A Loss For Words

The last four games has gotten my thought process out of whack.  I usually try to find the positives in all aspects of any Cowboy football game, but this past month has really taken a toll on my mind. 

I’m reaching and reaching for something good to take out of this past month, but there’s nothing there.

Sure the signing of Roy Williams was a plus, but after last Sundays game I felt horrible for the guy. After listening to all his interviews and how glad he was to be home, It sickened me to see how this team played to welcome him.

There… I got that out!

I am not going to vent or rant!  I’m sure everyone (including myself) has heard enough. 

 It has been sunny and clear here in Big D, but the dark cloud is hovering over EVERY Cowboy fan.  The look on a fan’s face tells it all.  It’s that ‘someone please say something wrong to me’ look.

I’ve tried to do the pep talk, saying things are gonna get better. I’ve tried the pat on the back, the sunshine and daffodils approach, but nothing. 

Literally A LOSS FOR WORDS from most everyone I have spoken to.

I myself have a few words:

Stunned, Embarrassed, Puzzled, Angry, and last but not least Ashamed.

Ashamed for the most part! Like Fred and Kelly both stated, the lack of leadership.

Soooo.. I went digging threw some vids and found some tape for the Boys to watch before they study Tampa Bay tapes! 

And also for all us loyal LoneStarStruck readers.

This video is is the creme de la creme of all things leadership should be!

The end segment of this video is the missing ingredient the Cowboys need for this team.

Bleed Blue and Silver Fans!

 We CAN turn this around!



  1. Raina
    Raina says:

    Charles wow I forgot about all the hits troy got. And yes he was a leader. Liked your blog you wrote what I am feeling. Not in 30 years have I been embarrassed by the boys but Sunday I hate to say I was.

  2. Tom
    Tom says:

    I’ve been a fan since I was in diapers (dad has pictures, trust me – 1972). We haven’t gotten a butt kicking like that since we were 1-15. At least then, you knew we were awful. Now, with all the talent in the world, they simply need to get back to basics. 3 and 5 step drops and hard nosed running. And maybe a little defense. That should help. But if Dallas fans are a little down this week, can you blame them?
    Everyone not a Boys fan will start blaming Romo and TO and anyone else who is convienient to their point. The true point is, they need to play as a team and not 53 individuals. Once they do that, this will be a distant memory. We need to adjust to the league now that the league has adjusted to us.

  3. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    I saw a team that takes that star as much more than a sticker on a helmet.
    The big difference is they do see themselves like everybody else, but they are not they are the Dallas Cowboys,they are more than just a team they are held higher than most teams, and there are only a few teams that can say that.
    The team we have now do not wear that star with with they do not get that climmer in their eye when they run into the stadium on game day aand look around at the ring of honor and that big blue star at mid field. The team we have worries about how they look like its a fashion show out there or something.
    They should not expect to put on that star and win but should be expecting to get hit harder and have to run fast just because they wear that star because every week the other team is going to bring it….HARD

  4. Jon Crawley
    Jon Crawley says:

    Troy was BIGTIME leader! We have the same or more talent than we did a decade and a half ago. What we should be asking is, “are you gellin?” If we could gel, we would be absolutely unstoppable!!! I was embarrased and ashamed but have gotten over that and now I want to rip the rest of our schedule a new one! Have faith that we can overcome. It could be a lot worse. Have a great day everyone!

  5. Nicole V.
    Nicole V. says:

    Great video. It didn’t only show what leadership is, it also showed what effort means, another ingredient out team is missing right now.
    I still believe. GO COWBOYS.

  6. ~lin
    ~lin says:

    I see the History of the COWBOYS DVD all the time……I remember the 1-15 season Troy was a part of before the 3 SUPERBOWLS…. Non-Cowboy fans tend to look for opportune moments to demean, belittle, or demise the team we love the most….any and every chance they get. When we’re winning “it’s cause we’re lucky, or we cheated.” And if we’re losing, they can’t wait to come and poke at our wounds. Our team today lacks unity. We have uniformity. We look the same, we act the same, but we are not pulling together. Each is to his own. Troy had a great receiver, and a great running back and TOGETHER (not just one person) but TOGETHER they got the job done. Danny White’s numbers were considered better than Troy, but Danny did not have the other pieces to complete SUCCESS. And you can’t win by yourself…..it takes a team effort. I just pray that the cockiness, and the limelight “solo” attitudes will hurry up and get out of their systems and start thinking as team and what effort needs to be met in order to be productive and successful….!!!! DO OR DIE…I will and forever will be a COWBOYS’ FAN!!!! ~lin

  7. Jason (jay and jen)
    Jason (jay and jen) says:

    Look, the loss to the Rams wasn’t that bad. Im mean really, Was that a game that is going to remain in your brain when you think about tough losses? Yes we lost. ANY GIVEN SUNDAY! That’s why I love football! How bout the ASS KICKIN we took back in 85-86? Against the Bears. We lost 44-0!! AT HOME!! Or how bout the ASS KICKIN we took later that same year in the Playoffs…We lost to the Rams 20-0!! Even for you younger fans…When I say “Giants, Seahawks, Panthers”..What do you think about? TOUGH LOSSES!! It cant all be good. Thats football. Think about how the Panzy Pats feel after last year? Admit it..WE ALL LOVED IT!! And thats how people and other teams are about us..They love to see us lose. But keep your heads up Cowboy Fans. The Boys ARE back in town and lookin to kick some teeth in!! Thick and Thin!! GO COWBOYS!!

  8. Steve Minor aka Mrsports
    Steve Minor aka Mrsports says:

    I have been following the Cowboys and making trips down to Dallas to support them since 1960’s.and except for the 1-15 team, I have never seen a Cowboy’s team so down on themselves.Even the 1-15 team never got a ass chewing by Jerry Jones after a game.That team was young for the most part and was just beginning to build what would be the dynasty of the 1990’s.They had a fire and brimstone coach that had always dealt with college players and came to the Cowboys with one idea and one idea only WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS!!
    Now Jimmy Johnson was not loved by all the players, some fans, and in the end I guess not the owner.He was respected though as a football coach and what he could accomplish on the field and certainly in the war room on draft day. Jimmy, maybe in the beginning did not know all the ins and outs of war room negotiations, but he knew talent and the best way to get everything out of a player that was possible. He later became one of the most savviest war room draft coaches ever and it was his blockbuster deal involving Herschel Walker that will forever be the all time best trade deal in NFL history.
    Unfortunately, Jimmy Johnson’s only downfall was self inflicted. He was always a very take charge coach from the start of his college coaching career to his Pro days. After the 1993 Super Bowl championship season, it was apparent that he could not get along with Jerry Jones any longer. I could not blame Jerry Jones because he owns the team and I could not blame Jimmy either for wanting to be more involved in the operations of the team and not having Jerry “hovering” over his every move!
    I do think though that was the biggest mistake Jerry Jones ever made by not eating his huge Texas ego and seeing that he had at that time probably the best football coach in the NFL. Will Jerry ever admit it? I doubt it until they start selling fireplaces to Eskimos.I do feel though that the Cowboys have grown to be a much better franchise as far as profit and margin, but has not been a real team since Johnson left.
    I know “the king”, Barry Switzer won another Super Bowl in 1995 after he was hired to replace Johnson, and being a Oklahoma Sooner faithful like I am, I love Switzer to this day. Switzer was hired for one reason, to bring the Cowboy’s faithful back to Texas Stadium after the Jones/Johnson breakup. After Johnson departed, the talent remained from the previous Super Bowl teams. I could have won a Super Bowl with that talent.
    I guess there is a point to all this and it is we have no leadership on this team. I have to like Jerry because he is the owner of the team I have loved for over 40 yrs. I do not have to like the way he runs the team. Even when Jerry bought the team and immediately fired the legend, Tom Landry, I even backed his decision. Tom Landry had been one or maybe the greatest coach ever in the game, but that was just it. The game had evolved so much when Jerry bought the team, it had virtually passed Coach Landry by.
    Now since 1996 the Cowboys have not notched a playoff victory or made room for another Lombardi trophy since 1995.
    If Jerry is going to run this team, he has to run it like a owner, not a coach. He needs to get off the sidelines, out of the coaches meetings and back into the board room.I think this team is very talented, but they have to overcome this adversity and hopefully get healed up. As for picking up WE Roy Williams? I think that was an excellent grab. T.O. does not have but maybe 2 mores years left as a Cowboy. Jerry knew he was going to have to replace T.O and have another star at that position for many years to come and Williams will supply that for the Cowboys. We will always have very adequate receivers like Crayton, Hurd, Austin and etc. to compliment the likes of Owens and Williams. Not to mention Witten. I agree we need to shore up the DB positions, but it was thought that Pacman and Jenkins would begin to fill those voids. Pacman is still a mystery and I think Jenkins will come along nicely. The Cowboys are going through a very rough stretch right now and it may not get any better this year. I am not ready to write them off yet. We will just have to see what the future shows.