Congratulations to Felix Jones

IRVING, Texas (AP) Marion Barber was gaining yards and dishing out more punishment than he took, justifying the Dallas Cowboys’ confidence in making him their featured back. Then he went to the locker room with bruised ribs.

In came top draft pick Felix Jones. All he did was run 11 yards for a touchdown on his first carry. A shoelace tackle kept him from going 67 yards for another touchdown on his next carry.


Felix The Cat finished his night with nine carries for sixty- two yards and one touchdown. 

That one touchdown was my favorite highlight of Sundays romp over the Cleveland Browns. Theres not many players that get to enter into their memory banks that their first call to duty in the NFL resulted in a touchdown.

It’s exciting to fathom what was going on in his head once Barber walked to the locker room and coach Phillips put him in the game with eleven yards to go for pay-dirt.

Takes me back to some of my childhood memories of Thomas the Train.

I Think I Can…I Think I Can!  Whooo Whooo!

Then, in an instant he blasts through the line for the score.

I was extremely excited for him, but my excitement quickly turned to anger after the touchdown. 

Number 26 Sean Jones of the Browns got real close to having a bottle of sudz whizzed at his head from across the room for stripping Felix’s first touchdown ball. Luckily Felix got his ball back and I saved myself about twenty five hundred dollars by not chunking my drink through a brand new sixty seven inch TV. 

Felix stated to the press that the reality of what had happened didn’t sink in until he started receiving calls from family and friends congratulating him on his accomplishment. Then it really hit him.

Patrick Crayton also stated to the press that he didn’t think Felix has stopped smiling yet!

It was very difficult to find any articles on Felix’s touchdown over the web. He was overshadowed by the Boy’s win, Barbers ribs, and Tom Brady’s season ending injury. 

But we here at got your back Felix!

Congratulations to you! I envy you for the memory that you got locked into your head. You are very blessed. Like I said before, not too many players have the luxury of saying my first play in the NFL was for a touchdown. Cheers to you and cheers for a excellent start to the 2008 season! 

Way To Go!

How Bout Dem Cowboys!!!!

  1. Jon
    Jon says:

    We sure a heck of a running game…not like we didnt have one before but this is almost scary!Congrats Felix on a good start!!!

  2. Raina
    Raina says:

    Ok chuck you took my next blog!!! lol I am glad you did because I love your writing. I want a Jones Jersey. He is from Tulsa not far from where I grew up. So he was on TV alot here. you are right you don’t here anything about his first TD!!! I was jumping up and down and screaming scared my 1 year old grandtwins to death! That TD was my highlight of the game!!!

  3. Rich Isaacs
    Rich Isaacs says:

    I have liked Felix from the first time I watched him play. I think we made the best choice we could have made when we drafted this guy. Truly, the future looks bright for our backfield with both MBIII and Felix running the ball. Go Cowboys!!!!

  4. Carlos Martinez IV
    Carlos Martinez IV says:

    Felix “The Cat” Jones, this kid has it all, everyone doubted his ability to take any contact, he sure looked fine to me by bulldozing over 3 brownies to score. When this kid gets the ball, all eyes on him, a big play could happen at anytime, he has the speed, cuts on a dime, and most importantly his vision is just amazing, he is making decisions before a defender even knows what to do. Let’s just put it this way, he had 62 yards on 9 carries, almost took a 2nd td to the house for 67 yards but was tripped up by one last defender and had a 28 yarder called back for holding, this kid has alot in store for him, and i can’t wait to see Barber and Felix in that backfield together, its going to be a nightmare for Dcords and defenders. Congrats Felix, keep up the hard work and more success is in store for you as a player and us as fans.