Cowboys Acquire WR Roy Williams from Lions

Just before the trade deadline it seems the Cowboys have made the trade many hoped for in the offseason.

NFL Network’s Adam Schefter reports that the Cowboys have acquired Roy Williams from the Lions for “at least” one first-round pick.

Hopefully this will help us on offense, especially over the next 3 games without Tony Romo.


**Update** Trade Details:

Cowboys get WR Roy Williams plus a seventh-round draft pick in 2009

Lions get a first, third, and sixth-round draft pick in 2009

**Update** Signing Details:

The Cowboys quickly signed Williams to a new contract worth five-year, $45 million. More than $20 million is guaranteed.

  1. Jason (jay and jen)
    Jason (jay and jen) says:

    That should piss Owens Off. Just watch…First game Roy gets more touches then Owens…He will start his pouting.

  2. Danny
    Danny says:

    What’s the details of the new contract? Through 2013, RW will be the next TO(not talent wise but #1 WR threat) that Dallas needed. Good signing

  3. Danny
    Danny says:

    “Not only did Jerry Jones say that Terrell Owens was “ecstatic” to find out the news, but apparently T.O. was the first to call Roy Williams and congratulate him on the trade. ”
    You’re wrong Jason lol. Defenses double TO so throw to RW. Defenses double RW throw to TO. Try to double both, the cowboys still got Crayton, Miles(who i think is a Great slot WR), and Witten. This trade should do wonders for the offense. Can’t wait for Sunday!

  4. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    RW is a good pick up and a great pickup,but what about the CB position?
    Newman gone,pacman gone, if im not mistaken Henry is hurting so what do we do about this?
    Jenkins and Scandrick are very young and talented but are they really the corner we want to lean on when we play Washington and NY?

  5. Jon
    Jon says:

    Oh heck yeah!!! I think Brad Johnson is going to enjoy the next 3 or 4 games! This should also make our running game gel. Yes…i’m a bit excited.

  6. Jason (jay and jen)
    Jason (jay and jen) says:

    Yeah Danny, lol I love the move to get Roy as well. I really do hope Owens likes it as well. This should be fun! Air attack, Ground and Pound with our running game. It’s all gravy! Romo, get well soon!