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 5.8 Earthquake Felt At Oxnard!

I just heard on 103.3 ESPN radio that there was a pretty huge earthquake felt at the Cowboys Training Camp. Reports are saying there were no injuries reported thus far, but some are shaking up from the ordeal.

I myself believe this Quake is due to the massive amount of weight from the offensive and defensive line.  🙂

Cowboys are letting the L.A. area know they are there! 


Your Time To Chime

I’m gonna switch gears this week. I’m sure everyone has been keeping up to date with all the things going on in Training Camp – the injuries, whose getting the best of who, and how the newbies are doing.

I have lingering issues on a few key topics that have been put on the back burner due to the excitement of TC.  I would like for you, the masses, to chime in on these issues and give your opinion with mine.

My first issue is this ongoing speculation that Jason Garrett will be replacing Phillips after this season regardless of a Super Bowl win.

Some are reporting that Phillips is the head coach for the primary fact of getting Garrett ready to launch. 

Others report that if he wins a playoff game then he will stay.

I can understand that reporters will throw anything out there to have a story to write about, but MAN!  This has got to weigh heavy on Phillip’s mind.

I can see these things coming up like over halfway through the season if there losing, but at least give the man a chance to redeem himself.

These things should not even be brought up this early into Training Camp.

Some people look at the coaching staff and assume that the moves that were made were made around Garrett. Wade didn’t bring them in. So therefore Wade is gone after this year.  It’s got me puzzled.

I feel that the players have a good chemistry with Phillips. I haven’t seen nor heard of any ill will toward him at all!

Maybe this is the way to win a Super Bowl. Hold the coaches job over his head and he will produce. Hey It worked for the Giants!

Let me know your thoughts and opinions on this issue. Could it Happen? Could it Not? 


  1. Tiffany (Stargazzing)
    Tiffany (Stargazzing) says:

    Jerry Jones was interviewed by Dale Hansen night before last and Dale very bluntly asked JJ about this very thing. JJ said in no way has there ever been an under the table or handshake deal that Garrett is the next head coach. He said Wade Phillips is our head coach indefinitely. That’s all I can add.
    Love your thoughts on the reason for the earthquake. Ha ha

  2. CHUCK
    CHUCK says:

    Thanks Tiff for the info. I heard that same report. Thats what has got me so peeved! some of these reporters are still trying to make a conspiracy theory outta this mess. What gets me is some things said is, that it would be a good move to bring in Garrett as HC. I’m just floored by this. How many times do we have to start over again?
    OH this just in.. Flozell Adams jumped offsides in Training Camp and ran by his man, tripped over his shoestrings and caused a 5.8 earthquake!!
    LOL!! Glad no one got hurt!! lol 🙂

  3. Big.J.74
    Big.J.74 says:

    Media??? Got to take the good with the bad. And just brush it off and do your job. Im sure Wade is in no way scared of losing his job. Wade and Garrett make a great team. And with the players we have all that matters now is First, Stay healthy. Second, Win the NFC EAST Title. Third, Win a playoff game. And last but not least WIN THE SUPERBOWL!!