Do the Cowboys Need to Look at Upgrading the Backup Man in Charge?

According to the Star-Telegram the Cowboys may be looking to upgrade the backup quarterback spot for the upcoming season. Veteran Brad Johnson, the current backup QB, hardly seen any playing time last year except in the last game of the regular season. However, Johnson will be 40 this fall and just doesn’t have the throwing arm he once had.

At the same time, Brad Johnson is a professional and has been in the league for 16 years. He’s played for 4 different NFL teams and wears a Super Bowl ring. Needless to say, he’s seen alot.

If the Cowboys are in the market, who is out there? The only name anyone is mentioning is Chris Simms. Simms hasn’t played in a couple of years after a season ending injury in ’06. So who says he’s better than Johnson?

And, the talks of the Cowboys shopping for a QB totally clash with the reports last week that Jerry Jones was totally confident in our backup man.

Let me just say I am happy we have secured all the major roles we needed to fill this offseason and the staff has done an excellent job of getting it done. This position is a backup role but in an instant can become the breaking point of a season, God forbid anything should happen to Tony Romo. With that said, I think Brad Johnson could get the job done as long as the rest of the offense was perfect. But there is never anything wrong with looking to improve.


  1. Ricke Kirkland
    Ricke Kirkland says:

    I would hate to see them get Chris Simms personally. I wasn’t impressed with him as quarterback of the Texas Longhorns, and wasn’t very good at tense situations. I hope that someone else would come to mind if they decide to change backups.

  2. Holyteror
    Holyteror says:

    I’m not a big Chris Simms fan either. I’d rather the team not even think about it…but that’s just me.
    BTW, did you see the article in the DMN from JJT about Coach Phillips? I *hope* this guy’s just expressing his opinion. I’m happy with the Coach and am just getting comfortable.
    Planning on heading to Oxnard on 8/11…don’t know if you’re planning on being there, I’ll be happy to share photos when I take some 🙂