The Dallas Cowboys…. “Are They Fragile or Are They on the Brink of Destruction”?

Good afternoon Cowboy fans:

As I sit here at the computer trying to figure out what words I should use or what to title this article. My mind started using “Are they fragile”, “or is this team on the Brink of Destruction”? As these words kept floating in and out of my mind, my heart was telling me something different. It was telling me this is only a dream and I will wake up and everything will be alright in Cowboy land.

I was completely swept up in total amazement on Sunday, as I sat and watched what I thought was a proud Dallas Cowboy team, just being totally humiliated and “whipped”. The only thought that kept running through my mind was that of a young, frail school boy versus the big bully on the playground. I witnessed the St. Louis Rams, a team that was everybody’s “whipping post”; just dismantle the Cowboys piece by piece. The same Cowboys team, which at the beginning of the season was to be the “bully”, the “monster of the midway”, and to some they were being called “the real beast in the NFC East”.

In all the years of watching the Cowboys, I had to do some real thinking to remember when I ever saw a poorer performance. That even includes the 1989 team that finished 1-15 and ironically played who at that time a team called the Los Angeles Rams, and lost 35-31.

When it was announced this week, that Brad Johnson would be starting in the place of Tony Romo, I was one of the first that came out and said everything will be okay with Johnson, and Tony will be ready in 3 weeks when they play the Giants. Then when Johnson engineered the opening Cowboy drive for a quick 7-0 lead, I was telling myself “this will be a walk in the park”. What I didn’t know, that as the game began to unfold, I would soon realize, there would be very little more to cheer about.

This team has gone through more of a transformation than the Incredible Hulk and anyone you ask all have a different opinion, or want to give you their take on the demise of the mighty Cowboys. I do know this much though, there’s no confusion on what happened on Sunday. The Cowboy’s were out-coached, out-thrown, out-run, out-fought, out-thought, out-physicaled, and most of all out-scored 34-14. This is evidence that you can’t cover up.

I think about all the problems over and over in my mind and ask myself, “If I had to re-build this team piece by piece, layer by layer, where would I begin? Many people have different opinions and some believe that the re-building process should begin with the coaching staff. Should Wade Phillips be replaced by Jason Garrett? Is Jason Garrett also part of the problem or is the coaching solution?

Other fans are screaming for former Pittsburgh Steeler coach, Bill Cowher. Could Cowher’s coaching style in Dallas be right for these players or this organization? Bill Cowher has a reputation of being somewhat of “a steel head” that uses a hard-nosed approach, but has the player likeable type of personality.

I think from this fan’s prospective, maybe that’s what this team needs right now is a hard-nose approach? Maybe they have been “coddled”, hugged, and loved too much? There is no fire in this team, really no heat to speak of either. They seem to have had all the fire knocked out of them and have lost their desire to play the game.

Right now, the Cowboys are generating all the heat of a rain-soaked book of matches.

I did not see anything in the game on Sunday that I could write home and say was positive. We know the Cowboys played without our star quarterback and without our troubled and possibly ex-cornerback Adam Jones. We even managed to lose Roy Williams, the safety for the season again when he re-broke the forearm that he just spent 3 weeks trying to get healed.

Forty-year-old backup quarterback Brad Johnson tossed three interceptions and finished with a 45.5 QB rating. Terrell Owens had two catches for 31 yards. Roy E. Williams, the receiver, acquired in the much publicized trade with the Detroit Lions, did not even catch a cold, let alone any passes.

I can go on and on, about the problems in Sunday’s game and still not get to the part about the 8 penalties, two of which cost us touchdowns, which instead led to missed field goals. I really shiver when I think about the lost fumble, or maybe the fact the offensive and defensive lines totally broke down. I could not remember the last time our defensive line played so porous.

Ram’s running back Stephen Jackson finished with 171 yds rushing and 3 touchdowns. Jackson Texas Two-Stepped all over our defense, that at the beginning of the year, most believed books would be written about. Now it seems they just quit and want to be anywhere but playing a football game.

So is it the injuries? Is it the coaches or maybe this team is just getting very fragile? Do the players need to get back to the basics and quit worrying so much about their own individual persona? Is this the team we watched on “Hardknocks”, and everybody thought was the hottest team in the NFL?

Well Cowboy fans, I have a news flash for all of us. This Cowboy’s team is going to be hard-pressed to even make the playoffs, with virtually the same group that went 13-3 a year ago.

What truly puzzles me is that this team was built for a Super Bowl, but may very well be “on the Brink of Destruction”.

  1. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    This team needs a reality check and quickly. i personally do not thnk Wade Phillips is the man for the job anymore, and neither is Jason Garret after all isnt he the offensive coordinator calling all the plays for this affense that can’t move the ball against anybody?
    A big part of this is the injuries Roy Williams,Tarance Newman,Felix Jones, Pacman Jones,Matt McBriar,Sam Hurd,Pat Watkins,Anthony Spencer,Tony Romo, these are all players who are a big part of this team that has been built the last 10 or so years to be in the Super Bowl,and they aren’t even ablt to suit up and play on Sunday.
    We do not need to see this team in playoff form in October,but if they do not fix whatever it is that is bothering tem and causing all of this then this team will not even get a chance to show that they are or are not ready for the playoffs because they will be sitting in Dallas saying the same thing we all have been saying since ’95…..”next year”.

  2. Jason (jay and jen)
    Jason (jay and jen) says:

    Nice post Steve. I know how ya feel. We all do. For me if we were 3 and 4 I would really be pissed. But we are 4 and 3. Still a winning record. Have they played bad, really bad, down right UGLY? Yeah, but they can still fix whats going on. Does ANYONE remember how mad and pissed off I was in the off season when we were swappin coaches with Miami? Now you see why!! Not to put ALL the blame on the coaches….not at all..The players NEED to STEP UP AND PLAY!! And, Im sure they will. Thick and Thin!! Go Cowboys!!

  3. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    This team will be ok once they realize that the glamour doesnt win games, that star on the helmet no matter how great that star is doesnt win games their performance preparation dedication wins games.
    The days of that star intimidating people are over instead of being fearful of the star people now want to hit that star in the mouth ….hard so the Cowboys have to play hard each and every week or get beat by 20 and 30 points

  4. Mike
    Mike says:

    Wow, you must be watching to much of ESPN, NFL network or something. I thought that fans would rally around this team, but from what I see on all the blogs, that is just not the case. I am disappointed that you all our jumping ship so fast. I mean if I remember correctly, the Giants werent doing all that well and then ended up being a wildcard team to win it all. Don’t believe everything you hear on the TV and radio. I remember when this team was up and down like this, oh yaa, since we last won the Superbowl. Don’t worry about Wade, I mean its only three losses. We lost three last year and couldnt win a playoff game with him and no one was calling for his job then. Come on now… Be a real fan and stay positive. That is what they would want and believe me, you don’t think they know it when the fans aren’t behind them, ready to cheer them on?

  5. big9324
    big9324 says:

    Mike, we don’t need to watch ESPN or the NFL network to see what’s negative about this team! All we have to do is watch the games!! Anything anyone else says just reinforces what we already know.
    We aren’t bitching about it because we don’t care anymore. We are bitching about it because we DO care. Blowing smoke up these guys butts has gotten them exactly where they are now.
    When they play like the true team they are you will see everyone here back on their side. That isn’t because we are fair weather fans, it’s because we are true fans that know these guys are back to where they should be!
    If this team was projected to be terrible and had little to no talent then we wouldn’t be so hard on them. We would be here trying to find positives in the way they played but that isn’t the case. The way this season is unfolding at this point is a complete and utter let down and because of all the talent and all the potential they have but aren’t using, we will continue to be upset and continue to bitch until the team that we know they are shows up!!

  6. Steve Minor aka Mrsports
    Steve Minor aka Mrsports says:

    Nice comments Big! It is obvious you know football and also understood what my story actually said. I will never give up on the Cowboys! I have rode with them through many bad times and a whole bunch good times. This team is very talented in a lot of places. They are just not running on all cylinders right now and I just think it is attitude check time or reality check time and get all these rash of injuries healed. I am aware what the Giants did last year, but that was the Giants. This team can go on one of those streaks as well, but before they do that, they have to find that inner self again and truly want to be a champion. Oh yea, Big I really liked the ESPN and NFL Network comment. I could not agree with you more, so what if we do watch it, does not take those programs or brain science to see this team has problems right now LOL

  7. Jon
    Jon says:

    Next year is exactly what we will be saying. The whole league has a blueprint of what makes us tick. We may have a “virtual” pro-bowl team but with coaching we have or the lack thereof, we will be just one big practice squad! I’ll always be a huge fan and watch every single game but until they show me something I havent seen before it might as well be 1989. Wish we had H. Walker to trade again!

  8. big9324
    big9324 says:

    Back Pedal??
    I believe I explained why many of us are so upset, as well as my/our overall feelings for this team.
    If you choose to stay happy despite the way they are playing that’s fine. Many of us though aren’t that way. If they aren’t playing up to their potential then we get upset.
    We don’t need a network TV show, or shows, to tell us what we can plainly see while watching the games. And because we are unhappy with their performance and say so doesn’t mean we have fallen into anyone’s traps.
    There is a reason those shows spend so much time talking about our poor play. IT IS BECAUSE WE ARE PLAYING POOR and we aren’t supposed to be.
    Most of us aren’t just Cowboy blind fans that sit in front of the TV clapping and whooping at just the site of the uniform, not even noticing they were playing terrible until someone from ESPN had to tell us. Well, sorry, my 2 and 4 year old kids are that way but they have Daddy, instead of ESPN, to break the bad news to them.
    Lastly, I live across the lake from New Orleans now and even with all the Saints fans swarming around you can bet that my office is covered in Cowboys stuff. On Friday’s when my staff, and just about every other person in the city, wear their Saints shirts, I have my Cowboys shirt on. EVERYTIME.
    I don’t stop wearing it when they are playing bad, or I am upset with them, and I never will. Good or bad, I will always be a fan!! If I didn’t think they could turn things around I wouldn’t spend the time bitching about them. If they need someone positive to help them out then they can go call their mommy.
    Tough Love, Brother!! Tough Love!!