Shelby’s Corner

What’s in my corner? COWBOY FANS!!


I have been chomping at the bit while waiting for my turn to share my weekend with you! I put together something NEW and I have photos submitted by LoneStarStruck viewers, too! You can get in on the next one by sending your Tailgate & Watch Party pics to me at:

But before I get started, I need to let our friends in New Jersey know that I did receive your pictures! I just haven’t figured out how to open them with the program I use! I will get it right and I’ll add your photos to my next blog, okay? I am new at turning pictures into videos – still learning – I hope you enjoy what put together!

I’m going to let the video tell the whole story, okay? Be sure to comment! When I know what YOU LIKE you’re sure to get MORE OF IT!!

If you’re going to the game Sunday, LET ME KNOW! I’ll look for you!

Love ya!

ps. – you can see more videos on my youtube page! In the random stuff album, you can see short clips of M. Bennett singing and the Mav’s Maniaacs dancing at Yucatan Beach Club along with some other cool stuff! That link is

  1. ~lin
    ~lin says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do these kinda things. And was it your birthday? Happy Birthday hun!
    Can’t wait for the the other videos. Keep up the great work! Love ya!

  2. ShelbyK
    ShelbyK says:

    Yeah! Thank you!! 🙂
    I turned 21 (again) on Friday! You can probably tell by the look on my face that I had THE TIME OF MY LIFE!!!
    It’s my pleasure to do this – just LOVE it!!
    More to come next week! We have some exciting stuff planned for Sunday’s game!

  3. Raina
    Raina says:

    I like the video! Was that Stanback and Crayton with you? Wow what a birthday! By the way Happy Birthday my friend!