I’m Not Just a Fan, I’m a Fanatic!

My oldest daughter recently moved back in with us. She informed me that in the last 9 years I have become more of a Cowboy fanatic! She thought I was bad when she was growing up at home but now she said I am even worse. She likes the Cowboys but she isn’t  what I call a big fan.
I guess she is right. I didn’t think I could be a bigger fan than I was in the 80’s and 90’s but, since I joined myspace and found all my Cowboy friends I am a FANATIC!
In the 80’s the only way to find out information on the Cowboys was through the Dallas Cowboy Weekly, the local sports channels (which were ABC, CBS, and NBC), and I would buy a Dallas Newspaper when I could find one.
Then in the 90’s there was cable which gave us ESPN. I watched FOX because it had the Jerry Jones Show. I was a late bloomer and didn’t get into the Internet until about 5 years ago. Wow all the information I could possibly want was at my fingertips. It wasn’t until my youngest daughter talked me into joining myspace that I realized how many Dallas Cowboy fans there are. I found most of them when one day I saw a cool layout that Kelly at Lone Star Struck made. I have been hooked every since.
Shelby turned me onto True Blue Fan Club at DallasCowboys.com and now I read it everyday. So I have to say my daughter is right, I am more of a fan today than 10 years ago. Its because of my Cowboy Friends and the two best sites on the internet,  Lone Star Struck and DallasCowboys.com.
What Internet site is your favorite?
Which one do you visit everyday and can’t live without?
You know it really isn’t any different than when my Papa came home everyday and turned on Walter Cronkite on CBS and picked up his newspaper and headed to his recliner.
  1. ~lin
    ~lin says:

    DITTO, to all of the above! I have been and forever will be DALLAS COWBOYS FAN!!! And “PraAAAiise JESUS for Lonestar Struck!!!!! and DallasCowboys.com!!!!” Most definately! Myspace COWBOY friends are the best! For years I would do the same as far as the Dallas Cowboy Weekly or the newspaper but living far from Dallas, the Dallas News is not that assessible. 🙁 I would like to say “Thank You StarStruck for making a DieHard Fan feel like family and thanks to all my MYSPACE friends (especially the Dallas Cowboy Fans Friends) that “make” it a point to send me some COWBOY LOVE!
    *Muah!* Right back @ ya!