Deion Sanders Really Likes Adam Jones

I watched Fox Sports last night and they were picking the teams they thought were the best in the NFC, two out of three picked the Cowboys! What a surprise, on ESPN all they do is rag on us.

What I found most interesting is what D. Sanders said about Adam Jones. He said he sees or talks to him everyday. People would be surprised that he loves to fish. He tries to fish everyday. He also loves horses but being a father is the most important thing to him. The fishing and riding horses really surprised me. Sanders also said that he didn’t know Pacman, but Adam Jones is a man he really likes.

  1. Kelly H
    Kelly H says:

    I love Deion! Have you seen his reality show? Its so entertaining, I need to find out when it comes back on. 🙂

  2. Jason
    Jason says:

    Yeah it’s great to see how far Deion has come from his “YEAH IM THE BEST YOU HAVE EVER SEEN” attitude with all the flash. To now. A laid back family man. Thats what growing up does to ya. Man! Prime Time was great to watch play!