Preseason Isn’t About Winning…

Since the Cowboy loss in their first outing against the Chargers on Saturday night, I have received some notes from other fans wondering what happened.  They were disappointed over the final score and are now concerned about the future for the Boys.  Likewise, I have seen many other fans express their disappointment in comments on other websites and articles as well.  And, of course, there are always the Cowboy haters who love gloating any time we lose.

Well, take heart Cowboy fans… Here’s my response to our first loss:  The final score doesn’t matter.  You see, preseason isn’t about winning.  Sure, we always want to win every time we take the field, but in preseason, the final score really isn’t the important thing. 

What is the important thing?  It’s seeing who’s going to fit into our team and where they’re going to fit.  Who’s going to move up the roster and who will move down.  Who will stay and who will go home.  What areas need more work and what areas are we satisfied with.  Sure, you always want to win, and I am not suggesting that we weren’t trying.  However, the point of any preseason game is to find out how your second and third team players are doing.  You don’t risk your first team players just for a win that is meaningless in the long term scheme of things.

Our first team looked good in my opinion.  Romo, Witten, Barber, and the rest of the first team got a series, proved they were up to the task by marching down the field and scoring.  Then we took them out to save them and keep them healthy for the regular season.  Same thing with the first team defense:  they proved that they are game ready.  Things look pretty good for the starters and for the Cowboys overall.

Now, when our second and third team players were in there, we had both bright spots and some troubling areas, but this is what preseason is all about.  It’s about getting your team in order.  Don’t push the panic button just yet.  The Boys are fine.  Yes, we have some work to do, but overall, at this point, there is no reason to be anything but confident in the play of the Cowboys during the upcoming season.

So, if you’re a new fan or you’re just not sure what to make of preseason – don’t lose heart.  Just remember, it’s not about the final score.  It’s not about winning – at least not now.   It’s about getting your team in order so you can win later – and hopefully, win the whole shebang.

  1. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    Hey Rich, great post once again!! I’m glad to see another level-headed Cowboys fan who understands the true meaning of what pre-season is all about.
    I wish you would write more often, you’re one of the posters I really enjoy reading.

  2. Comment about the pre-season so far.
    Comment about the pre-season so far. says:

    I could not agree with the writer more on this subject. Pre-season is based on getting your roster set for the beginning of the season and working on some game situations. We certainly don’t need Romo, Barber or any of the rest of the starters to be lost to us for any period of time or the season for that matter playing alot of time in pre-season games. A true purist or football fan, has either attended a camp or practices of your favorite team if they are available to you. Plenty of starter work goes on and preparations are made to allow the starters to get their share of the work. Pre-season games are to work in game type situations. As a Boys fan since the 60’s I can tell you we have won all our pre-season games in the past and had dismal seasons. Likewise, I have seen us when no pre-season games and win a Super bowl title in the same season.
    Don’t fret about the boys!!! I saw some awesome stuff the other night and some areas of a little concern right now, but man they look loaded and seem focused to make a run for it.
    Okc, Ok

  3. Holyteror
    Holyteror says:

    I agree with ya there buddy. I just got home from Oxnard….a 6+ hour drive for me. It was hot sure, but the humidity killed me, and I was only there for a good hour and a half. Poor guys, I think it was getting to them too. Happy to see Adam Jones bustin his butt hittin pushups when he dropped the first punt return….can’t wait to see what happens in Denver. Was I the only person that missed the first series on the NFL network? Somebody let me know!!

  4. Jason aka Big.J.74
    Jason aka Big.J.74 says:

    Thats the way it goes. Pre season is just that! A time to see who’s got game and who dont! And this is what I saw..WE NEED A NEW BACK UP QB!! It’s good to see there are others out there that understand that pre-season is not about the “W” it’s about seeing what ya got. Good job Rich.