Something Still Missing………..

The 2008 season is finally here… 

However, it feels like something is missing…

Flashes of Romo to Owens on a 45-yard post pattern is something that I cannot wait for, yet something is missing. Barber bulldozing the Giants defense for a 10-yard scamper, when it should of been a 2-yard loss is something to see, yet something is still missing. So what is missing?

It’s the guy opposite Owens, someone that can instill fear into the hearts of opposing secondaries… that is what’s missing.

Last year, the ‘Boys offense broke all kinds of records. (Cowboys records that is.) No quarterback in Cowboys history has ever had the year that Tony Romo had last year. The Cowboys’ offense at times looked unstoppable and scary. So why am I complaining?

Because the reason why the Cowboys lost to the Giants last year was arguably the missing piece… a top tier second receiver.

Yes, I know we had Terry Glenn back at the end, but he looked more like Aaron Glenn. Terry Glenn was at best at 60 % last year. He never had a chance. Patrick Crayton tried to step into his place, but when it mattered most, he messed up on a route in which Romo had him targeted for the go ahead touchdown late in the game. This is not a knock on Crayton, personally I like the kid ,but lets face it… he is not the solid second receiver this team needs if they plan to go all the way this season. He is, by all accounts a solid third receiver.

I really hope either Miles Austin, Sam Hurd, Isaiah Stanback or Danny Amendola blossom this year. I hope that one of them lights it up and can compliment Owens and give the opposition another weapon to worry about. I like all our receivers, but if one of them doesn’t step up in a big way, we are in serious trouble. Imagine for some reason Owens goes down… who’ will be your number one receiver now? Crayton? Hurd? Lets get real…

This years offense is the same as last. Jerry Jones didn’t go out of his way to try and land a another starting receiver through free agency or the draft. And that is the missing ingredient that would transform the Cowboys into the best team in the NFL.

Personally, I am not comfortable with fielding the same team we had last year at the wide receiver position. Jerry Jones should have acquired a solid wide receiver whether by trade or free agency. I know that Jones would like nothing more than to leave Texas Stadium as Super Bowl Champions and go into the new stadium as defending champs. How awesome would that be? New stadium… same great tradition.

So what do you think about our receiving corps? Are you satisfied or would you like to see the Cowboys try and land another top receiver?

  1. Jon
    Jon says:

    I been telling everyone the same thing! We have some young receivers with “potential” but nothing for opposing defences to worry about. I don’t know what to do!! If I was Jerry, I would’ve traded a couple 09’drafts picks to get a quality receiver. There were and still are a few out there but I don’t know if it’s too late. We are just a little over 3 days till pre season and i’m just as worried as you!!!

  2. Larry
    Larry says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s scary to think what would happen if T.O. went down with an injury. That was a big thing that bothered me this offseason. We need another threat opposite T.O. We need to REALLY frustrate defenses and defensive coordinators!! Maybe Jerry can get something done before the start of the season. Or maybe he sees something we don’t. I still think we will go further then we did last year. GO COWBOYS!!

  3. Raina
    Raina says:

    I really like Crayton but I hope Stanback being healthy will come out and show his stuff!
    For some reason I think he is going to step up into the 3rd maybe 2nd receiver! Great to have ya back Fred!