As the new season arrives each year, we as fans are inundated with previews and predictions from every and any sports magazine that is imaginable. When I was younger I would be waiting for them like I would wait for Santa Claus on Christmas. These days, with the internet and ESPNEWS and the overall coverage of pro football, I am usually nauseated by this experts predictions and that pundits crystal ball halfway through training camp. At the end of the day, who picked the Giants to win the Super Bowl last year? Not many, if anyone. That being said, there is one preview that I look forward to reading and that is Sports Illustrated’s NFL PREVIEW. For those of you in the same boat, be warned: do not read this if you want to read about it in the magazine for yourself. This year’s issue, with Tony Romo on the cover, does not seem to find the Cowboys in as favorable as light as some of us fans might expect.

For starters, let’s look at The King 50. This is the top 50 players regardless of position ranked by veteran SI writer Peter King. The Cowboys ranked 4 players among the top 50. The top ranked Cowboy is DeMarcus Ware (#15), ranked one spot ahead of Shawn Merriman, who was drafted by the Chargers ahead of Ware. D-Ware is the top ranked Linebacker and 4th highest ranked defensive player overall. This seems very accurate and fair, but then it get’s ugly for the Cowboys. Next for the Cowboys is Romo (#19), but he is the sixth ranked Quarterback behind Tom Brady (#1), Peyton Manning (#2), Drew Brees (#6), Carson Palmer (#7) and Ben Roethlisberger (#18). To me, this is a joke. I think Romo should be ranked higher overall, as well as ahead of Brees, Palmer and Big Ben. I would put him somewhere at #10, as the third ranked QB. Then you have to go all the way towards the bottom of the list to find the final 2 Cowboys. Jason Witten (#41) is ranked behind players such as Aaron Kampman (#32), Phillip Rivers (#31) and tight end Antonio Gates (#35). That is a joke. But you want funny? Just look at the hate that Terrell Owens is getting! T.O. (#43) is ranked behind receivers Randy Moss (#4), Larry Fitzgerald (#33), Reggie Wayne (#36), Braylon Edwards (#39) and yes, get this…..Wes Welker (#40)! We all know T.O. though, fuel to his fire. He probably already has the list posted in his locker!

Then we get to the magazine’s predictions. Following a 13-3 season and a division title as well as all of our starters returning, you would think it would be an easy selection to pick the Cowboys to defend the division crown, but instead SI has us finishing 10-6, and second to….the EAGLES! I about threw the magazine away at this point. And to add insult to injury they forecast us losing to the Eagles in the 2nd round of the playoffs, as Philadelphia advances to the NFC Championship and then to the Superbowl, where they are predicted to lose to the Patriots.

There is also a feature story about the Cowboys offensive line and the meltdown in the the 4th quarter of the playoff loss to the giants, as well as the team preview which includes a small story, with absoloutely no breaking news, about Pac Man.

One small highlight is Felix Jones ranked as the #3 player with breakout potential and says he enters the NFL as “one of the best cutback runners in the game.”

So, overall, it is not a very good read for Cowboys fans, but at least something to get fired up about. The preseason is over, and now it is time to go defend our division title and get that playoff win that we have been searching for, and when we do, I am going to be reading a new Sports Illustrated talking about how great we are, and that is when we will get the last laugh!


Cowboys Fan for Life – TD  

  1. Kelly H
    Kelly H says:

    EXCELLENT POST TD! I was excited to hear Romo on the cover, but I dont know if I even want to give them my money now. I still may, just to look at the cover, but I dont think I’ll even crack it open.
    Thats a B.S. list and everyone knows it. Its alright tho – like you said – FUEL TO THE FIRE!

  2. casey115
    casey115 says:

    that is pretty dumb but with out haters that would mean we sucked so looks like cowboys are going to the super bowl. GO DALLAS!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sarge
    Sarge says:

    Haha. Carson Palmer over Romo? I really cant argue with Brees, Peyton, Ben, or Brady but Palmer is a Joke. One playoff appearance in his whole career that he got chokeslammed in. Romo has already beaten him in that category. I love the hate. If it will fuel the Cowboys- GOOD! F-I-N-I-S-H!

  4. Danny
    Danny says:

    BIG BEN?! ahead of Romo?! Ok so he won a Super Bowl…..or did he? I recall is QB rating to be around the neighborhood of 36.9 give or take. If it wasen’t for Eli getting last year’s SB MVP(what a joke) I would have to say Big Ben is the most overrated QB. Palmer is good but between Romo and Palmer I’d have to give it to Romo who has more weapons and pocket presence. And Brees is a choke artist. Witten is #1 TE ask any Sports Analyst. TO will never get his until he gets a SB and I hope we can help him with that before he retires.

  5. Marty
    Marty says:

    That is funny. At least most fans (True Football Fans) know Romo is better then that. Ive already been in 3 fantasy football drafts and Romo has been a top 3 pick for QBs in all of them! Barber top 5 RB, and Owens has been number 2 only to Moss. That tells me fans know the score. ESPN sucks. NFL Network baby! They keep the truth out there.

  6. Barb
    Barb says:

    I read that issue of SI today from
    cover to cover.
    But you know what really pisses me off?
    That they used 6 different covers and I imagine its because I’m near Jacksonville that I did not get Romo on the cover.
    I dont care what they say!!
    To ‘tha bowl baby!!!
    That’s right, it’s OUR time!
    GREAT Blog as always.

  7. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    Cowboys fans have dealt with media bias for years. Why would this year be any different? That’s why we only have 9 Cowboys in the Hall of Fame and 2 of those are not players.

  8. John Mireles
    John Mireles says:

    I like the cover of the Magazine but after reading the predictions, Id rather spend my money on the new issue of Playboy:)I dont even want to go into detail of why Romo is the 3rd best QB in the League. Barber a top 10 RB, Witten the #1 TE, T.O. top 2 WR and the D, top 10. People always hate on the ‘Boys. Maybe ’cause we’ll be the 1st to get 6 titles! Wasnt Peter Kings fat butt talking with Jerry Jones on Hard Knocks, I guess the Popcorn he was eating wasnt good enough! Love ya ‘Boys!

  9. Steve Minor aka mrsports
    Steve Minor aka mrsports says:

    I will sum this whole deal up with one statement:
    Steve Minor aka Mrsports

  10. Jason
    Jason says:

    Great Post TD!! If they are not true blue die hard never miss a game fans such as ourselves. Do we really care what they think? No! All that matters is what we, Cowboys hat and jersey wearing, face painted, loose there voice after every game fans think. And what do we think? NO…WHAT DO WE KNOW?! THAT THE DALLAS COWBOYS ARE NUMBER 1!! BEST TEAM IN THE NFC EAST!! BEST TEAM IN THE NFC!! BEST TEAM IN THE NFL!! COWBOYS! COWBOYS! COWBOYS!

  11. TD
    TD says:

    On a side note, I took Romo as my QB in my fantasy draft today…and I had the Number One overall pick…and not one person talked trash or said I was crazy…as a matter of fact, they were all pissed that they didnt get him! He was the number 2 scoring fantasy player last year, but he was still ranked Number 11 overall….HATERS!!!! Good to be on the team I am, we are the best and MOST LOYAL fans in the world! How bout them Cowboys!!! – TD
    P.S. I got Witten and Felix too!

  12. Valerie
    Valerie says:

    I only bought that issue of SI cuz it had a sweet pic of the O-line in it, the cover had Tomlinson on it, when I read all that I wanted to toss it too!! 10-6 are u kidding me, thats complete B.S. Unbelieveable really, the boys will prove them wrong though. Predictions dont mean anything.