Breaking News: Romo Out With Broken Finger

According to a local source Tony Romo will be out for four weeks with a broken finger. Apparently Romo injured his pinkie finger during the game Sunday.

If you think the Cowboys were having problems before just wait until you don’t have Romo leading the team for 4 games.

The Cowboys will have to rely on backup quarterback Brad Johnson. Brooks Bollinger is the other available quarterback for Dallas.

This is just devastating news.

  1. Steve Minor
    Steve Minor says:

    Was just getting to report the breaking news myself. Was updating my fantasy teams and found out. What else could go wrong?
    Steve Minor aka Mrsports

  2. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    Wow thats all i can say is WOW
    with NY and Washington playing as good as they are we cant afford to lose Romo for any length of time,especially when Newman and Williams are already out

  3. TD
    TD says:

    THIS IS TERRIBLE!!! We need to try and get the running game going and try to survive until we get Tony back and healthy…..maybe he is a quick healer or he can borrow TO’s hyperbaric chamber!! Thoughts are with Tony, the competitor…I know this is killing him! Hurry back #9. – TD