Test Your Cowboys IQ And Win A Pair Of Crocs

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Lone Star Struck would like to give away some of these Cowboys Crocs to two lucky fans. All you have to do is simply answer this Cowboys trivia question in the comments section of this blog and two lucky people who answer correctly will be randomly selected. If you’ve never left a comment before, simply click on (Comments) and be sure to enter your name and correct email (which will not be published) so that we will be able to select and contact our lucky winners.

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Good Luck and Merry Christmas to all!

Trivia Question: Name the only player ever selected as the Super Bowl MVP, that played for the losing team?

  1. (Charles) Chuck Howley

  2. Nicole Vess

    Chuck Howley

  3. Alan Popich

    Chuck Howley

  4. Mack Whitney

    Charles Chuck Howley

  5. Orlando

    Chuck Howley

  6. Christina

    Chuck Howley

  7. Debra Adams

    Chuck Howley

  8. joann rowlands

    I think the answer is Neil O’donnell

  9. Dallas C.

    Chuck Howley ( Super Bowl V )

  10. Chuck Blalock

    chuck howley

  11. Timothy W Hadlock

    Chuck Howley, the first player to ever win Super Bowl MVP from the first Super Bowl Dallas ever played in. The one where they lost to the Baltimore Colts, 16-13, in what was then a mostly defensive effort by both teams. Chuck Howley stood out as the best overall player in that game by recording I believe at least one sack, an interception, a forced fumble, several tackles and passes defensed during the game. He totally dominated the opposing team even though the Colts, ended up beating us by a field go in that latter stages of the game. However The Cowboys did return to the Super Bowl the following season and won thier first of 5 titles. Go Cowboys, you are my team and have been since I was a small child rooting for you in the early 70’s all the way to today, through both the good times and the bad. I will be a Dallas Cowboys fan my entire life, they are by far th best team out there in the NFL no matter what all the naysayers say. They always whall be my favorite team, and the current members of the team make up one of the best teams the Cowboys have ever fielded during any season.



  13. John Allen Lawson Jr

    Of course it was Chuck Howley!

  14. Elizabeth Villacana

    Chuck Howley

  15. It was Chuck Howley.

  16. Kevin Underwood

    Chuck Howley (Super Bowl V MVP) is the only MVP from the losing team

  17. tiffani Ault

    it is chuck howley(charles louis howley) super bowl number V

  18. tiffani Ault

    it is chuck howley(charles louis howley) super bowl number V

  19. Brian Smith

    Chuck Howley:
    I’m driving to the Final game at Texas Stadium. My first game was Jason Garrett’s comeback on Thanksgiving!!!! Great memories, Great Team!! GO COWBOYS

  20. brenda dunn

    chuck howley

  21. It was Chuck Howely He intercepted two passes and recovered a fumble in the Cowboys 16-13 loss to the Colts. It was the first time that a defensive player received the honor and the first and so far only time a player from the losing team won the award.

  22. CAT aka Get T.O. the Damn Ball!

    Chuck Howley ohhhhh yeahhhhhh!!
    R.I.P. Texas Stadium :(

  23. Sheri Murray

    Chuck Howley – Super Bowl V!

  24. stephen mckinley

    chuck howley

  25. Lucy

    Chuck Howley was named the Superbowl V MVP even tho they lost. GOOOOO COWBOYS

  26. Patrick Billet

    Chuck Howley

  27. Vinny Roy

    Charles (chuck) Howley Super Bowl V

  28. Rob

    The answer is Chuck Howley

  29. Eileen

    Chuck L. Howley
    Let’s Go Cowboys!!!!!!!!

  30. Tynette Hamon


  31. John Krall

    Chuck Howley

  32. Tessie

    Chuck Howley

  33. Matthew Chambers

    Chuck Howley

  34. MAGGIE


  35. rufus trevino


  36. The Nation

    Chuck Howley

  37. jaime Eastridge

    Chuck Howley… Super Bowl V

  38. Natalie Garza

    Chuck Howley Super Bowl V

  39. JOE


  40. ~lin

    Chuck Howley

  41. Gary Mc Donald

    Chuck Howley won the Super Bowl V MVP award as a Cowboy, despite losing to the Baltimore Colts.

  42. Johnny Burleson

    Chuck Howley

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