Jerry Jones Has His Eyes Set On The Playoffs

Regardless of what you might think about the Cowboys; fading playoff hopes, I think it’s quite admirable to see Jerry Jones out in front and acting as the team’s biggest cheerleader.

Regarding the Cowboys playoff outlook, Jones said,

“Yes, absolutely… That’s not optimism. I just see that we were going to have to be a team that is playing well and won a lot of ballgames at the end of the year to be what we want to be anyway and this is as good a time to start as next week. I certainly do feel we’re going to be a team that plays well enough to be thinking about the playoffs.”

Jones admitted that for the Cowboys to advance to the playoffs, it must begin with a win against the Redskins on Sunday. But feels good about the team’s chances.

“I feel good about us being a better team than we have been the last two or three games,” Jones said. “We don’t have reasons why we might not be playing as well. It’s not just about personnel. It’s about everybody feeling good about each other.”

I hope he’s right…