Ellis Playing Corner???

When I think of Greg Ellis, I think of sacks and him playing defensive end or linebacker. But I never thought of Terence Newman helping Greg Ellis play corner. Yes corner, according to Rob Phillips, staff writer for dallascowboys.com. Ellis covered Winslow on first and second downs. He  was mostly jamming Winslow at the line of scrimmage and Anthony Henry covered Winslow in the dime package. It seemed to do the trick because Winslow only caught 5 balls for 47 yards and Winslow was a 1,000 yard receiver last year! When Terence was asked what he thought of how Ellis played he replied, “I think he did pretty good, especially for me telling him 45 minutes before the game started.” 

After the game Ellis expressed his feelings about the change. “It kept me uncomfortable to  say the least.” Ellis said, laughing, “But it was a move where they felt like let’s do it and give it a try and see how it works out. I think the coaches liked it enough to stick with it. Football is fun, but if I had to pick my poison, I’d rather be rushing. I’d rather be going forward.”

“They’ve put me in some places to do some things I’ve never had to do in football before,” Ellis said. “I’m just going to do what I can do and try to help us win football games.”

It seems most of the defense feels the same way. Jay Ratliff and Tank Johnson are rotating at nose tackle. Marcus Spears is checking out the position of nose tackle. Adam Jones and 1st round pick Mike Jenkins seem happy playing behind Newman and Henry. With 9 first round picks on the defense you would think there would be complaining about not playing enough’but it seems this defense has the attitude of Greg Ellis.   

Adam Jones said, “If we stick together, the sky is the limit.”

I would have to agree! If we can avoid major injuries we all know we have the talent to go for another Superbowl. We will only have wait and see about the December slump. Really that is my only fear this year. There is talent in every position, we just have to take it game by game to see if our Cowboys use that talent to their full potential. 

I believe they will with all my heart! They are focused this year and geared up for another ring!

Just Believe!