Terrell Owens: Born-Again Cowboy

I have always had a hard time picking out a favorite player on the Cowboys.  I tend to be a “team” concept kind of guy.  It’s all about the team not the individual.  Terrell Owens, however, is different.  I have to admit that T.O. has definitely become one of my favorite players.

To be honest though, it hasn’t always been this way.  Like many other fans, when I heard T.O. was coming to Dallas, I couldn’t help but imagine all the ways this would screw up our team.  I knew about his problems in the “City of Brotherly Love” and I couldn’t forgive him for his dance of Red and Gold upon our beloved Star at midfield.  For me, the celebration on the Star was a desecration of Holy Ground – the unpardonable sin in Cowboyland.  “You can write this guy off – Don’t like him.  Never will,” I said to myself.

Then……..we bring him to Dallas.  What the…….??????

I was dumbfounded.  I couldn’t believe that a man who once stood on that Star and mocked it would now be wearing it.  As the Bible would say, we had “unequally yoked ourselves together with an unbeliever.”

Training camp of 2006 brought on some drama.  I knew the distraction had come.  I knew I had been right all along.  It passed however, and I continued to wait – all season.  Despite some obvious discontent between Owens and the Big Tuna, everything went fine.  I even began warming to T.O. – not yet a fan, but secretly starting to hope I could be a fan (although I wouldn’t admit it to anyone).

In 2007, somewhere along the way, I admit I realized that I love T.O.  (Hopefully, you won’t take that the wrong way.  I refuse to defend the idea of one man loving another here in this blog.  Ain’t nothin wrong with it.).  It’s not about his stats, which if you compare them to previous years, you can make a pretty decent case that his best year was 2007.  It’s about his attitude.  T.O. has become a real Cowboy.  If I had any doubts about this, they were all completely swept away after the playoff loss to the Giants.  Many wanted to play the blame game.  Not T.O.  “We lost as a team,” he said.  It wasn’t about T.O., Romo, Jessica, Mexico……..It was, is, and always will be about the team.  With that interview, T.O. solidified me as his lifelong fan without any doubt.

Is T.O.’s new attitude for real?  He just said recently that he wants to finish his career in Dallas.  Many have questioned this.  Not me.  I’m a believer.

Personally, I think T.O. was once an unbeliever – holding no respect for the silver and blue or the star under which we play, but like anyone can, he changed.  The man who once was never happy with the teams he played for has now found his calling.  His calling is to be a Cowboy.  He was once discontent due to being surrounded by mediocrity and a lack of dedication.  In Dallas, he has found a place where excellence and tradition come together – a place where dreams are made – a place where Championships are written in the Stars.

Yes, T.O. was once an unbeliever.  Now he is a “born-again” Cowboy.  His sins of the past are behind him now.  He plays for America’s Team.  The team that has a hole in the stadium roof so God can look down and watch His Boys play football. 

This ain’t the same T.O.  He’s a new man, on a new team, headed for a new Lombardi.

Let me say it once more………….I LOVE T.O.

Just admit it – you love him too.


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  1. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    I love T.O. he has definitely turned his reputation around in my opinion. I think he’s earned the respect of Cowboys fans abroad. I’m also happy to say he’s my 11 yr old son’s favorite player. ROCK ON T.O.!
    Great article as always Rich!

  2. Barb aka Romo2Owens
    Barb aka Romo2Owens says:

    Thank you for writing this blog Rich.
    I always felt that Terrell was misunderstood.
    He wants to WIN!
    He wants to be the best!!
    I think there was a time where I was his only fan…and I’m proud of that..LOL.
    Born-again Cowboy!!
    You couldnt have written this any better.
    81gazillion kudos to *you.
    Thank You!

  3. Jaime Martinez
    Jaime Martinez says:

    Well, if I can say meslef..I agree 100% with you man….When T.O. came to Dallas…I HATED IT! I couldn’t believe it! The same guy who showed us so much disrespect is going to wear the STAR! No way, but as the seaons have past he has earned to wear out beloved Star and colors! He is a great player and now a great teammate! This season coming up is going to be one of the best!

  4. Steve
    Steve says:

    When T.O. joined our Cowboys I too was one of those haters. I was sitting right there when he did the dance on the “Star” and it made me sick. I really cheered though when he knocked on his ass too!! Anyway time has passed and I think T.O. has brought much to the team and I think if he takes “Pacman” under his wing he too will be a great Cowboy

  5. Susan
    Susan says:

    I am SO glad to hear about some love for T.O.! I live in Virginia.. the state with the most personalized license plates in America, I think! I now sport my tag GO TO 81 surrounded by my Cowboys license plate frame.. I love it!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks, LoneStar Struck, for ALL of your hard work!!!

  6. ShelbyK
    ShelbyK says:

    Fantastic article!
    I felt the same way about T.O. – didn’t like him & certainly didn’t want him on the team. I’m still not lovin’ him… I won’t be wearing his jersey any time soon… But I’m warming up. *big smile*

  7. Rich Isaacs
    Rich Isaacs says:

    My prediction for Shelby’s 2008 season:
    She will be giving up the hugs and kisses for T.O. by week 10. lol.
    Much love to you and yours Shelby.

  8. ShelbyK
    ShelbyK says:

    hehehee! I would like that, Rich! This whole thing has caused a huge conflict within myself; loving a team soooo much yet not feeling the same way about one of the players.
    It puts fans like me in between a rock & a hard place, ya know!?

  9. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    Nice blog Rich. I’ve warmed up to the idea of having T.O. as a Cowboy myself. I’m still wary of what could happen with him though. I have to be honest, I think he’s a bit unstable still. The crying thing after the playoff loss was way over the top in my eyes.

  10. Cat a.k.a. *get T.O. the damn ball!*
    Cat a.k.a. *get T.O. the damn ball!* says:

    i believe the post game interview was genuine.
    love of the game.
    desire to be a winner.
    all that hard work put in after a serious injury to help your team as much as humanly possible.
    not to mention what the press was doing to the team..
    i know i cried after that game,
    then i was numb for days.
    that loss hurt more than any i can remember.
    over the top?
    whatever you want to call it,
    i want terrell owens on our team.
    dallas cowboys forever.