The Cowboy’s Personality Is Back!

With all of the injuries the Cowboys have suffered this season, we continued to witness the Cowboys get flatter each week . It was like watching a balloon with a slow leak. We watched because we are true fans, but even I found myself doing laundry while watching the game, something I never do. When the game is on nothing else gets done.
But Sunday night the Boys were back! Not only because they won the game but, because they had their personality back. Even with the penalties and a few dropped passes you could tell they were not about to give up. With Romo, Newman and alot of their injured players back somehow you felt they were getting their spark back with each and every play. 
Yes, Tony is a talented quarterback but he is also their leader. With him back in charge they believed in themselves again. So many talked about how the Cowboys lacked leadership.  Last night they proved that they have leadership everytime #9 takes the field!
Every Cowboy played their heart out Sunday night! Marion Barber showed America why he is the starter. He showed that he is a true 4th quarter running back.  He keeps his momentum going thru the entire game.
Yes the Cowboys true personality is back!