Cowboys Make Final Roster Cuts

In order to get down to the mandatory 53 man roster the Cowboys had to cut 21 players today by 5 p.m. Central time.

The players cut by the Cowboys are as follows:

Larry Allen (reserve/retired)
Danny Amendola
Drew Atchison
Remi Ayodele
Richard Bartel
Mark Bradford
Alonzo Coleman
Julius Crosslin
Dowayne Davis
Marcus Dixon
Tearrius George
Ryan Gibbons
Rodney Hannah
Mike Jefferson
Keon Lattimore
Cory Lekkerkerker (injury settlement)
Todd Lowber
Darrell Robertson
Junior Siavii
Marcus Smith
Tyson Smith
Erik Walden

Larry Allen To Retire As A Cowboy reports the Dallas Cowboys have signed guard Larry Allen on Friday so that the he may retire as a Cowboy. The Cowboys are expected to formally make an announcement in the very near future. 

Larry Allen was one of the team’s most popular players and he played for the Cowboys from 1994 until the 2005 season. During his remarkable career, he earned 10 Pro Bowl selections and was a seven time All-Pro selection. He has spent the last two seasons with the San Francisco 49ers.

Congratulations to Larry Allen!


As the new season arrives each year, we as fans are inundated with previews and predictions from every and any sports magazine that is imaginable. When I was younger I would be waiting for them like I would wait for Santa Claus on Christmas. These days, with the internet and ESPNEWS and the overall coverage of pro football, I am usually nauseated by this experts predictions and that pundits crystal ball halfway through training camp. At the end of the day, who picked the Giants to win the Super Bowl last year? Not many, if anyone. That being said, there is one preview that I look forward to reading and that is Sports Illustrated’s NFL PREVIEW. For those of you in the same boat, be warned: do not read this if you want to read about it in the magazine for yourself. This year’s issue, with Tony Romo on the cover, does not seem to find the Cowboys in as favorable as light as some of us fans might expect.

For starters, let’s look at The King 50. This is the top 50 players regardless of position ranked by veteran SI writer Peter King. The Cowboys ranked 4 players among the top 50. The top ranked Cowboy is DeMarcus Ware (#15), ranked one spot ahead of Shawn Merriman, who was drafted by the Chargers ahead of Ware. D-Ware is the top ranked Linebacker and 4th highest ranked defensive player overall. This seems very accurate and fair, but then it get’s ugly for the Cowboys. Next for the Cowboys is Romo (#19), but he is the sixth ranked Quarterback behind Tom Brady (#1), Peyton Manning (#2), Drew Brees (#6), Carson Palmer (#7) and Ben Roethlisberger (#18). To me, this is a joke. I think Romo should be ranked higher overall, as well as ahead of Brees, Palmer and Big Ben. I would put him somewhere at #10, as the third ranked QB. Then you have to go all the way towards the bottom of the list to find the final 2 Cowboys. Jason Witten (#41) is ranked behind players such as Aaron Kampman (#32), Phillip Rivers (#31) and tight end Antonio Gates (#35). That is a joke. But you want funny? Just look at the hate that Terrell Owens is getting! T.O. (#43) is ranked behind receivers Randy Moss (#4), Larry Fitzgerald (#33), Reggie Wayne (#36), Braylon Edwards (#39) and yes, get this…..Wes Welker (#40)! We all know T.O. though, fuel to his fire. He probably already has the list posted in his locker!

Then we get to the magazine’s predictions. Following a 13-3 season and a division title as well as all of our starters returning, you would think it would be an easy selection to pick the Cowboys to defend the division crown, but instead SI has us finishing 10-6, and second to….the EAGLES! I about threw the magazine away at this point. And to add insult to injury they forecast us losing to the Eagles in the 2nd round of the playoffs, as Philadelphia advances to the NFC Championship and then to the Superbowl, where they are predicted to lose to the Patriots.

There is also a feature story about the Cowboys offensive line and the meltdown in the the 4th quarter of the playoff loss to the giants, as well as the team preview which includes a small story, with absoloutely no breaking news, about Pac Man.

One small highlight is Felix Jones ranked as the #3 player with breakout potential and says he enters the NFL as “one of the best cutback runners in the game.”

So, overall, it is not a very good read for Cowboys fans, but at least something to get fired up about. The preseason is over, and now it is time to go defend our division title and get that playoff win that we have been searching for, and when we do, I am going to be reading a new Sports Illustrated talking about how great we are, and that is when we will get the last laugh!


Cowboys Fan for Life – TD  

Anyone Have Any Spare Receivers?

Good morning Cowboy fans,
The Cowboys got out of Texas Stadium with another pre-season win (and thank goodness the last one) or should I say they limped out? That’s right if you happen to be to busy to attend the game or watch on television because you knew it would be a “roster cut” game then you missed Sam Hurd go out with a sprained ankle. Hurd was expected to be the third receiver when Terry Glenn was cut 30 minutes after camp started. Is this an omen? Does Terry Glenn have some kind of spell over the Dallas receivers? Well this writer has never been superstitious, but I have been known to change my Cowboys jerseys 2 or 3 times during a game if things are not going well! Hurd was the third casualty at the receiver position in the pre-season after losing Miles Austin and Isaiah Stanback in earlier pre-season games. None of the injuries are season ending ones but all will require a few weeks to get back and none of the three will be ready for the Cleveland opener.
Seriously we are just experiencing a series of bad luck in the receiver core and it will get better. We were fortunate the last couple of years that we were virtually injury free. I guess it is just our turn, or maybe it is the Terry Glenn hoax. Either way we are left with actually two experienced receivers in Terrell “T.O.” Owens and Patrick Crayton. I guess they will have to be our “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” when the Cowboys ride into the “Dog Pound” this Sunday. The most interesting thing about the receiver injury situation though is that “cut down” day to the magic 53 is Saturday. Who would have ever thought Danny Amendola or Mike Jefferson would now look so valuable to the Cowboys roster?
Now the rumors still continue to fly that the Cowboys are talking to Atlanta about veteran Joe Horn and Anquan Boldin still wants out of Arizona. The only problem with those two prospects is that Horn is almost as old as “Crazy Ray” and earlier in the year when Jerry Jones talked to Arizona about Boldin, the price was way to steep. Well Jerry if you still have any ideas about acquiring Boldin now, after the rash of injuries we have had, I would only venture to guess the price just went up!
I will close with good news that most of you already know. Adam “Pacman” Jones is now officially a Cowboy after receiving word from the Commissioner’s office he has been reinstated. Now “Pacman” spend your evenings with quality friends and prove to me what I have been preaching to the nay-sayers and the haters ever since I got word you would be wearing the sacred star. You truly are a superstar on and off the field. Good luck Adam, I am rooting for you as all true Cowboy fans are.

Pacman is Ready for Some Football

At last, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has fully reinstated Pacman Jones to play this season.

Pacman released a statement:

“This is another step in the process,” Jones said. “I am very grateful for this opportunity, and I understand my responsibilities to the Dallas Cowboys and the National Football League. Right now I just want to keep working hard so I can accomplish the goals that I have set for myself both on and off the field.”

Pacman has fully participated in training camp, preseason games and all activities since Goodell partially reinstated him earlier this summer.

He says he has surrounded himself with good influences and has even donated to local charities in Dallas.

It’s definitely a good start for Pacman, but he better keep his mind on the game, he won’t get another chance.


Long Distance Call For Terrell Owens

I found this interesting statistic in an article by Todd Archer from Dallas News.

Terrell Owens led the league last year with 10 touchdowns on passes of 21 yards or longer and tied for the lead with 14 receptions.

Randy Moss, New England -13 catches, 589 yards, 8 touchdowns

Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis -14 catches, 535 yards, 6 touchdowns

Braylon Edwards, Cleveland -13 catches, 490 yards, 6 touchdowns

Terrell Owens, Cowboys – 14 catches, 466 yards, 10 touchdowns

Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona -10 catches, 429 yards, 3 touchdowns

It amazes me at how so many sportscasters are so quick to downgrade T.O.’s efforts year after year when all the guy continues to do is perform at level that is a benchmark for all the other receivers in the league,

I heard some players and sportscasters, on ESPN during their Fantasy Draft special, take several shots at T.O. during the broadcast and they all seemed to agree that he was a big risk and potential bust because of his age. Believe it or not, during their ridiculous mock draft, they kept making a big joke out of T.O. as each participant drafted their teams and continuously left Owens on the table in lieu of several lesser receivers. I don’t know where they eventually drafted Terrell because I turned it off in disgust after the third round.

Terrell Owens has been misunderstood from the day he first entered the league. His talent was unquestioned. His desire to win is unparalleled. His value to a team is immeasurable.

Since joining the Cowboys, he has served as a role model, a mentor, a valued teammate, and an inspiration for everyone on the team. Above all that, his performance has not diminished one iota. He is as dominating today as he was when he came up with the San Francisco 49ers… In fact he is even smarter, tougher, and better.

I’m looking forward to another great season for a future Hall of Famer and hopefully this season’s Super Bowl MVP!

A Great Time To Be A Fan!

Hi Everyone!
I have been sitting on this excitement for a week! I have so much to share! Let’s start at the beginning: Open Practice!

We heard that the first 1000 fans to enter the stadium would have an opportunity to go on the field to get autographs so we got there early! 2pm early! We stood in line for hours and had a ball doing it! Eventually, they moved us from the big parking lot to a gate. That’s where Blondie found me and my son. HI BLONDIE! If you haven’t met Blondie yet, you will need cavity protection! *wink* She’s so sweet!

They opened the gates for us at 4:30 and the race was on to get in one of the many lines for autographs. We grabbed a line and parked it! My son (15) was beside himself being on the field like that. It was so neat to share that experience with him. The autograph session started at 5:30… and so did the rain! It poured on us. Within a few minutes, we were soaked from head to toe but that didn’t stop the fans! We waited in the heat and humidity to get that chance. We were determined to see it through!

The autograph session was called off before 6pm due to the weather. The second leg of the race was on then! We had to get decent seats! By this time, the stands were filling up quick! We made a mad dash for a drink, found a seat and that’s when Cowboy Fan Philip located us! What a treat!! I heard through the grapevine that almost 25,000 people attended the open practice! For a fan like me, it was an awesome experience that I won’t soon forget!

Thursday night around 10:30, my husbands cell phone rang. It was our friend and co-worker. She said to him, “Did you know your wife is on TV?” I imagine I looked stunned and confused! As it turns out, News 8 was at the Open Practice and they put me on their clip of the event! Whoa!! How cool is that!?

By this time, I also discovered that I was selected to play in the Dallas Cowboys Fantasy League! There are two divisions. My division is “Blue”. The last players standing have a chance at some cool stuff! I have been so excited about playing with them that I no longer remember the goodies! HA! I’ll keep you posted on that! We drafted Friday morning and I’m pleased with my team.

Friday afternoon, the friend that called us the night before shared the pictures she took of her TV with my husband and me. From that moment on, you couldn’t have peeled me off the ceiling with a crow-bar! I flew around the office with the speed of Super Man trying to reverse time – I had to get stuff done and get BACK TO THE STADIUM!!

I rushed home, changed, grabbed my son and we left for the game! Cowboys were playing Houston for the Governor’s Cup! We arrived about 3 hours early to find tailgate parties galore! We parked and started our walk to the stadium when we found Blondie again! We were introduced to some of her super cool friends! It was a great game! I won’t go into that part of it because I’m sure you have seen it by now! *smile* We had a lot of fun!

This slide show is from both events last week. I hope you enjoy it as much as my son and I enjoyed being there to take the pictures.

Tomorrow night, my son and I will visit Texas Stadium again for the last preseason game at Texas Stadium. I wouldn’t miss this for the world! I hear they have fantastic things plans for the Farewell to Texas Stadium. You can count on me to share every bit of it so stay tuned!

In closing, I would like to wish my wonderful husband a Happy Birthday! He’s 21 (again). *grin*

I hope to see YOU at a game this season! You can’t miss my crazy hat!

ps – Hard Knocks was at the Open Practice! Look for us tonight!

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Dallas vs. Minnesota and a Kid Named AD

Good evening everyone,
Well “the boys” have their final tune-up on Thursday night when they play host to the Minnesota Vikings. This should be an interesting game even though in the opinion of this writer, I think the dress rehearsal was against the Texans. We probably will see very little of the starting units since opening day is right around the corner. If coach Phillips hold true to form, the last of the roster looks will take place before they cut down to that magic 53. In addition, I think the starters that are “banged” up need to heal before they take their opening day trip to Cleveland and go into the dog pound.
Unfortunately, we also will not get to see much of a kid that has a chance to be one of the most prolific runners the NFL has ever seen in Adrian “all day” Peterson. Now I know as Cowboy fans we share our true loyalty to our beloved Cowboys and everyone else is the enemy. I share those same sentiments as well, but I had the opportunity to see Mr. Peterson every Saturday when he played for my beloved Oklahoma Sooners. Yea, I know I have many University of Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Baylor readers that come to this site and I certainly don’t want to rub any salt in any wounds. I just happen to live 17 miles from Norman, Oklahoma and grew up a “Okie” that also loves the Dallas Cowboys. I just won’t to say that even though he now plays for the Vikings, I have been a fan of Peterson every since he bolted from Palestine, Texas and became a star for the Sooners. In addition, over the years I have had somewhat of an opportunity to get to “AD” on a personal level as well.
Adrian Peterson was given the nickname “AD” by his mother when he was very young because he would be outside playing and would run everywhere he went. She said he never walked anywhere and that he is just ran all day. Peterson ran straight into the record books in his freshman season (not red-shirt freshman) but true freshman rushing for 1,925 yds and first team All-American. In addition, he finished 3rd in the Heisman Trophy balloting that same year. Even though he only played three seasons before going to the NFL he was OU’s third all-time leading rusher. After being selected 7th in the first round by the Vikings his combination of speed, strength, vision and a highly aggressive attitude toward contact, he has already been compared to the likes of past legends like Eric Dickerson, O.J. Simpson, Walter Payton, Bo Jackson, Gale Sayers, and Jim Brown. His accomplishments since coming to the Vikings include the single game rushing record of 296 yds on 30 carries against the San Diego Chargers.
There is a dark side to this story as well. Adrian came from a very troubled life style growing up. When Adrian was young he witnessed his brother shot to death in a gang shooting and his father went to prison for 12 years of Adrian’s life for various charges. Through all of that Adrian’s mother did everything she could to insure Adrian stayed on the straight and narrow. In speaking with Adrian on several occasions in the past he owes all his success to his mother and his various coaches. He would fly home almost every chance he had during his 3 years at Oklahoma to spend time with his mother and go visit his father in prison. Adrian has never let his success go to his head. He always carries that big wonderful smile, and always meets and greets anyone that wants to speak with him. That is a rarity in the NFL or in pro sports in general anymore. Now I know a lot of our Cowboys are very true to the fans, but there is a much higher percentage of players in the league that not only don’t really have loyalty to their respective teams but to the fans as well. I have always thought that was unfair because we pay good money each week to see our teams and then have players jump to other teams because more money is dangled in front of them.
Long gone are the days of Bob Lilly, Leroy Jordan, and Roger Staubach just to name a few, that played their entire careers with the Cowboys and never thought for a minute is the grass greener on the other side of the fence. Now, it is basically all about big business, huge marketing deals, and bottom lines. Still through it all we go every Saturday and Sunday and root for our teams because we love the game of football.

No Surprises Here, Cuts Made But More To Come

The Cowboys cut the roster down today from 80 to 75. The Cowboys had until 3 p.m. today to get their roster down to 75 players.

The five players cut were:

Cornerback Quincy Butler

Punter Jay Ottovegio

Wide Receiver Daniel Polk

Quarterback Jeff Terrell

Fullback Ronnie Cruz (Injury Settlement)

The big cuts will come this weekend when roster must be cut to 53. Anyone fighting for a roster spot will have their final chance on Thursday in the final preseason game against Minnesota. There is tons of talent on the current roster but only the strongest will survive. It will definitely be interesting to see makes the team. 

Too Many Black And Blues For The Silver And Blue

Little by little the injuries are beginning to pile up for the Dallas Cowboys as they get ready for their final preseason game…

Mark Norris of recaps the situation for us today…

The Cowboys left training camp in Oxnard, Calif. a relatively healthy team, having really lost only the starting services of Terence Newman early in camp.

But within the last 1½ weeks, the injuries are starting to pile up, incurring two more here Friday night in the 23-22 preseason victory over the Houston Texans. Starting guard Kyle Kosier and young wide receiver Isaiah Stanback both had MRI’s scheduled for Saturday to further examine injuries they suffered.

Those two, coupled with nickel linebacker Kevin Burnett having his left knee scoped last Friday, wide receiver Miles Austin suffering a second-degree sprain of his MCL in his right knee last Saturday and then linebacker Anthony Spencer having his knee scoped this past Wednesday to remove a loose piece of bone, have the Cowboys a little perplexed now just one week away from the final roster cut to 53.

Miles Austin, Anthony Spencer, Isaiah Stanback and Kevin Burnett could all miss the season opener against Cleveland, with a couple of them possibly being out even longer.

However, it’s the injury to starting left guard Kyle Kosier who sprained his right foot in Friday night’s preseason win against the Texans that really stings the most right now. He is expected to miss four to six weeks after an MRI showed a hairline fracture.

Maybe we should play it safe and have our starters play no more than one possession during the final preseason tuneup. Better to be safe than sorry. 

StarStruck Fan Spotlight: True Blue New York Cowboys Fanatic

My name is Maurice Francis and I’ve lived in Brooklyn, NY all of my life (a brief stint in Philly for 2 1/2 years…I’ll get back to that later). I’ve been a Cowboy fan since 1976. I knew nothing about pro football at the time. I watched Tony Dorsett at Pitt and fell in love with his gamesmanship. I followed him to the Cowboys.

The very first time a saw a Cowboy game, I fell in LOVE with the Cowboys. Ask my mother, every time a game came on, I would holla and scream and my entire family would have to leave the house. No one takes Cowboy games as serious as I do. I HATE when they lose or play lousy. I can’t take it. When they lost to the Steelers, I CRIED!!! I never got over it until we finally beat them in the Super Bowl (by the way my older brother is a Steelers fan, hated him for that).

When I moved in with my girlfriend, I told her, “Sundays are Dallas Cowboy days, we cannot do anything until the game is OVER.” She would get naked directly in front of the TV, I would thrust her body out of my way. Nothing comes before my Cowboys game!

I met Tony Dorsett, my favorite Cowboy of all time, in New Jersey during a signing. I was disappointed because he was angry about something and wanted to leave, so he ignored my statement and signed my Cowboy helmet anyway. I still love Tony. I will have his name inscribed on my jacket above the #33 anyway. Everyone has a bad day.

The Cowboys are like my family. I hurt when they lose. I want nothing but the best for them. I hate when they under-achieve like last year when they gave a gift to the G.i.-ants.

They better win this year. Living in New York with G.i. ants fans is NO fun, but I always remind them that head-to-head we have BASHED them in the record books.

Now back to Philly. I had to move there to find work.  Once I told my co-workers I was  a Cowboy fan all hell broke lose every day at work. You can’t imagine the abuse. One morning when I got to work my entire cubicle was covered in Eagles paraphernalia one morning, I burned them!!!

I love all the Cowboys from 1976 to the present. I just want that 6th Super Bowl title. Da’ Boys are still the BEST!!!

I will be 43 on Dec 2nd. I’m not a band wagon fan… I’m a REAL fan since 1976!!!


Submitted by Maurice Francis


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Cowboys Survive Late Scare in 23-22 Win Over Texans

The Cowboys won their first game of the preseason by the skin of their teeth, 23-22 over the Texans at Texas Stadium on Friday night.  It almost slipped away from them late in the fourth quarter when Texans’ backup quarterback Sage Rosenfels scrambled 8 yards to cut the Cowboys lead to 23-22.  The Texans missed the ensuing 2 point conversion that would’ve given them a one point lead, and with the help of a defensive holding penalty on 3rd and 11, the Cowboys escaped with the win and brought the Governor’s Cup back to Dallas.

“It was one of those games that you needed to turn it on,” Phillips said. “I
thought everybody was right on that we needed to be able to turn it on and I
think we did.”

The Texans scored 13 points off of turnovers in the game, and two of those turnovers occurred inside the Houston 10:  The Romo interception in the end zone and the Felix Jones fumble at the Texans 9.  That took what possibly could have been 14 points away from the Cowboys, and gave 10 points to the Texans, a 24-point swing.

There were many positives to take out of this game though.

The starters look like they are ready for the season opener.  Tony Romo completed 15/19 passes for 166 yards and a touchdown and an interception each.  He connected with Patrick Crayton on a 6-yard pass to give the Cowboys a 7-3 lead early.  Marion Barber III carried the ball 13 times for 75 yards and a touchdown, and Terrell Owens caught four passes for 43 yards.  Sam Hurd also looked good, catching two balls for 43 yards.  Patrick Crayton reeled in 3 passes for 39 yards and a touchdown. The offensive line really did a nice job of opening up the holes and allowing Romo the time to find his targets.

“We came out and jumped on those guys, and didn’t wait around until the second
half,” guard Leonard Davis said. “I think that’s kind of where we caught them
off guard.”

The starting defense took exception to their performance last week against the Broncos.  They allowed just 10 total yards on their first three series.  Houston still got 3 points on a field goal though as Houston returned the opening kickoff to the Dallas 37.  They allowed just 10 points in the first half.

Nick Folk is still perfect on the preseason.  He connected on all three of his field goals Friday.  He kicked 48, 41, and 35 yard field goals virtually right down the middle. 

One more thing that Cowboys fans will be happy about is the fact that the Cowboys only committed 5 penalties for 38 yards in this game, a vast improvement over last week.

Don’t expect to see most of the Cowboys starters until the season opener against Cleveland on September 7.  This means that in the final preseason game against Minnesota on August 30, you can expect to see a lot of Felix Jones, Mike Jenkins, Orlando Scandrick, Martellus Bennett, and many others trying to make a good impression, and many will need to if they want to make the team.  

The reserves went the rest of the way in the second half.  Brad Johnson looked very good, completing 9/13 passes for 107 yards. 

“We were in a rhythm and we wanted to see Barber get some work in,” Phillips
explained. “He needed to carry the ball some. If you put Felix in you’re going
to share it a little bit and we really didn’t need that this game. We’ll need it
during the regular season, certainly.” 

The Cowboys suffered two injuries to key personnel in this game.  Left guard Kyle Kosier (sprained foot), and wide receiver Isaiah Stanback (shoulder subluxation) will both have MRI’s on Saturday.  Those injuries fail in comparison to the injury that Texans wide receiver Harry Williams suffered.

Williams suffered a spine injury early in the first quarter when he collided with a teammate trying to make a tackle on a kickoff return.  He fractured his C3 vertebra on the play and was paralyzed on the field.  He was eventually taken off the field on a stretcher and taken to Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.  He has movement in his arms and legs and has regained most normal functioning.  He will have surgery to have the two vertebrae fused this weekend.  Thoughts and prairs go out to his friends and family.