Get Your Dallas Cowboys Collectibles

Dallas area Wendy’s restaurants are helping the Cowboys celebrate the last year at Texas Stadium. They have released two collectible cups for Cowboys fans. You get one cup free with any large Dr Pepper combo purchase. One cup commemorates Texas Stadium and the other displays the Cowboys 2008 game schedule.

Go to to play the Dr. Pepper Field Goal Game.

  1. Raina
    Raina says:

    I hope the Wendy’s in Oklahoma do that. Can’t afford to drive to Texas for a Dr. Pepper. lol

  2. Tiffany (Stagazzing)
    Tiffany (Stagazzing) says:

    Ok ladies, I guess I better eat at Wendys every day until I have each of you covered. Wish it was Chic Fil A. I actually like their food.
    Barb and Raina should send me their address so I can send the cups. Kelly I have yours!!

  3. B-Dub
    B-Dub says:

    Are you kidding? Wendy’s food is my crack! Love their chicken…and burgers…okay, and their fries and Frosty too! I’m goin’ to lunch. Go Cowboys!

  4. ny cowboys fan
    ny cowboys fan says:

    Hello fellow Cowboy fans.Can anyone help a Cowboys fan in New York get this awesome Texas Stadium cup from Wendys? Please let me know.