wants to drop out of the first and second round!

  2. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    He broke his big toe before the Fiesta Bowl. Maybe that accounts for his 40 time. Don’t count this guy out. There’s more to a player than his 40 speed. This guy is a STUD. Drop out of the 2nd round? You’re out of your mind if you REALLY think that’ll happen.

  3. casey
    casey says:

    I completely agree, hopefully we can get a WR or somebody else because we can get PACMAN. I know he has a troubled past but I truly believe there is something in the air in Dallas. Look at TO he completly changed his attitude. Pacman would really help this already good defense. However, I want a young good WR. We need a third receiver. Patrick Crayton is not cutting it. I could not stand watching him play, I think he single handidly lost the GIANTS game. I want him to go away. Also, I would like to get Felix Jones or McFadden (As long as we do not give the whole house). What do you think.

  4. Raina
    Raina says:

    I think you are right about Smith/oklahoma. He is very talented. Oklahoma didn’t even start to show his talent. But I would love it if we could get Kelly he is a star! I have every game he played in and wow is all I can say! He would look good with a star on his helmet!