Lucky Charm

Here we are, getting ready for another football season. I started looking through my Cowboy memorabilia to see what is going to be my lucky charm this year. Last year I wrote an article called “Superstitious”. It told my drama over my lucky socks. For those of you who didn’t read the article, I threw my socks away. We learned that a lot of fans have traditions/lucky items. We enjoyed reading them so much that I am wondering if you are staying with your tradition, or are you like me and looking for something new?

I have a lot of shirts, all old, but I can’t throw them out. I have my Roy Williams jersey, but it’s the wrong number. I have a lot of Cowboy glasses, pictures, etc., but they just don’t have that lucky vibe. All real Cowboy fans know what I mean about the lucky vibe. 

Are you buying something new, staying with the old traditions or maybe even making something? Let us hear about it.

To read the blog “Superstitious” click on the Raina M. category at the bottom of this page and click on comments to see what fellow fans do every weekend!

  1. Tiffany (Stagazzing)
    Tiffany (Stagazzing) says:

    Dang Raina! Now you have me thinking I need to go out and get new stuff. I got so much last season. More than I have ever gotten in one year. You have me wondering if I should wear or use any of it. 🙁
    Ha ha! JK
    Actually I always make sure I am wearing a Cowboys jersey during a game and that’s good enough for me. I don’t feel like a true fan if I am not. Last year I was in a hotel with my Dad when we were losing to Buffalo and realized I didn’t have my shirt on and tripped over my dad to run and find it and put it on. I know we won because I found my Cowboys shirt and put it on. Guess I am superstitious after all.
    Thanks Raina! You are great.

  2. Holyteror
    Holyteror says:

    LOL Actually, 2 years ago my kid brother sent me one of those rubber bracelets….a Cowboys bracelet. I wore it until we lost the first year…didn’t wear it again til this past year. I wore it all year, well that and my Romo throwback jersey. Got my Tony Romo bear from BuildABear…….I will pick something else up at Camp on Monday or Tuesday….

  3. Jon
    Jon says:

    I’ll just stick to my Roy Williams jersey or the new Barber throw back I bought last season. Supersticious?… maybe, but just watching them play on t.v. or live is good luck for me. I feel sick to my stomach and wondering if they’re losing when im not able to at least listen!