Hard Knocks Episode 2: Trains, Planes and Lowber?

It seemed like forever, the wait from the premiere episode of Hard Knocks, to the second episode tonight. I watched the first episode at least 5 times! Where as the first installment was an overview and reflection, this episode was more of an in-depth look at training camp and preparations for a (preseason) game. I still thouroughly enjoyed it again!

One of my favorite parts of this episode was a look at Zach Thomas. I know that Felix Jones and Pac Man Jones are flashier additions to the team, but I think Zach may be the most important. He looks fresh, healthy and hungry. With him and Bradie James up the middle, I think you will see alot less of those 7 yard gains on 1st down that make it near impossible to get a 3 and out.

Another cool thing in this weeks show was the overwhelming respect the players have for Coach Phillips. I read alot of blogs, columns and other Cowboy related media, and no one seems to mention or give credit to Wade. All I hear is win the Superbowl or get fired. And this may be reality, but how many coaches would find a way to let there ego get in the way and not even put his team in a POSITION to win the Superbowl. I know one for sure, and he lives in Miami now. I give Coach Phillips alot of credit and I am hoping that he gets his ring, because I truly believe he deserves it.

As far as the undrafted rookies go, I understand that HBO is trying to put a little drama into the show. Will they make it, will they not? Short answer: NO. Maybe “Ray Lewis’ Little Brother”  has a chance at practice squad, but that’s it. As far as Lowber, the “80th man on the roster” goes, I got bad news for him, the season starts with 54 players.

This show continues to have my attention gripped and I can’t wait for next weeks episode already. As far as the San Diego game goes, anyone who is concerned or worried about that should take a step back of that ledge and remember what Coach Phillips said. “These games are for getting better.” That’s all they are.

I Don’t know if Hard Knocks has any room for improvement.


Cowboys Fan for Life – TD

  1. Kelly H
    Kelly H says:

    Thanks HBO! Hard Knocks continued to be great this week. I love getting a look into the daily lives of the players and coaches.
    I think its wonderful that every part of this team seems to have alot of pride and drive, just more incentive that we are on our way to Tampa!
    Great post TD!

  2. Barb
    Barb says:

    Loved the blog TD.
    I agree with everything that you said.
    Living in Florida, I’ve had to suffer(lol) thru alot of Miami games and I think Zach Thomas is going to surprise alot of people who think his best days are over.
    I really loved the LOVE the ‘playas showed towards Wade Phillips too.
    HBO really captured that and it was pretty special to see.
    I was disappointed to see Martellus Bennett’s attitude toward the coaching staff.
    He has an opportunity to be on the best team in the NFL.
    I’d rather see Lowber get his dream.
    And by the way, I thought I was the only one who watched episode 1 at least 5times…LOL
    Really nice blog TD.
    You were born to be a blogger baby!!

  3. missnancy48
    missnancy48 says:

    what this show says is our starters are ready to go . ( and then some) not much shown of marion barber or tony romo for that matter .
    felix jones looks awesome .#18 has a lot of heart . #80 looks to have a bad attitude but could be just good t.v. we’ll wait and see.
    hardknocks is just showing us what a good team we are looking foward to this year.
    and wade phillips is awesome . my sons highschool team played as a “family”( as coach phillips discribed) and won 3 state championships in a row . go coach phillips . great motivation for the team.