….Also home of triple digit heat, overheated vehicles, and insane construction workers that get payed bukcooo bucks to brave these elements!

I am one of those insane workers! Minus the overheated vehicle. But here lately though, that’s all you tend to see on the highways here. I feel so bad for these people. One minute you’re cruising down the road,  AC on full blast, jamming your favorite tunes…  and BLAM!!  You’re having to pull off to the side of the road and sweat your tail off in one hundred and ten degree heat.

Ha Ha! Better you then me suckas!  As I fly on by!

Naw, just kidding!  I feel for them. I really do.

I’m in this heat everyday, so I can relate to them. Those of you that live here too know what I’m talking about!  The Heat Is Definitely On! 

Thanks to Glenn Frey for making that song back in the 80’s.  He has had the privilege of keeping that song stuck in my head all day long!

OOHH Wuu UTT Ohh..OOHH Wuu UTT Ohh!!

Stuck in your head now, huh? 

I was singing it on my way through Arlington today for my bi-monthly progress photo of the new stadium. Since they first broke ground I have been periodically snapping photos every couple of months to record the progress. When its all finished I plan on making a collage to pass on to my family. It will be cool to show my children, their children, and their children’s children’s… etc. how the new stadium came together.

As I’m driving down Collins St. right beside the stadium, I noticed they tore the fence down that was running parallel with Collins. I caught my first glimpse of how incredibly awesome this place is. It didn’t seem like a closed up beast waiting to break lose anymore. It was free to roam! My eyes would not look away to watch the road! I was in a trance, but still in the back of my mind I kept hearing that dang song (The Heat Is On)! 

Now my mind is just going crazy with visions of this monster being finished, and the anticipation of seeing the ‘Boys take the field for the first time in this place. I had to find a spot to pull over before I ended up on the side of the road waiting for road side assistance or worse yet, getting back out in the heat.

I pull over to a place that once used to be a bank, but now is converted into a Dallas Cowboys Stadium Preview Center. I’m thinking – I’m in there man! Bet they got cold AC in there!

As I’m turning in, the heat was on again!  I’m greeted by a security guard that was drenched with sweat, and very pissed off!  I’m thinking,…Am I supposed to be here? Rut Roo!

I ask him kindly if I could go in and check out the Preview Center.  To my surprise only season ticket holders and those that were wanting to purchase season tickets could go in.  He seemed very hush hush. I tell the guy I’m a general contractor and was wanting to talk to someone about getting in on the fun those guys were having up top on the dome! He laughed and he made it a point to let me know I’m Nuckin Futts!  So I try and use my other credentials and tell him I write for and I’m here to take a few pics!  He laughed again and told me media is not allowed anywhere near the stadium.

I guess Jerry must have some secret things he doesn’t want out just yet!

So I rolled up my window, cranked the AC to high, and got up outta there before he makes an attempt to make me sit out there in the heat with him.

No Way Dude!

I’m Die-Hard, but I’m not insane!

I hope that guy is getting paid well!

The stadium is looking great guys and gals!  They are making wonderful progress! I can’t wait to see my paver stone sitting in the ground at such an amazing spectacle!  

Have a excellent week everyone! 


OH yeah….

For those that care, I will be outta pocket next Tuesday. Me and the fam will be traveling to Tampa Bay next week to visit my daughter, and chill at the beach for five or six days!

I’m getting outta this heat for a bit!

Yeah… I know… I’m gonna be in Buc country!  Should be fun tho’! 

I’ll be sporting my Blue and Silver swim trunks with the Star on the Backside!

I wonder how many Buc’s fans I can get to Kiss My <BLEEP>!!!

  1. Tiffany (Stagazzing)
    Tiffany (Stagazzing) says:

    Oh my gosh Chuck….what a fun read!
    You are on fire.
    Thank you so much for entertaining us.

  2. Jane
    Jane says:

    Great blog Charles,,I felt as if I was in the vehicle with you.Have fun in Florida,,your swim trucks sound awesome!!..:-)