Cowboys Now the Hunted in the NFC….NFL?!

ALL ABOARD!!  The Dallas Cowboy bangwagon is filling up fast.
If there were any doubters after giving up 37 to Philly last week a dominating effort in Green Bay once again has Cowboy fans talking the “S” word….and rightfully so.  Two impressive road wins over playoff teams and a hard fought come from behind Division win over another likely playoff team has Dallas sitting at 3-0 and in clear position to be the NFC reprensentive in the Super Bowl.  Wait!  Haven’t we heard this before?  


Who didn’t think after beating Green Bay in week 13 last year that Dallas wouldn’t even make the NFC Championship game?  Wade Phillips has to find a way to pace the season out so it doesn’t peak too early like it has in each of the past two seasons.  Truth be told, nobody on this team has lead his team to the Super Bowl before. Don’t forget Tony Romo has not even won a playoff game. T.O, who played great once he got there, was on the sidelines while Philly made its run to the Super Bowl. MB3, Witten, T-New, B James even Zack Thomas… not one has been on a team with such high expectations. With New England, Indy & San Diego struggling out of the gate in the AFC the concensious around the league is that Dallas is now the team to beat. With all of the talent that this year’s team has, coupled with the strength of the NFC, anything less than a visit to Tampa for the SuperBowl would be considered another disappointing season.


From Where I’m sitting:


  • I love MB3 but I get the bad feeling every time he touches the ball that he will get hurt.  Can we see more of Felix Jones?  8-10 carries a game maybe? I know this is crazy to say but Felix is a better natural runner than MB3 and it’s a long season Wade..lets not wear wear down our best back
  • Patrick Crayton?? Patrick, where are you? I am still not over the drop against the Giants..and you are not doing much to make me forget it
  • Jason Witten has eclipsed Jay Novacek in my mind as the best Cowboy TE I have ever seen….I’m 33
  • Nick Folk has become almost automatic…as a matter of fact I can’t remember his last miss
  • Please reserve a ticket to Hawaii for Jay Ratliff… hands down the best player on the defense so far
  • Hey Adam Jones: Don’t be afraid to run straight up field on one of these punts.  I know you want to make the big play but you can’t make it every time
  • Miles Austin??  I’m speechless…
  • Last One: Crazy statement, but would you rather play at New York in the NFC Championship or at home…before you answer consider that Romo is now 13-2 as a starter on the road and Dallas is 0-5 at home after December the past two years…
  1. Kelly H
    Kelly H says:

    Welcome to LoneStarStruck Mike! Great post.
    You’re right on your last thought, we seem to really do awesome on the road. But home team advantage is almost always the best way to go. If only we could get our home crowd to participate like the crowd in Lambeau. They were very loud (at least for the first half lol).
    I honestly believe these boys are bowl bound, even if none of them have been. This is a CHAMPIONSHIP Team! But like Romo said, LETS ENJOY THE JOURNEY!

  2. Phil Hanrahan
    Phil Hanrahan says:

    For a book on the Packers season, looking to contact four Cowboys fans – husbands and wives – who flew up from Dallas for their first Lambeau game. Section 113, rows 47/48. Guy in a Witten jersey. Wife in Cowboys Super Bowl sweatshirt, reddish hair. Two rows back of a guy in Aikman jersey. Appreciate any help. Congrats on a great win. Barber/Witten impossible to stop.

  3. Barb
    Barb says:

    Wow…you’re brave..LOL
    You took a shot at Owens and MB3.
    I just would like to add that when Owens was in Philly, he didn’t get injured until Dec. 19th, well into the season. He had ALOT to do with Philly making it to the Superbowl and he was practically the only one who showed up!
    Just because Barber bruised some ribs, he is one of the toughest players in the entire league. I hate hearing people pick apart his running style when he gives 200% on that field and is a HUGE reason that *we are 3-0.
    Marion Barber earned his spot and I don’t see him letting down any Cowboy Fans for a long time to come.
    Having said all that I agree with you on Crayton and Witten.
    If anyone needs mentioning it’s ROMO.
    Enough said…LOL

  4. Mike S
    Mike S says:

    No shot at Owens & Barber..honestly, my two favorite players. I was pointing out that Owens didnt play in the Eagles playoff games until the superbowl. As far as MB3 I love watching him play! He is the hardest runner I have seen since Walter Payton. Just from a physicality standpoint how hard he plays and the way he runs I hope he can stay fresh all year. Don’t forget he hasn’t started a full season yet. I just want to see him healthy all year and I think giving F Jones a few more carries could do that. I know MB3 is a huge part of the offense..obviously.

  5. Jason (jay and jen)
    Jason (jay and jen) says:

    Well…This is what I see…The SuperBowl Winner WILL come from the NFC EAST. And I hope to hell it’s The Cowboys!I see us going 14 and 2. And I want the Home field advantage! A playoff win would be GREAT! SuperBowl Win would be the BEST!! One game at a time. I Dont want to be like those panzy pats from last year. We are better then that! Now you Cowboy Fans down there in Texas need to learn how to make some noise! That’s right, Im calling ALL YOU out! I have to check my volume on my remote at times. Just to see why it’s not loud? I live up here In Illinois and it kills me to see how loud the NO GOOD BEARS fans are in comparison. And there team SUCKS! Do the fans in Texas take the Cowboys for granted? I would love to see, NO, HEAR the fans get so loud the “PLAY BY PLAY GUYS” SAY “WOW,IT’S LOUD”. Just put the food and brew down for a sec, and MAKE SOME NOISE! Now about Felix Jones..Give The Kid The Ball!! 10 times sounds good to me. Then finish with Marion! I want to see a full speed Barber in the fourth quarter. BEAT DOWN THAT D!! Crayton will step up his game. Im not hatin on him, not yet. Jason Witten..BEST TE EVER!! LOVE HIM!! Nick Folk…Hell of a kicker!! Rat Man..Best on the D??Im not knockin on him in no way! But come on.. Hello..Demarcus Ware 13 tackels,3 sacks,and 1 forced fumble! Your right about A.Jones. Stop dancing around and RUN! Miles Austin..Just goes to show..WE HAVE PLAYMAKERS!!! GO COWBOYS!! Enjoy the ride!