Opportunity Knocks, But Cowboys Don’t Answer

Sometimes the Cowboys can really leaving me scratching my head when it comes to some of their moves, but today what perplexed me the most was their “non-move”.

How in the world did the Cowboys allow Ty Law to go to the Jets… or anyone else for that matter?

Just last week, in an attempt to bolster their secondary in advance of their big matchup with the Cowboys, the Redskins signed cornerback DeAngelo Hall.

Hall is a two-time Pro Bowl cornerback and a five-year NFL veteran, who adds significant depth to the Redskins’ secondary. He is regarded as a strong cover corner whose speed and athleticism can match the best receivers in the league. The move was intended to shut down T.O. and the newly acquired Roy Williams with a secondary that now features two of the best coverage defenders in the NFL.

The Redskins are totally pumped for the game… are the Cowboys?

Not too long ago I posted a blog about why the Cowboys needed to go out and sign free agent cornerback Ty Law and cut all ties with Adam Pacman Jones so they could fit him under the cap.

On Monday, the five-time Pro Bowl cornerback agreed to terms on a one-year deal with the Jets after sitting out the first 10 weeks of the season as a free agent.

What a missed opportunity for the Cowboys!

Even with the return of Tony Romo, his ability to move the ball downfield against the Redskins has now been considerably weakened.

So what, you say. We’ll beat them with Marion Barber…

Think again, my friends…

As quoted from the Redskins website:

Marion Barber has been a beast at times in his brief NFL career, but rarely against the Redskins. Even when he was tearing up the rest of the league a year ago, the Redskins held him in check.

Barber faced the Skins in September and had what has been his lowest output of the season with eight carries for 26 yards. Against the Redskins in the last regular-season game last year, Barber ran six times for minus-6 yards, his lowest output of 2007 (he ran 15 times for 43 yards – 2.9 per carry) in the other meeting in 2007.

So in his last three games against the Skins, Barber has rushed 29 times for 63 yards, 2.17 yards per carry. That’s shutting him down, totally.

If it’s one thing I hate more than a bad move… it’s a bad non-move.

  1. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    DeAngelo Hall is over rated first of all. He was released by the Raiders because he couldn’t cover man-to-man. Ty Law is just a name at this point. He’s had a great career no doubt. But is an aging(this is his 13th season) corner gonna give you a better situation than an inexperienced rookie? If so, by how much? My guess… not much at all.
    I’ll tell you where this team dropped the ball. They dropped the ball when they went after a WR just before the trade deadline instead of trading for a QUALITY BACKUP QB.
    Maybe just maybe had they done that we wouldn’t be staring at the MESS we’re staring at now. I like Roy Williams, don’t get me wrong. But did we really NEED Roy Williams??

  2. jaime
    jaime says:

    I agree with cowboy bill, DeAngelo Hall is over rated and is not a very good single cover corner. Ty Law would of given the cowboys some nice help in the secondary, but for how long. He is getting older. I can almost agree with the Roy Williams thing. Have you ever noticed what kind of game the cowboys are having when they shut down Owens. Not a very good one. Roy Williams gives them another receiver to help, even though I think they gave too much him.

  3. Cowboy Bill
    Cowboy Bill says:

    One more thing. Joe, I have a ton of respect for you and the things you’ve written. Here comes the but…But to say Barber isn’t going to get the job done because he hasn’t success in the past is a stretch. Every situation is different. He has as much of a chance putting up big numbers against the Redskins as he does any NFL team.
    But if the O-line doesn’t show up then no RB will get it done… not Marion, Felix, Emmitt, Tony or Bullet Bob for that matter.
    As cliche as it may sound, the game is won in the trenches. Give Romo time and Barber some holes and this game will be a blowout. Block like you have over the last few weeks… and again… this game will be a blowout… just not the one WE want.