Cowboys Still On The Outside Looking In

Last weekend I laid out a few scenarios for Sunday’s games that could have put the Cowboys into the playoff picture.

As I stated then, the Cowboys needed San Diego to beat Atlanta, New Orleans to beat Tampa Bay, or Green Bay to beat Carolina.

Unfortunately, not one of those games went our way.

Despite entering the season as the Super Bowl favorites, the reality of the situation is that the Cowboys enter the final month of the season outside of the playoff race.

With a record of 8-4, the Cowboys are the seventh team in a six-team chase.

The Cowboys have won three straight and picked up some much needed momentum, but lets remember those wins came against three fading teams.

The big test will come this weekend against the Pittsburgh Steelers who are coming off a big win against the New England Patriots.

At this point in the season, we do not control our own destiny. All we can do is keep winning and hope that another team falters.

One thing is certain though, another loss would spell doom for our playoff chances.

The Steelers are always tough at home…

This Sunday, the Cowboys will have to be even tougher.