Lack Of Discipline Is A Concern

I  may get flack for telling it like it is but that’s OK. We’ve had way too much “sunshine and lollipops” the last few weeks anyway. Bottom line is winning is great. But just because you win doesn’t mean you played well. And it will catch up with you.

This team lacks discipline.

Nothing makes a coach any crazier than stupid mistakes. Some times you can escape with a win after bumbling through a game. The Eagles game is a good example of that. You give up 37 points you deserve to lose. No, the Cowboys didn’t lose that game but they sure tried their best to.

Opening day against the Browns was another example of lack of discipline. Way too many penalties to consider the game a success. Luckily for us fans the Cowboys were so much better than Cleveland that those miscues didn’t cost them the game.

The Green Bay game was the exception. This team had a solid performance at every phase of the game. This was a game that could have easily gotten out of hand. Romo’s interception in the red zone was probably the one thing that kept the game from being blown wide open.

Now to the Washington game. There are times when you know early on in a game your team is just “flat”. That was very apparent throughout this game. Poor tackling and lack of enthusiasm was so obvious even the most casual viewer could see it. I was livid during this game. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t alone either. Nobody, not even the Redskins themselves thought they could go into Texas Stadium and dominate the Cowboys the way they did. Yes, I said dominate. They moved the ball at will and their defense held this explosive offense to 4 three and out drives as well as the 3 and INT drive.

Twelve men on the field on 3rd and 2 is the epitome of lack of discipline. Wade can’t keep taking the blame for bone-head plays by professional football players. That play cost the Cowboys 3 full minutes at the end of the game.

The bright side is now we can stop with this NONSENSE of going undefeated and concentrate on the task at hand. WIN THIS WEEK. Everyone was thinking 8-0 going into the Giants game. I even thought.. “All we have to do is get past the ‘Skins and the schedule gets soft for 4 weeks”. I think most of forgot this is the NFC EAST we’re talking about. Nothing is guaranteed.

I’m as much of a believer in this team as anyone you’ll meet. When they lose I take it personally. I bleed silver and blue and have for over 30 years. This team has more depth than any team in its long, glorious history. The talent is close to that of the 90’s Cowboys. The only thing that glares at me is the discipline issue. Address that and NOBODY in the NFL can beat them.

  1. tom r.
    tom r. says:

    i agree wth you about the skins game. it was poor play on both sides of the ball. the defense let moss run all over the field wide open the tackling sucked and got ran over by portis. the offense was just as bad, romo had just over 50% completion if you factor in the inti personnally give him a below 50%. we have one of the best run game in the nfl and we did not use it like we usually do. i am true blue, but that was a pittiful display of football and the boys deserved to lose that game.

  2. Rich Isaacs
    Rich Isaacs says:

    I couldn’t agree more Bill. Our Boys have tons of talent – indeed I think they are the most talented team on the field. But discipline is a problem. Penalties and bone-head plays are both signs of a lack of discipline. I, for one, am hoping that the Cowboys learn from this loss, and will begin to focus on some of these problems so that the talent pool that we have can shine to it’s fullest potential. We have all that we need to take the Lombardi this year, but, we have to have the discipline to get there. I think we can put it together, but each individual player has to want discipline and make it happen. Once each individual player makes that conscious decision to be disciplined, then we can see the team work toward that goal as well. C’mon Boys – we fans know you can do it.