Two Plays Away From 2-3?!

A win is a win in the NFL.  There are no style points.  No polls.  We all know the old adage “on any given Sunday.”  Hey, I will take the Cowboys 31-22 win anytime.  That being said something is not right with this team right now.  The fact of the matter is we are two fumbles away, in Dallas teritory, from facing a 2-3 start.   Now, those fumbles did happen and we are 4-1.  But to think that Dallas is one of the elite teams in the NFL is just not true.  They are not the best team in the NFL.  They are not the best team in the NFC.  Heck, they are the 3rd best team in the division right now!!   There is a sense of accomplishment that this team has that is quite simply not warrented.  WE DID NOT WIN THE SUPER BOWL LAST YEAR!  We could not beat the Giants at home, a team that we beat twice already, to get the the NFC Championship.  Do I think they could beat anyteam, anywhere right now…..yes!  But there are a few things that MUST be figured out before this team takes that next step:

  • Tony…I love ya…”your my quarterback”….but what is going on?  INT’s in 8 straight games?  Another lost fumble?  It’s becoming more clear that is may be feast or famine with our QB. I wouldn’t trade him for anyone but HE HAS TO PLAY BETTER. 
  • T.O?  Snap out of it..your getting the ball & making plays. What more do you want?
  • Patrick Crayton has to step up and stop with the key drops.  I know he found the ball in the end zone yesterday but he has to be more consistant.
  • I know I knock Anthony Henry but Terence Newman has got to stay healthy.  With him and A Jones, by the end of the season could really be dominating.  The only place I want to see A. Henry is in nickle or dime coverage.
  • It’s kind of ironic to me how MB3‘s playing time is almost coming full circle.  He was the 3rd down back for J Jones, getting a few carries a game.  I can see this happening to F Jones.  I AM NOT KNOCKING MB3 but F Jones is a better pure runner.  Would 20 carries for MB3 & 12 for F Jones be a bad thing?
  • What is going on at home?  I truly think that this team is far too overconfident at home and has a us vs the world mentality on the road that works better for this team.

All that being said we are still 4-1 and if we can win at Arizona and follow that up with a win at St Louis all of a sudden 6-1 looks pretty good.  Pretty good would be ok for most teams in most years…just not what the expectations are for this year. 

  1. Ayre
    Ayre says:

    I think teams come more intense to play the Boys I think Philly is not as good as predicted and as good as the Redskins look they’re not a better team than us. Although we didn’t win a Super Bowl we’re always gonna have a target on our backs, A trophy win if you will. The problem is we’re not matching the intensity of our opponents unless its a New york or Philly or Green bay team. The secondary is a huge concern for me.

  2. Mike s
    Mike s says:

    I totally agree…I dont want to come off as a A Henry hater but I think he is terrible..everytime I see a completion it seems like it is his man. Like I said in the piece a A Jones, T Newman combo with M jenkins and henry in the nickle & dime is pretty good..but we have to stay healthy

    RUSH_JUNKY says:

    I’m fearing that TO is about to unleash his personal frustrations on Romo and Garrett and that it will impact the team negatively. Damn, I hope I’m wrong and it’s just the media trying to make something out of nothing. Tell me I’m wrong people !
    If any, ANY, Dallas Cowboy was unhappy after the game other than with his own performance, piss on him. THEY WON THE GAME !!
    If the media is trying to start something, then piss on them !!
    Great game T.O. even if you only caught two; the game is much more than catching, it’s blocking, diversions, etc. and opening it up for the other weapons.
    Mike Zimmer our former defensive coordinator did a great job against us and shut down T.O. but it opened it up for others as it should.
    Go Cowboys !!! Awesome running attack on Sunday ! The only way the Cowboys will win a championship this year is to let our big O-Line pound the opposing d-line and run the ball well. Run first, pass second. IMHO