Is Roy Williams Unfit for Phillips 3-4 Scheme?

Reading an article at Dallas Morning News, I found some news that was a little concerning. Greg Ellis quoted  Roy Williams saying that he doesn’t think he fits the defense.

"He said, ‘Greg, this defense does not fit me. I don’t fit in well with this defense at all,’" Ellis said. "So when he told me that, I was like, ‘Well, man, it’s still new. Get used to it and it’ll probably be fine for you.’" And obviously I think it came to be true. Just like he said, he doesn’t fit what’s going on here in Dallas right now.

"Now maybe this year, if they decide to keep him for this season, Wade and them will kind of adjust some things to fit him better."

I think we’ve all noticed the difference in Roy Williams and its not for the good. Is it because of the Wade 3-4 scheme? Who knows, but when you come in and workout and be sure to be out before your teammates arrive it makes people wonder.

With all the Pacman drama and your occasional Romo/Simpson nonsense we certainly don’t need to add in-house problems into the mix. Lets just hope the veterans can get their minds focused on the game.


  1. Juliuxxx
    Juliuxxx says:

    That’s no excuse!
    All the players must show his best, the defensive system doesn’t matter…

  2. Marvin
    Marvin says:

    I don’t think its a scheme issue as much as change in how the game is now played. In the past, the “game” allowed for safeties to play in the a manner where they didn’t have as much coverage responsiblity, essentially playing in the “box.” Roy, having LB size, thrived in this style cause it allowed him to run up and crush people. More than ever,offenses are looking to put players in positions that can lead to matchup problems for defenses, and ever since the Saints game two seasons ago, when Sean Payton had a game plan that exposed Roy’s lack of coverage skills, other teams have taken notice and single him out. Rather than making excuses, Roy should’ve been doing everything he possibly could do to get better at coverage. I understand Roy has lost 32 pounds in the last two months and this should help his speed and agility, however, recognizing that you’d have to be in coverage more than you have in the past, maybe he should’ve considered losing weight prior to last season. I’m a Roy fan, however I strongly dislike the stance of “me against the world” mentality he’s exhibiting. It doesn’t look good that he’s alienating himself from the team–I just hope this won’t linger on into training camp–especially a Hard Knock Camp!

  3. Cowboy
    Cowboy says:

    I am not a Roy Williams fan nor am I a fan of one particular player, by all accounts I’m a fan of the Dallas Cowboys (period). Having played the game, I understand there are different player responsibilities to every schemes however the problem is not with Williams not fitting the scheme the problem lies on Williams reporting to the training facility overweight and out of shape, yet he makes large sums of money to play this game. What would happen if the entire team showed up in the physical condition Williams has reported in over the last three seasons?
    Roy if you’re reading this it’s called dedication to the fans and most importantly to your teammates, you need to refocus……