Ready For the Showdown

Well Cowboys fans, three hours until kickoff. The 5-3 Cowboys will go into the Meadowlands to play the 6-1 Giants. Any sports show you turn on or website you load will tell you the Cowboys are no longer the favorites and expect the “Giants ‘to put a killin’ on the ‘Boys” (as said on ESPN).

Hey, they can say all they want but this is why we play the games. The Cowboys have a ton of men out due to injury but we are still stacked with talent.

I’m looking for a great game, a fight to the finish if you will. I don’t think my Cowboys are going down as easy as the media projects. I’m not going to run my mouth or shoot any trash talk but I’m not counting the Cowboys out by any means. I expect them to have a comeback game and show the nation why the Cowboys always prevail.