Gearing up for 2008 “The Sunday Spot”

Well it’s almost that time of the year kiddies. Sundays and Dallas Cowboys Football. We are about a month away from serious Dallas Cowboys coverage and ramblings. I would like to thank Kelly for inviting back to 2008 for my usual "Sunday Spot" feature here on LoneStarStruck and everyone else associated with this website who reads, contributes and gives their two cents. I will also still be contributing some graphics to the site again as well as on my myspace page at .   I have already made a Dallas Cowboys graphic schedule for the upcoming season but it needs a little re-work done. I made it really fast and think It can be better. I will be attending at least maybe 2 Dallas Cowboys home games this year and just bought a very expensive digital camera just for the occasion, so be sure to look for my pictures during the season. Anyways guys, I hope you all check out the site weekly and hope to hear from all of you. Are you guys ready for Dallas Cowboys football? Did I even have to ask?