Cowboy Bill’s End Of Season Rant

I’ve had trouble all season coming up with positive things to say. Bringing doom and gloom isn’t fun for anyone. I’ve noticed that most posts on this site have some sort of positive spin by most of the writers. I try to follow suit. But I couldn’t. I was so concerned with being labeled as a “hater” that I let virtually the whole season go by with nothing to say other than a few comments on other writers’ posts. Well now it is time for me to vent.

The phrase I’m so sick of hearing-especially from Tony Romo- is “It is what it is”. What that actually means is you know the answer and you’re not man enough to say it. You’re not man enough to say you’re struggling under the pressure. You’re not man enough to say it was your fault the team lost that week. But all we get is “Turnovers are part of the game” or “Give (enter team name here) credit”. That’s crap. Total and complete crap. It’s PR spin that I aint buying.

Terrell Owens needs to just shut the hell up and play football. Period. Maybe some things he says is true. But handle your problems internally, as a team. Reporters are looking for a story. He never fails in delivering the story. He’s an incredible athlete with serious personality flaws. He’s far too inconsistent to be pointing the finger at anybody. When he’s on his game there is no better. Unfortunately, those times are getting few and far between. Maybe his age is catching up with him.

Signing Adam Jones was the second biggest blunder of 2008. This guy looked lost from the beginning. He covers about half the time and has been a disaster on special teams. Whatever he “had” at Tennessee is gone. Long gone. The only thing that’s left is off-the-field issues that a team like this does not need. Send him packing. I beg of you.

The biggest blunder was signing WR Roy Williams. So far this guy has brought nothing to the table. The chemistry was lost when Romo came back from injury and had a new personality to figure out. Not to mention Williams is a horrible route runner and is afraid to get hit. We had great chemistry with Owens, Crayton and Austin. Williams is the odd man out and history will prove that.

“They had a good game plan”… “It took us until the 3rd quarter to figure it out”… “The defenses have figured out what we’re doing”. These are not direct quotes but close enough and are all BS. The Cowboys’ offense of the 90’s was very predictable. Difference is, even when defenses KNEW what was coming they couldn’t stop it. It’s all about execution.  Plain and simple.

Wade Phillips says he’s going to put together a plan. Can’t wait. A plan. Wow. Well, Wade, PLAN on kissing your job goodbye if your PLAN fails. How bout fining Romo $10K for every interception? Or fine T.O. when he decides to cry to Deion Sanders, on national TV, before a big game? Or fine your coaches for not having an effective PLAN to begin with! Fine Flozell and Colombo for false starts every freaking game! Fine DB’s for blown coverage. Fine WR’s for blown routes. Fine Folk when he kicks it out of bounds! DO SOMETHING!  ANYTHING! I’M SICK OF THIS HORSE CRAP YOU’RE FEEDING US FANS!

Stop talking. Stop making excuses. Fix this. Fix it now. We deserve better. A guy on the radio said it best. “Cowboys fans are paying for fillet mignon but what they’re getting is Hamburger Helper”. Enough said. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go take some more Tums.

End of the Season

Here we are at the end of another season. I did something I never do this morning. I watched ESPN and the NFL channel. What gets to me is the Cowboys are not in the playoffs, but we were the main subject of the show. Between the two shows they talked about our mind set, bad chemistry in the locker room, and some think TO should go. They also believe the Cowboys were better off playing with Patrick Crayton and Miles Austin instead of Roy Williams. They said he looks like he is playing in quicksand. One thought, giving Williams one offseason to learn the offense and will help make him an asset to the team. My opinion is shouldn’t he already know the offense by now? Is our offense difficult to learn?

Trent Dilfer had the nerve to say the reason the Dallas Cowboys are America’s Team is because of the drama. 

ESPN also said the talent on the team is not as talented as everyone thinks. Why oh why did I watch it?!

Okay this is my opinion and mine alone. Isn’t it funny how we have started out well the last few years? I mean kick ass well! After one team learns how to disrupt our offense of course they all learn our weaknesses. Isn’t that the coach and offensive coordinator’s job to react to that and come up with different plays, move some people around, and get Romo an offensive line (I know there were injuries) that can give him the time he needs?

I feel like a lot of the heat that Tony has received is uncalled for. A lot of the interceptions were receivers that ran the wrong route. We all know about his back and his pinky, but I wish I would have counted how many high balls he threw this year. We are not talking just out of reach, I mean high! I hope it is because of his injuries, if not get Troy or another QB coach to work with him this off season.

TO and Roy Williams? I am just throwing my arms in the air. I am really disappointed with the play of Williams. I hadn’t seen him play except when the Lions played us, but I really thought he was the missing link. Patrick and Miles helped the team a lot more than Roy.

TO, well he is TO. He is a playmaker, but he also drops a lot of passes. He and Tony seemed like they had such great chemistry and then kaboee – where did it go?

The defense did not get the recognition they deserved by far! Our defense is the bomb! How can they go out and play their hearts out when the offense and special teams don’t show up?  Maybe that is what happened Sunday against the Eagles, no one showed up.

A lot of so called fans did show up! I have heard so much name calling on Myspace. I could not believe they really call theirselves fans! I was really disappointed.  But there are the fans that love the boys no matter what. We get upset, we give our thoughts on what went wrong, but no matter what we have the Cowboys’ back. Forever a Cowboy fan! That is what Lonestarstruck is all about.

Thank you to Kelly and all of the fans that have left comments on my articles. They really encourage us to keep writing. Have a safe and Happy New Year. I can’t wait to see what Kelly has planned for 2009.

No Respect and No Chemistry Is A Bad Combination

If you weren’t dejected enough already, wait until you read some of the stuff thats beginning to filter through in the last 48 hours.

To begin, Terence Newman is pissed off, and Jennifer Floyd Engel of the Star-Telegram got some interesting quotes from the star cornerback. Here is what she writes.

Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman encapsulated all of this angst, somewhat unintentionally Monday, when talking about lack of accountability in this locker room.

“It is like the problem when you had the anonymous player saying all that stuff,” he said. “They are a coward, you know, and that kind of stuff ruined this season.”

Let that sink in: A bigtime Cowboy called another bigtime Cowboy, and Witten specifically — if locker room rumblings about the identity of “the snitch” are to be believed — a coward.

This is the second time in two weeks that Witten has come under a negative spotlight.

On Sunday after the game, I talked about the lack of leadership on this team, particularly from Tony Romo and Wade Phillips. It looks like Jennifer agrees with me. In the same article she also writes…

This Cowboys team lacks leaders, or enough of them. Too few guys hold themselves accountable. This group requires a coach willing to do both and what they got instead was Wade Phillips.

I also wrote about the lack of chemistry after the game, and how it has become fractured…

The lack of chemistry is glaringly obvious in how players talk about one another. A lack of respect seems to exist for many Cowboy coaches as well. Everybody is always blaming somebody.

And deep fissures remain amongst Dallas’ biggest names, personalities, and players with Wade Phillips basically intimating that he had to have a come-to-Jesus intervention with Jason Witten, T.O. and Tony Romo before Philly.

Jerry Jones may have to rethink his plan about retaining Wade Phillips and the coaching staff. The problems with the Cowboys are not going to go away with a team meeting and a party at Terrell Owen’s house.

If there is going to be any change, it has to come from either a major shakeup and cutting ties with some of the stars on this team, or a top-to-bottom coaching transplant.

Replacing the coaching staff would be easier and less painful for us… the fans.

Game Recap: Eagles 44 – Cowboys 6

Cowboys Eliminated After 44-6 Drubbing By Eagles in Season Finale

There isn’t much to say after the effort that the Cowboys put into a must-win game in Philadelphia on Sunday.  It was pathetic to say the least, and it showed on the scoreboard in a 44-6 thrashing at the hands of the Eagles.  It looked like the only players to show up for the Dallas Cowboys was Jason Witten, who with broken ribs and a partially torn ligament in his ankle, and Terrell Owens.

Witten caught 6 passes for 50 yards while Owens caught 7 passes for 103 yards, including a 42-yard pass from Jason Witten. 

The only stat that you need to hear to figure out who won the game is 27 points off of 5 Dallas turnovers for the Eagles, while the Cowboys only forced one turnover early in the game that resulted in a three-and-out. 

The game was tied 3-3 at the end of the first quarter, but it was all Philadelphia from that point on.  The Eagles scored 24 points in the second quarter to take a 27-3 lead to the locker room, and it didn’t get any better in the second half. 

The Cowboys got deep into Philadelphia territory on their first two drives of the third quarter, but the Eagles were once again the ones who scored.  Fumbles by Tony Romo and Marion Barber resulted in 73 and 96-yard touchdown returns by Chris Clemons and Joselio Hanson, respectively.  That made it 41-3 Eagles, and it became evident that there would be no miracle comeback from the Cowboys and that their season was about to come to an embarrassing and disappointing end.  The final score was 44-6. 

Tony Romo never found a rhythm and was mediocre, completing just 21/39 passes for 183 yard with an interception and two lost fumbles, one returned for a touchdown.  

Tashard Choice rushed it 13 times for 56 yards and caught a pass for 8 yards while Marion Barber carried it 3 times for 13 yards and a lost fumble returned for a touchdown.  He als reeled in two balls for 20 yards.

Patrick Crayton made 3 catches for 34 yards while Roy E. Williams only caught 2 for 4 yards.

Nick Folk connected on both of his field goals, with the longest being from 42 yards out.  

Bradie James made the only sack on defense and forced the only fumble.  Demarcus Ware did not record any sacks and ended a stellar season with 20 sacks, falling just three shy of breaking the all-time record.  They went all for not though.

The Cowboys still have a long way to go to get to where they want to be.  This season was deemed “Tampa Bay or Bust”, and it was a huge bust.  Who knows what changes will be made in the off-season or whether or not Jerry Jones sticks to his word about retaining Wade Phillips for next season after the way things went on Sunday.  This team has all the talent in the world, but with all of that talent, they could never come together and communicate as a team.  This combined with the bad discipline and lack of a killer instinct costed them a spot in the playoffs and a chance to live up to those Super Bowl expectations.  This season was a failure, and will go down as one of the most disappointing in Dallas Cowboys history if not the most disappointing.  They will be back next season though, and in a brand new stadium.  Who knows what will happen, but hopefully it will be a season to remember.     

There’s Plenty Of Blame To Go Around After The 44-6 Trouncing

The Cowboys have not won a season finale on the road since Sony first introduced Playstation back in 1995.

The Cowboys haven’t won a playoff game since Cuba Gooding Jr. won Best Supporting Actor for Jerry Maguire back in1996.

The Cowboys last won a season finale back when the world was worrying about the Y2K bug and bracing for the millennium, in 1999.

Do you see a pattern?

Incidentally, the Cowboys have had over a half dozen quarterbacks in that span, and a few head coaches, but only one owner.

This season, the Cowboys lost to three playoffs teams when they were defeated by the Steelers, Ravens and Eagles.

The Eagles played like a team that desperately wanted to win on Sunday when they trounced the Cowboys 44-6. They came to play.

The Cowboys on the other hand, looked tired, lazy, unmotivated and unprepared for the task at hand. The game was basically over at halftime. The only reason we continued to watch was to see if the Cowboys had any fight in them… they didn’t.

Tony Romo looked clueless once again in a big spot and failed to deliver… AGAIN!

He is running out of excuses.

Marion Barber may not be as tough as we all thought he was. In 2006 and 2007, Barber fumbled just once in a two year span, and averaged 4.8 yards per carry. He only averaged 3.4 yards this season and fumbled the ball an abysmal seven times. Bill Parcells always said Barber was not an everyday type running back… he was right.

The offensive line has shown itself to be woefully inadequate. Even before Kyle Kosier went down with an injury, the O-line had major problems against the blitz.

Pacman Jones turned out to be the missing ingredient in this entire epic collapse. Jerry Jones was warned against signing Pacman, but he ignored the obvious and in doing so he completely upset the chemistry in the lockerroom… A chemistry that was already showing some cracks.

Roy Williams not only cost the Cowboys big dollars and valuable draft picks, he contributed very little if anything to the team since joining the Cowboys after the trade deadline.

You can’t blame Romo or Phillips for Pacman and Williams…

Ahh yes… That brings us to Wade Phillips… The mouse that wouldn’t roar…

Every playoff caliber team has at least one vocal and inspirational leader on their team. Someone who can rally the team when the chips are down, and someone who can snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat.

Who are those leaders on this team? Can you see them, because I sure as hell can’t… 

We have the soft spoken, good humored quarterback with the matinée idol looks and the hot celebrity girlfriend in Tony Romo, who has choked for three straight season ending games.

We have a head coach who always has a confused look on his face, and during Sunday’s collapse he was over-ruled by his quarterback on a 4th down play, which left the team dazed and confused in a must win game.

How can this team go forward without any real visible leadership?

You have T.O. running his mouth now and then, but that’s not leadership.

We have a few defensive gems in Ware, James and Ratliff, but how can they possibly lead on offense?

There are so many questions, and chief among them are these two…

1. Has Jerry Jones been the biggest obstacle with his philosophy of trying to create a team built around big names and celebrities, rather than players with a solid work ethic and a capacity for stepping up when it matters most?

2. Do we blow this whole team up after two failed seasons, and keep the serviceable players, but basically overhaul most of the roster, the head coach, and the coaching staff?

Obviously, most of the players will return, but do you support Jones’ decision to keep the coaching staff intact for next season?

It looks like we have just begun an offseason that will be filled with more questions than answers.

Game Preview: Cowboys @ Eagles

Cowboys (9-6) vs. Eagles (8-6-1)  Sunday, December 28, 3:15 PM CT on FOX

Week 17 Preview:

Playoffs Begin Now For Battle-Tested Cowboys

Forget the fact that it is only Week 17 of the regular season.  The playoffs begin now for the Dallas Cowboys.  A win against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday propels them to the Wild Card Round of the playoffs, while a loss eliminates the Cowboys, making it one of the most disappointing seasons in Dallas Cowboys hstory.

All the Cowboys need to do is win and they’re in, but Philadelphia needs losses by both the Chicago Bears against the Houston Texans and by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Oakland Raiders in addition to beating Dallas.  The Eagles should know whether or not they still have a shot at making the playoffs shortly before the game begins, which could help or hurt the Cowboys a little bit either way.  The Eagles would like nothing more than to ruin the Cowboys’ chances of getting in though, so it should be a battle no matter what.

The Cowboys will have to put constant pressure on Donovan McNabb and stop Brian Westbrook to have a chance to win the game.  Last week against the Baltimore Ravens, the Cowboys sacked Joe Flacco 5 times in the first half but none in the second.  They also limited Baltimore’s running game in the first half, unlinke in the second half when they allowed backto-back 82 and 77-yard touchdown runs to seal the game. 

DeMarcus Ware needs just 3 sacks to break the all-time sacks recordfor a single season.  He will line up against tackle Tra Thomas, who held him to just one sack when they faced one another back in Week 2.  It should be an intriguing matchup to watch.

Tony Romo’s back has been acting up on him ever since he took those shots against the Giants a couple of weeks ago.  Whether it is that, lingering effects of his broken pinky finger, or a combination of both is unknown.  It is obvious that he is not at 100% and has not thrown the all very accurately, missing some wide open receivers against Baltimore and making mistakes throwing the ball.  He cannot make these mistakes against the Eagles.  Jim Johnson knows Tony Romo very well, and will blitz at will if he senses a weakness in Romo.  Tony Romo has only had one game in which he did not turn the ball over all season long, and that was Week 15 against the Giants in a 20-8 win.

The final thing that the Cowboys need to do in order to ave a successful game is to limit the penalties. They cannot give the Eagles free first downs and back themselves up into 3rd and long situations taking unnecessary penalties.  They are the most penalized team in the league, committing 115 penalties for 911 yards. 

The bottom line is that the Cowboys just need to find a way to win this game and bring a win at all costs attitude out on the field with them.  This will be their last of the season if they lose, so it is time to lay it all on the line against the Eagles on Sunday afternoon.     

Where Is The Cowboys Pride When You Need It The Most?

What an utterly strange and shocking day. It all started when I went to AOL Fanhouse to see what our fans were screaming, cheering, and bragging about before the big game. What a disappointment it is to see us so out-numbered in fan support in the most popular football forums on the web.

Hopefully our team will fare much better on the field against the Eagles, than Cowboys fans did against Eagles fans in the battle of trash talk.

Why are we so reserved and so unemotional even when we are on the verge of an elimination game?

Last week we were ranked the most hated team in American sports in an article that was posted on, and luckily I stepped up to defend our team. Yankee fans were glad they were not voted the most hated, and hundreds responded to the writer for being on the list in the first place. I counted maybe 12 total comments from Cowboys fans expressing outrage.

Get up and shout people!!!

Anything worth winning is worth fighting for!

Go root for DeMarcus Ware who I hope will smash the single season sacks record and take it away from Strahan and the New York Giants!!!

Go respond to all those Eagles fans that have been calling Tony Romo a princess, and tell them how he will slay their overrated defense with an aerial assault, the likes of which they’ve never seen!!!

Jay Ratliffe and Bradie James will feast on the flesh of Donovan McNabb and feed him to the vultures that will be circling the stadium after we get through with them.

We are going to unleash hell on the Philadelphia Eagles, and I believe that with all of my heart and all of my soul!!!

I hate the Eagles more than any other team in the NFL.

I will NEVER forgive them for laughing and cheering while Michael Irvin was motionless on the field!!!

When we play the Eagles, it’s never just a game with me…




Wade Phillips Will Be Back Next Season is reporting that Wade Phillips will be back as coach of the Dallas Cowboys next season, and that Jason Garrett will remain in charge of the offense, regardless of whether or not the team makes the playoffs.

In their article they quote owner Jerry Jones, who said…

“The coaches are in place. I’ve said that. How can I be any clearer?” Jones said. “Look, I’ve said that our coaching staff, as far as I’m concerned, is in place. I just want to make the statement rather than answer questions, because your questions imply certain things that I don’t want to imply.”

“I’m saying that when I look at where we are coaching staff-wise and when I look at where we are personnel wise, I see a team that is in place to compete for several years.”

I guess you can’t be anymore clearer than that.

I know that many of you would rather see a more fiery and aggressive coach, and were hoping for a change after the season, but it certainly looks like Phillips is here to stay.

There was a point in the season not long ago, where I really thought that Phillips’ job was in jeopardy, but the team seemed to turn it around after that mini-slump and kind of figured he worked his way back into the picture.

What do you guys think of Wade Phillips?

Do you think he will ultimately lead us to another Super Bowl?

Cowboys Give Marc Colombo 4-Year Extension

The Associated Press is reporting that the Dallas Cowboys have given right tackle Marc Colombo a four-year contract extension.

Apparently, Colombo’s deal was agreed to weeks ago, but wasn’t finalized until Wednesday because of some technicalities. It’s worth $22 million, with $11.5 million guaranteed.

With Colombo signed, it means that nearly all of Tony Romo’s blockers will be together through 2012.

Colombo was a first-round pick by Chicago in 2002, but hurt his knee and never lived up to expectations. He was cut in 2005, then signed by Dallas. Parcells gave him the rest of the season off to rehabilitate the knee so he could come back strong in ’06. He made the starting lineup and hasn’t come out since.

“I love being a Dallas Cowboy,” said Colombo, who would’ve been a free agent after this season. “This is where I got my second chance and I just love being part of this team, being part of this offensive line. We’re all connected together and we’re here for a little bit, so it’s a big deal for me.”

The timing of this was pretty strange, but I’m glad Colombo will be a part of the team for the next few seasons.

Bracing For The Storm Before The Calm

It’s hard to believe that after a season that started out with such high hopes and expectations, the Cowboys final chapter comes down to the season finale.

It’s almost perfect that our destiny marches through the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia.

What better way to sharpen our skills, than to take out our angst against such a worthy rival; the Eagles…

As we prepare for the final regular season battle of the year, here is the latest on our injuries…

G Montrae Holland (ankle), QB Tony Romo (illness), and TE Jason Witten (ankle) have not participated in practice, and no official announcements have been made yet, but Romo says he will definitely play.

RB Marion Barber (toe), LB Bobby Carpenter (knee, calf), S Keith Davis (knee, neck), S Ken Hamlin (foot), CB Alan Ball (ankle), WR Isaiah Stanback (shoulder), and WR Roy Williams (foot) should all be ready for game time as well.

A win and the Dallas Cowboys will earn an NFC Wild Card berth.

It might get bloody, but in the end the Cowboys will find a way to end the regular season with an exclamation point and make the post season anyway… They just decided to take the scenic route to get there…

UPDATE: 12/25/08

Tony Romo, Marion Barber and Jason Witten all practiced today. This is grerat news heading into the biggest and final game of the season.

Happy Holidays To Everyone!

Happy Holidays to everyone from Lone Star Struck! 


Conrgatulations to Johnny and Abraham the winners of our Crocs contest! We will contact you on email to get your information. Thanks to everyone who participated and we hope to have more exciting giveaways for all of you die hard Cowboys fans very soon!

All we want for Christmas is a win over the Eagles this Sunday!





Texas Stadium Farewell Season

I wanted to stop by and drop everyone a quick note. I can’t say enough about the season we all said farewell to Texas Stadium. I will let the video below tell my story from start to finish. I realize it is a long video but it does take us from the Open Practice in August through to the final season game at Texas Stadium…

I also wanted to wish you all a safe and wonderful holiday season.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!