Taking A Look at Wide Receivers

A lot of Cowboys fans were very disappointed that the Cowboys didn’t pick up a wide receiver in this year’s draft. According to the media, Jerry Jones looked but didn’t find anything worth pursuing. When you compare the wide receivers available to those already on the Cowboys roster, there wasn’t much to gain.

"I didn’t see anything that should be of interest," Jerry Jones said following the draft. "Relative to what we would need to make a trade. Did not see a serious one. it might have been serious in their mind but it was BS in mine."

I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. We have a solid corps of receivers. We have a few veterans and some young up and coming players who could prove themselves if given the chance. It is a little scary to think about what an injury could do to the team, but haven’t we "been there, done that" last season? 

Terrell Owens

T.O., Dallas’ star receiver, is now 34 years old. If you look at his stats, age means nothing. Every year he continues to improve. Last year he had a few injuries but still managed to play 15 games and the playoff game. He ended the season with 15 touchdowns, 81 receptions and 1355 yards. If you know Terrell, he eats, sleeps, breathes football. He has been known to play injured on numerous occasions. I expect Terrell Owens to shine brighter than ever and be on top of his game in his last year under contract. If he makes it through the season and is still going strong, I imagine he will sign a short term deal and retire a Cowboy.

Patrick Crayton

Patrick Crayton just signed a 4-year contract extension worth $14 million. The 29-year old started nearly every game in 2007 in place of the injured Terry Glenn and finished with career-best numbers. He recorded 7 touchdowns, 50 receptions and 697 yards. However, after signing his new extension, Crayton went on to drop 2 key passes in the Cowboys playoff game. I still see big things from Patrick, he will likely get the starting job when he goes up against the fragile Terry Glenn in training camp. Either way, he has an important role in the Dallas offense. I expect to see increasing stats and productivity from Crayton in ’08.

Terry Glenn

Terry Glenn continues to fight to get back to work after having arthroscopic knee surgery last preseason. Glenn turns 34 in July, but if he can get healthy he may still have some game left in him. It’s going to be a tough battle but Glenn is a veteran with years of success under his belt. I believe if his body will allow him he could come back strong and be a force in the already powerful Dallas offense. Glenn is signed through 2010. I would have bet money if Glenn was healthy, Bill Parcells would have already tried to get his boy to Miami. Jerry Jones believes Glenn has a 50-50 shot at starting this year and has confidence in him. I have to think that Jones not pursuing someone to take over for Glenn, must mean he has faith that T.G. will be ready to play come game time.

Sam Hurd

At the young age of 23, Sam Hurd has already won the hearts of many Cowboys fans. Hurd acquired as an undrafted free agent in 2006. He hasn’t really gotten much playing time, but when you are T.O. backup you don’t see much light. Sam Hurd has the potential to be a great wide receiver, he just needs the chance to show he can handle it. In 2007, Hurd had 19 receptions, 1 touchdown and 314 yards. He becomes a free agent in 2009, but if he keeps up the hard work he may get signed beyond that. He works with some of the best the league has known, so maybe with their guidance and leadership he can become a future star, only time will tell.  

Miles Austin

Another 23-year old receiver, Miles Austin hasn’t seen much playing time. He is most known for his kickoff return for a touchdown in 2006 in which he ran smiling 93 yards into the endzone. It was Dallas’ first ever kickoff return for a touchdown in their 55 playoff game history. But to be completely honest, unless this kid learns some new tricks, I don’t see a very long career with the Cowboys in his future. He will be competing with Sam Hurd and Isaiah Stanback, other than special teams he won’t see much field time. Austin will be a free agent after this year, and will probably move on and try his luck with another team.

Isaiah Stanback

Drafted in the 4th round of the 2007 draft, Isaiah Stanback was a steal for the Dallas Cowboys. But as our luck goes, he was injured and sat out the majority of his rookie season. Stanback played quarterback and wide receiver in college and in 2007 was also drafted by the Baltimore Orioles to play baseball. He is an all American athlete, who is projected to be a future starter. I see great things in Stanback’s future with the Dallas Cowboys. When he returns healthy, expect to see him on special teams and possibly getting some playing time at WR. Keep an eye on this guy, I bet we see alot of him in preseason, and that will just be a preview of what he can do. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Stanback career develop, he has what it takes to be a star.


Not bad, not bad at all. The Cowboys also continue to look at undrafted free agents, and have picked up a few wide receivers to examine. However, for those of you still not sure, there is still plenty of time to sign a veteran, a dependable guy who isn’t happy with his current residence or needing a change of scenery. A Chad Johnson or a Roy Williams could be pushing it, but Jerry has been known to make some outrageous deals in his time. Have confidence my Cowboy friends, we have a powerful offense and any addition to it will only make this force even more unstoppable.


  1. Robert
    Robert says:

    I believe that are receivers are good. Could we be better? I believe that we could be. Terry Glenn is a question mark. TO is great!!! Crayton is good but needs to be better. I hear that he is training harder and taking what happened in playoff game personally. The one young receiver that i believe will make his mark this year will be Isiah Stanbach. He has so much potential and hopefully is over all the injuries that slowed him down last year. Under TO and Glenn this kid should be the star of the future!!! But i would prefer and feel more comfortable if we had another veteran, perhaps Roy Williams or Chad Johnson? Well none the less we have an ok receiving corps.

  2. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    I have my doubts about Glenn. Maybe he’ll play early but he has bad wheels. He fought like hell to return and I have a ton of respect for the guy.
    I like Crayton’s attitude. He says what’s on his mind no matter who likes it or not. But he’s got to catch the critical passes. He killed us against the Giants.
    Miles and Sam are definite up-and-comers. All they need is a little more experience and they’ll shine.
    Stanback is a stud. You’re right Kelly. This guy has superstar written all over him.
    Great blog!

  3. Cowboy
    Cowboy says:

    I believe the Cowboys had a good draft and addressed all their needs though I would have liked to have seen a wide receiver coming to Dallas. On the other hand Jerry Jones has publicly stated that at some point during the off-season he’ll inquire about acquiring a veteran receiver to play opposite Terrell Owens, however a lot depends on Terry Glenn being healthy and ready to go when the season starts, we’ll have to wait and see.
    Terrell Owens – Has finally made the transition from being a malcontent player to being a shinning star, maturity level has increased, wants to be team captain. Excellent receiver who loves the big game, want to assume a bigger leadership role and is hungry for a Super Bowl ring.
    Patrick Crayton – I don’t see him as a starter in this high-powered offense nor is he a clutch receiver. Needs to shut-up and do his job. Undependable
    Terry Glenn – Having had arthroscopic knee surgery myself, it’s a 50-50 chance he will be able to play at the level he once played, however if healthy expect the Cowboys offense to be unstoppable. Excellent receiver that compliments Owens strengths and can spread the field.
    Sam Hurd & Miles Austin – These young guns are the future of the Cowboys and both players need to step up to the plate otherwise expect the Cowboys to definitely draft a wider receiver next year.
    Isaiah Stanback – Might have been a steal for the Cowboys but hasn’t demonstrated what he can do because we haven’t seen him play, might be another bust ala Julius Jones.

  4. Raina
    Raina says:

    Great Blog Kelly! I know Crayton will improve but I can’t wait to see more of Stanback! He is so exciting to watch. He could possibly become my favorite player fast!