Terrell Owens Takes Charge: Cowboys Trounce 49ers 35-22

For all of you Cowboys fans that have been starving for a guns-blazing, pulse pounding, offensive outburst all season long… today the wait was over.

The Dallas Cowboys launched a massive assault, and Terrell Owens unleashed hell on the San Francisco 49ers with his best single game performance in over eight years!

Lets begin with Tony Romo who after a sluggish first quarter, finally found his groove and soon after…

The rockets red glare and the bombs bursted in air to the tune of 300+ yards passing and three touchdowns!

So much for that pinky problem.

T.O. made headlines before the game when he publicly voiced his displeasure at the lack of passes heading his way so far this season. Romo obliged him almost as if he dared him to step up, and step up he did.

Terrell Owens had his best day receiving since 2000 with 7 catches for 213 yards and a touchdown for emphasis.

If the Cowboys are America’s Team, then at least for today, Terrell Owens was Captain America!

San Francisco never had a chance even though they grabbed an early 6-0 lead. The defense went into lock-down mode after that and held the Niners in check until the offense came alive.

Romo and Owens weren’t the only shooting stars today, rookie tight end Martellus Bennett had yet another touchdown reception, and so did wide receiver Patrick Crayton.

Who says spreading the wealth is bad?!

Not to be outdone, kicker Nick Folk provided some explosiveness of his own, going 4 for 4 on field goals that were all over 40 yards.

Not enough for you? You want more?

Our special teams play has been mocked and frowned upon all season long, but today they became game breakers and made some big plays of their own. They kept the Niners at bay for most of the game especially when they held them at their own 16-yard line where they were eventually forced to punt from their own end zone after back to back sacks from Ware and Spencer. Carlos Polk sent the crowd into a frenzy when he busted through the 49ers line and blocked a punt that led to a safety. It was the first blocked punt by the Cowboys since 2002! 

The Special Teams were especially special today!

So where does all this lead?

It leads to another potentially exciting showdown on Thanksgiving Day against the last place Seattle Seahawks. So getcha’ popcorn ready and the pumpkin pie too!

  1. Kelly H
    Kelly H says:

    Nice recap and preview too Joe D.!
    Great game, it felt so good to be a Cowboys fan today.
    Looking forward to Turkey Day, have a great short week everyone!

  2. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    of cousre the glitz and glamour will go to the offense and it is well deserved dont get me wrong but the reason we won today is the front 4 lead by Ware/Ratliff
    Everybody vote Ratliff into the pro bowl